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Character Options Doctor Who Time Squad Pack

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Manufacturer: Character Options / Age: 5+ years

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2010 12:23
      Very helpful




      The Time Squad Packs are what I like to deem stocking fillers or warm up presents in the Doctor Who toy range. They exist alongside the larger five inch action figures and the twelve inch dolls. The target audience here is probably younger children, who are less concerned about articulation and more interesting in having a fun looking toy. Parents might opt for these toys because they are a little more robust than the action figures, which could snap if thrown around a room!

      This pack contains five figures and it's a monster pack! We have a Pyrovile who is nicely designed with the luxurious headgear intact and the colour scheme spot on. The head has been crafted with a keen eye and there is pleasing detail around the wrists too and on the waist line. The pose is interesting and not so awkward that it would restrict gameplay.

      Next up is the Sycorax leader, decked out in splendid fatigues. The robing colour is pleasing and has a smooth finish to it which enhances the look of the figure. Despite a head which is not overly articulated, the toy still bears a goood enough likeness to the character.

      The Ood is a very well designed chap, with his pale head striking the right chord and the tentacles protruding with glee over his chops. His suit is grey and his gloves and shoes correct in colour choice. He appears to have a shocked look about him, rather than the meek look he should have.

      The Clockwork Man looks like a pirate, with his shaggy black locks and old fashioned blue cloths. Nice detail around the necktie and great work on the eye area lifts the figure though. The hair has enough movement in it too so it looks real. He is one of the better designs in this pack and his sinister grin will grab you.

      Finally, the Dalek, who is a golden chap, boasts his plunger, which is in correct proportion, lovely detailing around the head area and a superb rim around his base. He might not have enough of the bobbly bits around the lower end of the body, but then he has been shrunk down.

      The static nature of the toys means play value might be restricted, but they are hardy and for seven pounds you get a few toys here which will fill a kid's weekend. Worth checking out, each toy is a couple of inches or so in height.


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    • Product Details

      Pack of 5 includes: Pyrovile, Dalek, Ood, Clockwork Man & Sycorax Leader

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