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Halls Of Residence At Manchester Metropolitan University in general

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2 Reviews

If your halls are not included here please suggest them.

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    2 Reviews
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      03.11.2008 02:18
      Very helpful



      Everyone goes through it...so you might aswell enjoy it.

      I am in my second year of university life and now have a greater feel to what accomaddation there is to offer. Last year (07/08) I stayed in the Wilmslow park mmu owned accomadation..and if there is one thing i did learn is how people try anything to get hold of your money. Trouble with key fobs, internet and deposit payments all led me to this conclusion. It wasnt that i ad to pay for these in the first place...it was the extra payment on top of these that annoyed me. The halls itself...I was lucky...it had no rats and had been recently refurbised. However many of the blocks have mould, holes, leaks and pre existing damages. The social aspect was pretty good. You are bunched together with a number of thr mmu students, in which it is hard not be build some sort of friendship up between yourselves. However for the other rooms/ other blocks it can be very impersonnal.

      Wilmslow park wasnt the only mmu accomadation i saw. Mill point was similiar to mine and student village is to be well avoided.

      I now live in private halls, which have turned out much cleaner, nicer and homely. However first years be warned that you may be pu with a few random prople who are very unlikely to be attending mmu also. I knew the people i was moving in with before. It has also worked out cheaper which is also due to the fact that a TV license has already been paid for.

      Therefore in colclusion...the halls of mmu are pretty much all dirty, grimey, dingy, impersonnal, expensive and sometimes dangerous. Yet unfortuantly i believe is a necessity everyone should endure as deep down its (kinda) fun.


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        10.08.2008 21:50
        1 Comment



        Ok for getting to know people etc but only worth living in for 1 year.

        I had the unfortunate missfortune of attending Manchester Metropolitan Univestiy in Alsager. This is a campus university with several blocks of accomodation.

        The halls are a great way to get to know people and to start uni life, however they are pretty crummy. There are 'warning asbestos' signs in most doorways which is quite concerning!

        Each room has a sink, bed, wardrobe, desk, and drawers in it.
        The beds and matresses are uncomfortable.

        I've been in many halls and these are in no way the worst but they are also a lot worse than others.
        They are cleaned weakly by cleaners (usually early in the morning after a rough night) although the lady that did my floor was friendly.

        The common rooms vary in each block but resemble dr's surgery waiting rooms.

        The halls of residence at Alsager give a good view of the universtiy as a whole, boring, bland, and a bit lifeless.

        They are building new halls in Crewe though so opt for those where possible.


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