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  • Possibility of bad Flat Mates!
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      01.11.2001 23:45
      Very helpful



      • "Possibility of bad Flat Mates!"

      That's right kids this is the infamous Halls of Residence I am currently residing in at Manchester. In case you didn't already guess from the category it is listed in, Cambridge Halls of Residence belongs to the good old Manchester Metropolitan University and therefore to get residence there you will need to be studying at the University. If you've been to Manchester pretty often and want to know where about the Halls are, well they're coincidently near Cambridge Street. The actual address of the Halls is 41 Cavendish Street however and this is located just off Oxford Road. To get there from good old Piccadilly you'll have to head down following the tramlines to St. Peter's Square. Then you'll need to take a left (assuming you're facing the direction you just travelled) or in the opposite direction to the central Library to get on Oxford Road. Keep going down Oxford Road and you'll soon pass by the John Dalton building and the MMU Students Union, close by is the All Saints Park and if you take the first turn off (like if you were in a car) and walk away from the Students Union you will soon reach Cavendish Halls and next door quite literally is Cambridge Halls. As you can imagine that means the Halls are quite a distance from where all the great shops are in the city centre. Well I'm happy to say it's about a 15-20 minute walk to where all the fantastic shops are so it is quite a travel. There are however buses you can take to get there quicker but I don't bother because the exercise does you good. The good thing about Cambridge Halls' location is that they are about a ten-minute walk from Asda Superstore meaning that food shopping for cheap isn't a big journey. Well now that's settled let me tell you all about the fantastic Halls. To be quite honest the Halls are quite exceptional, much better than you'd expect from such a big city. Your room is pretty small but it's adequate a
      nd to be honest it's bigger than rooms in some Halls. The kitchen in most Flats is massive, as you may have to share with nine other people unless you are on the ground floor in which case you may only have to share with four other people. Security is incredibly tight, not even a mouse could get past security in these Halls. First off you need your swipe card for the main gates, then again for your flat and then you need your keys for your room. Swipe cards will only work for the gates and your flat only, so if it is lost then whoever finds it would have some time guessing which Flat to use the card on. Of course if it is lost then as soon as it is reported the swipe card becomes invalid and will no longer work anywhere. Guests are allowed of course but must be signed in the guest sign in book, they can also sleep over night but for only three nights in a fortnight otherwise they may be forced to pay as if they were renting a room. After a fortnight is up they may sleep for another three nights until another fortnight is up and so on. Fire safety is something that is taken incredibly seriously at Cambridge Halls "Very Big Deal" (Holden Caulfield). Smoke detectors and Heat detectors are here there and everywhere throughout the Halls. Often enough someone will set them off and have to wait outside until the Warden checks that it actually was just "Roast Chicken in the Oven" (Cambridge Warden) before they are let back in. If there ever was a real fire in Cambridge I could guarantee you that you could sit in your room while the fire blazed away in the flat next door and you would be safe for at least one hour. Seriously they actually told us that the building was designed so that it would take one hour for a fire in the flat next door to reach your flat. Now the bad thing about Cambridge Halls is the just how depressing it is. The worse thing I can think of at the moment is something that still steams me up and that's
      people stealing milk and food from the fridge you share. This happens at most probably all Halls Of Residence's but it just so happened to pop into my mind at that moment. The reason it is so depressing usually is that you feel like you are in prison. Security is so tight in the Halls and the only way you can see friends or family is to fork out £33.50 to get a train (that's with a railcard too!) to Alnmouth station (near Newcastle upon-Tyne). So you feel like you are in prison because there is little easy way that you can see any friends or family and the security is so great that you feel like they're stopping you from leaving. It's not much in the negative area but depression this severe outweighs all that is good. Another thing that steams me up about, well my room is that the drain in my room is pathetic. It's always blocked up and it seems to contain the hair of the girl that previously occupied the room. I say girl because after it had flooded for the fiftieth time I pulled out some long hair thinking they were mine (I have long hair) and found a hair clip attached. Two things sprang to mind, one was "I knew all that couldn't have been my hair" and two was "I feel sick". Other than that there is nothing too dreadful about Cambridge Halls Of Residence other than my Flat Mates who don't know how to 1) wash dishes 2) Empty the bin 3) throw bin bags in the big bin outside 4) buy there own cheese, milk and beer (I hate beer but my friend had some stolen from our fridge) and 5) stop making a huge racket in the early hours of the morning (1am - 5am). For more information you can contact Cambridge North at least on: 0161 247 6740 If you're really bored leave a message with reception for me. I never get any messages, I get mail every now and then but I don't get messages from people phoning in for me. If you want the address for information about Cambridge then you will have to get f
      rom Manchester Metropolitan University themselves as you will need to contact the accommodation office and not the Halls themselves.


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