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Batman Stealth Strike Gorilla Attack

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Brand: Mattel

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2013 20:14
      Very helpful



      Some flaws, but still a nice set overall.

      I purchased the Batman Stealth Strike Gorilla Attack Battle Pack primarily for the inclusion of Gorilla Grodd. For those of you unfamiliar with the DC Universe Gorilla Grodd is has been given super intelligence as well as telepathic powers from an alien who crashed into the jungle. Not being a very grateful sort - Grodd arranges the alien's death before setting out to take over the world. He originally appeared as nemesis to Flash, but has more recently appeared in The Justice League, Batman the brave and the Bold and the Teen Titans.

      Our Gorilla Grodd is significantly lighter than the one shown - which is a pity as he is clearly black in the cartoons, but perhaps he is growing old and fading to grey. After all his first appearance was in a Flash comic back in 1959. Other than that though he is a well made toy. He is 5 1/2" tall and very solid. I can't imagine this toy breaking under normal play conditions. Sadly though, he does not have Grodd's trademark helmet and without this - he does not completely look the part. Still my son did choose this himself and was happy enough to accept this as Gorilla Grodd.

      We do have one other problem with Gorilla Grodd though. The box clearly states "YOU SHAKE! HE BASHES". The Amazon UK site does not give a very detailed description but Amazon USA says "Shake Gorilla Grodd and watch him smash and bash with his arms ." By these descriptions we had assumed he had some type of smash action with his arms. He does not. The arms do move - though rather stiffly if you move them - but there is no button for smashing and if you shake him - he just shakes. You can imagine that he is bashing things - but that isn't quite what I took from the ad.

      In addition to Grodd, this set also comes with Superman and Batman. We already had an identical Batman, but this one also came with some snap on weapons and a helmet/ mask. The weapons were meant to snap onto the hexagon shaped socked on Batman's arms, but they never did stay on well and my sons both decided they weren't worth the bother. They did like the helmet, but it constantly fell off as well. The sockets do look a bit strange in my opinion, and my son does have another, better detailed Batman from another set, but this is not a bad toy. It is sturdy and well made, it stands up easily - which many action figures do not - and he does look close enough to Batman from the Brave and the Bold series. At 5" tall though - he is taller than most of my sons action figures making him look just a bit out of place. He fits in perfectly with the Batman the Brave and the Bold series as he is intended to though. Personally, I believe the toy manufacturers deliberately make each line on a different scale to encourage parents to buy new instead of using figures from older sets, but he can still be used with the smaller Teen Titans and Young Justice figures. This toy is played with - it just isn't one of the most popular. This is not completely the toys fault - my son just uses the adult superheroes as supporting cast to the younger versions.

      Superman was a bit more interesting and the only other Superman we have is one in black - so the evil Superman. Again he is a bit big at 5", but very well made and the sockets are a bit less noticeable on his figure. The blue parts of his costume are translucent - which I found odd - a see through Superman, but it catches the light nicely and my sons do like this. In addition, this being an unusual feature may make this a good choice for someone who collects Superman figures. The overall detailing is good - he is very comic book looking, but I believe this was intentional. Both Superman and Batman have cloth capes which can not be removed.

      I do have a book which features Gorilla Grodd and Plastic Man - another of my son's favourites as well as Batman the Brave and the Bold DVD which features him, and more importantly he is in a few of the Teen Titans episodes. This made Gorilla Grodd a popular figure for us, and even without his helmet or any smashing power - he makes a good villain for my sons to play with it. I paid £12.99 for this set, using an Amazon voucher and feel that I have had good value for money. There are a few flaws, but at only £4.33 per figure I feel that this was a very good set. While these figures will never be as well loved as Beastboy or Cyborg, they are good extras that add to his ability to act out adventures and they do get a bit more use after watching the Brave and Bold cartoons.

      At a price of £12.99 I would still give this 5 stars despite the issue with what I feel is a touch of false advertising on the box. However, Amazon is currently selling this for £30.99 which I feel is far too much - especially as you can buy the same set on Amazon USA for $13.12 - or about £6. If you are really interested in this set - it most likely would work out less to buy this through the Amazon USA site, which I have done in the past for phonics books that were not available here. You will be charged for postage - but not £24 worth of postage. At £30.99 I really would recommend this set only for a child who absolutely loves the Brave and the Bold series. I've found all action figures expensive and if the child really loves them - the price isn't too bad. Considering current prices and the minor flaws with this set I am giving this 4 stars.


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