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    • Happy Easter!

      Happy Easter!

      17.04.2014 00:00

      Dear dooyooers,

    • Levels are back!

      Levels are back!

      04.04.2014 00:00

      we have some good news concerning the Levels: they are now visible on the sitemap.

    • Update & vouchers sent!

      Update & vouchers sent!

      04.04.2014 00:00

      Dear dooyoos, First of all we'd like to thank you for all your helpful feedback and comments during the last few days. We are aware of the fact that we were…

    • Work in progress

      Work in progress

      03.04.2014 00:00

      Dear dooyoos, in the last few days you have had some time to look around and get to know our completely renewed website. Although we are happy with the…

    • Just a few more building blocks

      Just a few more building blocks

      27.03.2014 00:00

    • The new dooyoo is live!

      The new dooyoo is live!

      25.03.2014 00:00

      The dooyooTeam proudly presents... our completely new website! It is modern, good-looking and offers our users and online shoppers a new and optimal…

    • The countdown is on...

      The countdown is on...

      07.03.2014 00:00

    • Monthly Competition Winners!

      Monthly Competition Winners!

      07.03.2014 00:00

      You heard it here first! Congratulations to daniella2202, MalibuMands, dawnymarie and SWSt, who are this month's competition winners. Make your way over to the…

    • Amazon vouchers over Christmas

      Amazon vouchers over Christmas

      07.03.2014 00:00

      If you'd like your Amazon voucher before Christmas, make sure you've made your redemption request by midday on Wednesday the 18th of December. Any requests…

    • Monthly Competition Winners!

      Monthly Competition Winners!

      07.03.2014 00:00

      If you haven't caught the latest results from the Monthly Competition head on over and check them out, as well as the competition for November.…

    • Crown of the Day

      Crown of the Day

      07.03.2014 00:00

      New member tinypumpkin takes home the Crown of the Day for her review, Don't wake baby up before you go-go, plan on going Solo! She runs us through her…

    • dooyoo Christmas Begins!

      dooyoo Christmas Begins!

      07.03.2014 00:00

    • dooyoo Halloween!

      dooyoo Halloween!

      07.03.2014 00:00

      Hi dooyooers!

    • Be Quick: Win bonus dooyooMiles

      Be Quick: Win bonus dooyooMiles

      07.03.2014 00:00

      Hi dooyooers!

    • Level Changes

      Level Changes

      07.03.2014 00:00

      Today we've moved Health Products, Health Treatments and Medicines up into Level 2. So now is the time to share your thoughts on your favourite cold and flu…