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Accommodation in general

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2000 23:10
      Very helpful



      I've been at Glasgow university for five years now, and have spent a lot of that time in the universities accomodation. I've found that on the whole the accomodation service in Glasgow is very good, and easy to approach and will almost bend over backwards to help you find somewhere you can live and study. On the other hand, having stayed in a variety of places i can also say that the accomodation offered can leave a lot to be desired. Firstly we have the various small old halls such as Reith Hall. These offer a very small number of students with reasonable accomodation but for a high rent each term. They are basic rooms, normally shared, with a shared kistchem tiolet etc. We also have Murano Street Village, which holds up to 1200 students each year. Its accomodation is very very basic, with walls made from paper. As long as your in first year you should have a raring time, but if you seriously want to study this is a place to try and avoid. Good for first years to meet everyone as they are mainly placed in the hostels which hold up to 12 students each. Mixed flats are common though not on the top or bottom floors in each block. Later students are offered flat type accomodation built in exactly the same way, main difference is that you pay the bills!! There is alos a large common facilities building where the security guards pratcise falling asleep, contains vending machine, a new computer cluster (6 machines, all very under spec) and some pool tables. I stayed in Murano St. for just over two years, but wouldn't recommend it for more than one if that. Queen Margert Halls. This is an ancient building, with a tower block at the centre and a lift that never works more than once a week. Dingy corridors, along which there are maybe 20 rooms, with tiny shared kitchens, tiolets and showers. The floors are mixed, there are payphones in the lobby and a common room with a pool table. This hall isn't self catered so y
      ou have meals provided, which makes it one of the highest for monthly rent. Definitly not a place to be, even for first years, know people that left after just two months in the place! Kelvinhaugh flats (postgrad.). These flats are well layed out, and fairly well looked after. Five people share a large kitchen, living room, and two tiolets with a shower in one. They are well built, withfairly good walls in each room so some noise is reduced from room to room. Te rent is also reasonable and your only a ten minute walk from university!! Kelvinhaugh Gate. These falts are utterlly the best university accomodation i've stayed in anywhere. With full en-suite facilities, a huge kitchen, solid concrete walls the only real drawback is the tiny size of the laundry (only 6 machines). There is also the cahnce to use the phone in your room, with messaging service and a network connection for your computer to the internet, allowing you to check your e-mail etc. The rooms are all large, and well equiped. Basically a very pleasant place to stay, but the rent is moderatly high. Thats just a quick run down of some of the accomodation. There are other places, and in Glasgow plenty of private flats so each to their own basically. There are classic halls ie Cairncross House, rows of doors one after the other!! Also we have the very expertly located Wolfson Hall, which is around 5 miles from the main university campus. I've heard that the recommendations always have one thing....Move it to civilisation!! It is however right next to the vet school, and the astronomy lab.


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