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Disney Tangled Deluxe Figurine Set

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Brand: Disney

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    2 Reviews
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      08.01.2013 01:01
      Very helpful



      Great little figures

      Whilst walking miles around our city centre for christmas presents last year we naturally ended up in the Disney store as our two children adore anything Disney and we came across these figures.
      They had a few to choose from including Cars and Phineas and Ferb (which we brought for our son) but the Tangled set seemed perfect for our rapunzel mad daughter.

      Originally the set was priced up at £12 however all sets was reduced to £10, not much of a saving however with us buying 3 sets it saved us £6.00. I must admit we thought they were a little over priced for what they are but they have not lacked in quality at all. The figures look identical to the characters in the film and the detailing on the figures is amazing.
      They are made from plastic however they have a little flexablity to them. They are all on their own round bases except both rapunzel's and my daughter gets very stressed out with them as they tend to fall over if she plays on the carpet with them, the only ones that dont fall over are the rapunzels due to their hair around the feet giving them a bigger, more stable base.

      So the figures that you get in the set are:-

      Young Rapunzel
      Adult Rapunzel
      Mother Gothel (Kidnapped Rapunzel and brought her up as her own daughter)
      Maximus (Horse who wants to capture Flinn Ryder)
      Flinn Ryder ( Raptunzels love)
      Hook Hand
      Vladimir ( all three are pub thugs from the snuggly duckling)
      Pascal ( Rapunzels chameleon friend)

      My daughter is 4 years old and has played with her figures every day since she opened them on christmas morning and they have been thrown around and stood on and we are yet to see any marks or dents on them. None of the paint has chipped and they still look brand new.

      I think these are perfect for your young princess's. They have gone brilliantly with the dolls house we brought our daughter and she has also played with them with her pepper pig rocket. They are small though and at risk of losing them under sofas and bed (like the many times it has happened in our home).

      The downfall to these figures are the packaging they come in. The outer packaging is a clear dome with a cardboard bottom however when you remove the outer packaging you see the nightmare to get the figures out of the carboard bottom. They are tied down with the plastic coated metal ties which have to be perfectly straight to get the figures out. If they have any bends in them it is a nightmare trying to get them through the holes. Some of the figures have only one of the ties however the bigger figures such as maximus the horse has 2 crossed ties that have been twisted so many times you dont know where to start. Although once you get past this it is amazing watching your daughter and her imagination making up scenes with Rapunzel in space lol.

      Overall i think it is a great buy and would deffinatly recommend.


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      22.02.2012 13:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good quality Tangled set.

      If you have read my older reviews you may be aware that my daughter loves the film Tangled. Whilst browsing in The Disney Store last year a big set of Tangled characters caught her eye and ended up coming home with us!

      The set came in plastic packaging (a nightmare to get in to, naturally) and you could see exactly what you were getting - 9 plastic figures.

      Figures include grown up Rapunzel, young Rapunzel, Pascal (Rapunzel's chameleon sidekick), Mother Gothel (Rapunzel's evil mother/captor), Flynn Ryder (Rapunzel's love interest), Maximus (the heroic horse), Shorty, Vladimir and Hook Hand (three of the 'Pub Thugs').

      All of the figures look exactly as they do in the film and are all sized in proportion - Eg. Maximus and the Pub Thugs are really big, but Pascal (the smallest in the set) and young Rapunzel are a lot smaller. All of the figures are a good size and are very chunky - easy for youngsters to get their hands around. They are made of solid plastic and are very durable - as mentioned we have had the set for a year and it's still in perfect condition - no chips, scratches or bits that have broken off. All of the figures have flat bases so they are all easy to stand up and play with on flat surfaces.

      There is only one villain in the set (Mother Gothel). The Pub Thugs look like villains but are actually 'goodies' in the film. I think maybe there should be at least another villain in the set, just to even things out. Perhaps 'The Stabbington Brothers' or Captain of the guards?

      My daughter (4 years) absolutely adores small fiddly toys and often favours these over big expensive toys! So as you can imagine she loves this set. She often uses the figures to recreate scenes from the film and also to make up her own stories, which is great for encouraging imaginative play. There doesn't appear to be any safety hazards (no very small parts etc) and the set is recommended for children 3+ years. I think the set would most be enjoyed by 3-8 year old Tangled fans.

      We actually brought the set a year ago at The Disney Store in Paris but they were also available in UK Disney Stores. I'm not actually sure if they sell this exact set anymore (I can't see it on the website but it might be worth checking in store), although they do sometimes bring back stock and you can probably pick up the set online somewhere too. The set cost £18 which I suppose it quite expensive for 9 plastic figures, but they are good quality and they have been played with lots.


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