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128 rooms within 20 flats

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      22.02.2001 17:10
      Very helpful



      Linksfield Halls are part of Aberdeen University's "satellite" halls system and are situated in Linksfield Road only 5 minutes away from the Kings College campus. The location is ideal as it is only a short walk to the uni, the beach, Aberdeen football clubs stadium and, most importantly, the local student pub The Bobbin. The flats are fairly new being only 7 years old. There are a total of 128 rooms arranged in 20 flats - 3 x 3 person flats and 17 x 7 person flats. Twelve of the flats have ensuite facilities (a shower, WC and wash handbasin in your own little bathroom) whereas the rest have shared facilities. The seven person flats with shared facilities have two toilets and two shower rooms with each bedroom having its own wash handbasin and mirror. The bedrooms are extremely functional and contain a bed, a table, a wardrobe, a small chest of drawers and fixed shelves. The carpet is functional blue and wiry - one of those industrial hard wearing ones which covers the entire flat. However, the worse problem is the walls. The walls are built from breezeblocks that have simply been painted over instead of being plastered. Therefore it gives you the impression of living in a prison cell. I would highly recommend lots of posters or, even better, very large throws to cover the walls. The heating is supplied by panel radiators that do work quite well. The double-glazing also helps. There are no electricity bills as it is done by pre-payment card meter so as long as someone always remembers to get electricity you're okay! The easiest way to do this is to get everyone to donate a set amount each week e.g. £5. This makes it easy to keep track and to ensure that everyone pays the same amount. The kitchens are equally as basic. I would definitely recommend taking extra plates, cutlery and even pots if you have any spare. The university supplies the exact number of plates, knives, forks etc that you need. For exampl
      e, if you are in a 3 person flat then you will receive 3 plates, 3 knives, 3 teaspoons etc. Pathetic isn't it? Everyone knows that students don't do the washing up! A 3 person flat has one cooker and one fridge/freezer whereas a 7 person flat has two sinks, a cooker, a hob and STILL one fridge freezer. Try to imagine 7 people putting all their food in one fridge. How do you get 7 separate pints of milk in a busy fridge? I knew a lot of people who either bought or rented an extra fridge, as they simply didn't have enough space. If you are going to be living here try to find out exactly which block of flats you will be in. Some are better than others. Blocks A, D (the 3 person flats) and E have shared toilet facilities but have the largest kitchen/living rooms. Blocks B, C and F are ensuite but have separate kitchen and living rooms. The separate rooms are tiny and it's a struggle to have 7 people in the kitchen at the same time let alone them all cooking dinner! The living rooms are also tiny and it's a struggle for 7 people to get in and watch TV - not ideal for guests. I lived in a 3 bedroom flat and we had a huge kitchen/livingroom. At one party we had 50 people in and there was still plenty of room. The halls have a laundrette that is a bit of a joke. There are 128 people in the halls and there are only 2 washing machines and 2 tumble dryers. It could be a struggle at times to get your washing done. Evenings were impossible and it was easier to get a machine in the morning (9am) or late evening (11pm). It was also quite expensive for the tokens for the washing machines. I can't remember exactly how much but I think it was about £1.30 for the washing machines. Thankfully one thing you didn't have to wash was your bedclothes which were changed weekly by giving your dirty ones to your friendly local caretaker. Our caretaker was lovely - used to students and went with the flow. Nothing was a
      problem; everything could be fixed including broken heaters, fire alarms and crockery. Speaking of fire alarms I know student accommodation is notorious for midnight fire drills. Thankfully each block had its own fire alarm and they normally went off at dinnertime when somebody left the grill on! The flats are leased on a 48 week lease so you must be prepared to spend the summer holidays in Aberdeen. University accommodation contracts are notoriously difficult to get out of so you must be sure before you sign up. The rent is quite steep at £52.46 for shared facilities and £56.09 for ensuite but if you can afford it, it's worth it. PS The doors to all the rooms are equipped with automatic shutters, which means that they slam shut behind you. This is incredibly noisy especially at 2am. Take my advice and take off the top hinge - all you need is a screwdriver and to remember to replace them before you leave!


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