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Batman The Brave and The Bold Stretch Attack Battle Pack

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Manufacturer: Mattel / Type: Action Figures

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2012 16:06
      Very helpful



      I know this company cut corners - but I will still buy the next set.

      While those are words parents are always happy to hear on a child's birthday -my husband was terribly dissapointed that they were not used to describe my sons new and very expensive 3DS that he had been asking for since they first came out. Yes it was nice - he was well pleased to have it, he even told his Dad "that's OK too", but this set was the clear favourite on his 4th birthday. With such rave reviews from my son - I would usually give a toy a 5 star rating, but I do have some issues with this set.

      This set includes three figures from an episode of Batman- The Brave and the Bold. You get Batman of course, his annoying ally - Plastic Man, and intellectually challenged enemy - Rubberneck. Children can act out scenes from the cartoon, such as the section where Rubberneck has Plastic Man held above his head stretching him out of shape - or make up their own stories.

      On the plus side, these do look very much like the cartoon characters - at least when you first open the box. Rubberneck doesn't do much. His arms open wide to stretch Plastic man when you squeeze his legs together, but this is the only movement he can make. It is not a big issue though and has not affected play value. He is sturdy and should last forever. Batman is more articulated, being able to move at the neck, hips, shoulders and elbows. He is well balanced and stands easily on a hard surface, as does Rubber man. He does have rather odd hexagon shaped holes on his back, shoulders, elbows and knees, but these are to hold objects. The only real problem I have with him is a very thin plastic cape I expect would be very easy to tear. The very best part of this set is Plastic Man. Not only do my sons love this character - but they really love being able to stretch and twist him into all sorts of shapes. He can not stand of course - but he can be tied in knots wrapped around enemies or twisted into many other shapes.

      I do have two problems with the set though. The first and biggest is that all of plastic man's paint comes off within a couple of days. I would think this might be a one off, but I have since read another review on Amazon where the writer had the same issue Plastic Man's hair, glasses and yellow belt have all disappeared leaving him a solid white with a dull red coloured jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is a separate piece, which I have warned my sons never too remove, as it is very thin, and looks like it would tear very easily trying to get it back on.

      My second issue with this set is the missile. This is a plastic gun with a yellow removable missile that attaches to Batman's back. After reading this on Amazon " Batman is at hand to fire an attention-getting missile to distract the muscle-bound miscreant", and seeing a cartoon drawing on the box where the missile is exploding from the gun - I assumed you could shoot this. I was incorrect in this. You can pull the missile out of the gun and lift it with your hands to crash into the bad guys, but it does not shoot. I do feel that I was mislead with this. My sons were quite convinced it would shoot as well - and dissapointed that it didn't. I do feel misled by this, and at a cost of £20 for this item. I do think the company could have afforded to make the missile actually shoot - if not they should have just left it out.

      But in spite of my complaints, yes I would buy this again. My son has had this for 5 weeks now, and it is still played with every day. Not only does my 4 year old love this set, his 7 year old brother does as well. My oldest has taken this into his room many nights after his brother has gone to bed and sat up quietly playing to have these all to himself. I noticed the light on one night in the small hours of the morning when I got up for the loo and caught him quietly playing at 3am once. Both boys have asked for another Batman the Brave and the Bold set Christmas, and I ended up writing a couple of extra dooyoo reviews early in the week to get enough points to cash in for Thursday's payout, hoping very much they still have the set we want in tomorrow. So complaints aside, I am buying another very similar set with characters from a different episode.

      I do think this company has really cut corners in some places. The deception with the missile really annoyed me, and I was very dissapointed in the way the paint came off Plastic Man. I would take at least one star for each issue bringing this down to 3 stars. but my sons love this so much, they both feel it should get 5 stars, even with the problems. I will average our scores and give this 4 stars. If you can live with the loss of paint, and never expect the missile to fire, then I do still recommend this for fans of Batman the Brave and the Bold, or of Plastic Man. In particular, it is almost impossible to find any toys of Plastic man, and I've seen a simple figure of Plastic man shaped as boat - new from Hong Kong go for for £33. Yes, this is cashing in on a popular cartoon series - and the toy companies are really taking advantage of the fact that these characters are so popular. But the children do love having the characters from one of their favourite shows, and these do get enough play time to justify the price.

      UPDATE: The clothes on this did tear, and I was very dissapointed that the company does not stock any replacement parts. I was also quite dissapointed with their original response - that I could send the toy back to Amazon for my money back. I simply could not take a toy a child loves, no matter how terrible the condition of it away from him without being able to replace it. I also felt the matter was handled poorly - we might call you back- we might not. But I wrote the company again and I did get a call back right away and a promise of another toy as a good will gesture. I'd still rather have clothes for Plastic Man - but I guess I will have to break out the sewing kit and buy some stretchy red fabric. I have also ordered a non stretchy Plastic Man from another line. I am not removing any stars as I do feel they were fair enough in the end.

      Also I have been informed that this toy is no longer in production, and has not been since last year. Amazon has stock sporadically, so if you do want this or any other toy from Batman the Bold and the Brave - I suggest watching Amazon carefully and ordering right away when stock is available. Ebay also has plenty of these, but often at very high prices.


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