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    1 Review
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      22.08.2000 19:33
      Very helpful



      I won't be graduating till 2001, and after two years I've stayed in most of the halls around campus. Choosing where you're gonna live for your first year is an important first step when going to any university. You can choose whether or not you want to live in an all male/female block (no all female blocks for you lads!) - the choice is up to you, but I have to recommend living in mixed halls - just because it more fun! oh! the stories....... There are several different types of Halls around campus. The top swanky halls are Holly Cross, The Oaks and Lindsay Court. All of these have en-suite shower rooms which usually have hot(ish) water until about 4am, which is great after a night out at the Union. These halls tend to have a mix of boys and girls cos no one has to share a bath room/ shower room. This (I have been told) prevents some bonding in the shower rooms. And this generally leads to a less ‘chummy’ atmosphere down the halls. Probably something to do with seeing every one else’s bits. The kitchens are shared between four other people down your corridor and your door key works for the kitchen too. A word of warning though, if anything gets broken, the Uni have communal damage charges, so any damage gets split between every one in the block. Other halls have basins in their rooms or they don't. If you choose Hawthorns, despite having a great bar and good friendly atmosphere, it's a 15 min walk to Uni, and for you lazy folk, that’s an extra 15 minutes you could have had in bed! Linsays blocks are okay. But be prepared for a retro 70s apartment 'feel'. The Lindsay area (Lindsay Blocks and Lindsay Court) have the luxury of their own laundrette and bar, whereas the Oaks and Holly Cross don't - so you have to take your 'dirties' to a close by laundrette on campus. All the rooms on campus are cleaned once every two weeks so you can’t let your room get too messy, you can ask them n
      ot to but then you have to go and ask for things like toilet paper and soap. Barnes and much of the other accommodation tends to be quite similar. So the choice is yours! Choose wisely and above all, have fun! Oh! One last thing, as Keele Uni is used as a Conference park during the Easter Holidays, if you stay in any of the en-suite rooms, you have to move out for Easter, which can be quite a hassle if you’ve got loads of stuff and a long way to get home. But, if you’ve got a mate who doesn’t have to move out, then they may let you dump your stuff in their rooms for the Hols. If you really don't like where you've chosen, you can always move to a new block (providing there is a spare room)so good luck!


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