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Halls Of Residence At City University

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    3 Reviews
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      20.09.2009 02:30
      Very helpful



      Excellent Halls of Residence, 5 stars for Finsbury


      After reading the negitive reviews of the halls at City, I feel that I must add my two cents to defend them. This is primarily a review of Finsbury and Heyworth Halls but there is some crossover into other residences.

      These residences consist of 14 floors with 24 rooms on each floor, each room has a wash basin, wardrobe, single bed, desk, bookcase, desk lamp and underbed storage chest. The kitchens are big and each room is assigned a lockable food cuboard. There are two fridge freezers and two cookers with grill, oven and 4 ring hob per kitchen which is shared among 12 students. Each group of 12 students also share 2 toilets and a shower room with 2/3 private showers!

      Yes, the halls are basic, but it must be remembered that
      1. They are student halls, not a 5 star hotel - students today seem to be expecting to live in the lap of luxury.
      2. They are priced at under £100 a week - including all utilities except internet (which can be purchased from City University for a small annual fee of around £50)
      3. They are in CENTRAL LONDON - 5 Mins from THe Barbican Centre
      4. There are 500 students on site - all in the same boat
      5. Sharing your bathroom is not the end of the world - do all these students have en-suite bathrooms at home? Surley they can wait till they have graduated and can afford three times the amount of rent per week to get an ensuite bathroom?

      Finally, there has been comments made regarding the security at halls, ie, it is strict and guest must sign in before hand etc. There is a reason for this - The Univeristy is protecting the welfare of its students! We live in 2009 London - do we really want anyone off the street walking in to a building which houses 500 18 year olds, not to mention the number of laptops, iPods etc?

      Think about i....


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      17.01.2009 23:56
      Very helpful



      8/10 - On average. Must Consider if you are attending University


      Being a Current Third Year Student at this University, I was situated in Halls of Residence for both the First and Third Year. Below I will list out my experience with this places.

      First Year:

      The halls I was in was called 'Walter Sickert'. It was the halls which came with en-suite bathroom and shower. I never liked the idea of sharing toilets with other fellow students.

      The entrance to the Halls is really narrow with hardly any parking space. But being students we dont have enough money to afford and run a car, not to mention the transport in London is great anyways.

      When entering you are greeted with security guards. They require you to show your Hall Pass to be allowed through. Its strict and uncovenient but at least you know its a safe hall.

      When you enter, there are many floors and levels you can go to. I was on floor one so there was no need for me to travel far to access my room.
      I normally check my mail box first before going to my room as it was on the way anyways.

      Once inside the room, you are greated with a small but big enough room with a long table for your work and studying and one cupboard and a bed. There are also small shelfs for you to place items on too. The equipment in the whole room is supplied and is big enough for one single person to live with.

      The en-suite takes up around half the size of the room which is a bonus as I rather have a big toilet and shower area instead of wasted floor space. The showers and sink and toilets function really well and I never experienced any major problems with them.

      However, the staff that was there when it was my first year were really rude. Especially the manager! He would give you strikes for anything he can find wrong with you. Its so scrict it feels like a prison. You aren't allowed to keep cooking materials/ items in your room. Nor are you allowed to make much noise either.

      In summary, this halls is worth it as its cheap averaging at around £108 per week but beware of the scritness and staff around.

      The kitchen is shared with around 8-10 other students. Its ok as you can find the right time and organise it so that you dont clash with each other.

      Its only 5mins away from university and 5mins away from a Mcdonalds. Also you are within walking distance of about 10mins to Angel station for your local supermarket and other various shops.

      Second Year:

      Didn't Stay in halls as they are only available to students who are in First or Final Year.

      Third Year:

      Alliance House is the name of the residence. It used to belong to the president that came from China. So its very nice and decorated.

      Once you enter through the gate which requires your id to open the automatic door. The staff are brilliant here. They are not scrict and really friendly.

      The rooms are really nice and big. However this time round, the bathroom is really small. The rooms come fitted with the standard equipment like the first years halls. All is good here and much better and has all the positive aspects featured in the First Year halls.

      The kitchen is shared with around 6-8 students and is much bigger than my first year halls. Again i much prefer this place. Everything you need is provided here.

      The only downside to this halls is that its 15mins bus journey away from the university and about 50mins walk.

      However, the price is really good only costing £118 per week.


      You must have a look around the other halls of residence that is available. However I prefer the en-suite halls and hence my past two halls had en-suite.

      They are much cheaper than renting outside and its worth it. You should definately consider the halls of residence if you want to save on weekly costs.

      For more information on City University, check out my other reviews on it located in my reviews profile.

      Walter Sickert: 7/10
      Alliance House: 9/10

      Thank you For reading my review. Take you time to comment and Rate.

      All Feedback is greatly appreciated

      Check out my other reviews for other information.

      Thank You


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        25.04.2006 02:26



        Stay here if you have to, but don't say I didn't warn you

        This is mainly a review of Finsbury and Hayworth halls of residence.

        I've visited a few Halls of Residence around the country, but I haven't seen any others this bad.

        It's hard to describe what's wrong with these halls, it's more that there's nothing good to say about them.

        The halls is general are drab and bleak. Despite over 400 residents living closely together they often feel oddly isolated, although as you'd expect with any halls there's still a good social side.

        It's clear that 'maintenance' and 'renovation' haven't been high on the list of priorities here. The security to get into the building is a bit oppressive and security guards patrol the corridors throughout the night which adds to the general 'prison' feel of the halls.

        It's not easy having overnight guests which is a pain, you have to fill out a request form a day in advance. All day guests have to be out by midnight or you get threatened with fines or banned from having guests completely.

        There are other annoying things, like why do cleaners have to come and clean the kitchens every single weekday? Especially when they then don't come at all at weekends. It may sound petty but they move all your stuff to clean the surfaces and it's hard making breakfast when someone's mopping the floor.

        And this being central London you still pay a lot to live here.


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