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Dr Who Sixth Doctor Regeneration Figure

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Manufacturer: Character Options / Type: Action Figure

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    1 Review
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      17.10.2011 14:01
      Very helpful



      The old swirtcheroo of heads!

      When an actor leaves the main part of Dr Who there is always a changeover, this is called the regeneration and can be considered the writers dream inn terms of creation as you have another actor playing the part without the issues of continuity. When Peter Davison resigned from the part as the Fifth Doctor, a new actor came into play - Colin Baker. Baker was in my mind quite a loony in the Tardis, however I think the series still hadn't recovered from the loss of Tom Baker. But that is a whole piece in its own. Usually the manufacturers play safe and stick to the normal characters in their normal episode clothes, however once these standard figures have reached the peak of sale and are out of the way we tend to get some secondary lines that are usually one-off mouldings or special issues and are far better than the normal lines.

      The Sixth Doctor Regeneration figure is a good example of something different, something that in the series is a unique thing and an instant collector's piece. The figure itself is quite elegant and dressed in an accurate manner to that of Davison at the end of The Caves of Androzani storyline where the Fifth Doctor dies in the company of his companions and regenerates. Davison at the time was dressed in his usual series costume of long coat, red striped trousers with Cricket jumper and white undershirt. No sign of the leek on the lapel though! Baker was only seen in the last episode for about 10 seconds and delivered a handful of words (as in the title) with a freaky stare at camera before the credits rolled, yet the figure is accurate in looks to the extent that even the dirt and stains on the clothes are in the right position representing the scenes of the episode, he is again seen in the opening of The Twin Dilemma before he chooses the infamous red rainbow costume. Facially the figure resembles Colin Baker, with the curly blonde hair, the correct shape of the "perm" is a dead giveaway as to whom this is, however the face is a rather bland and it isn't clear as to what expression is being shown, but more importantly it does resemble Baker at the end of the changeover. There aren't any facial features on the figure, the skin tone is correct, for example there aren't any scars or stubble or even strangely any dirt as that is all focused on the costume anyway. there are the facial crinkles that run out diagonally from the side of the lower nose and looking at photos of Baker this is again accurate, sorry spot on! Even the profile is good and resembles Baker at the time and I have say that the people who have made the moulding and the cast have done a good job, it's the hair that is just as detailed as the style has been given a range of colours that reflect the high light of the colour of the Sixth Doctor hairstyle in immaculate detail, giving quite a scale o depth and given the size of the head on a figure of this size which is the standard for the series itself at 6 inches in height.

      The dirt, that was acquired in the show by the Doctor falling in mud pre-regeneration, and sheer dark blackness on the figures right side has to be mentioned as the whole costume is altered because of this and emphasises the story in which the costume gets these mud stains, these cover the entire right side of the figure and gives it an interesting degree of battle damage, something that is rare in both the TV series and action figures.

      The thing that is incorrect is that Baker is a slightly different height and build to his predecessor. He is in real life a little shorter and has a different stance, yet the figure is simply the same build of Davison! Okay I can see why this has been done, simply put this has Baker's head on a moulding of Davison with a few added black marks on the clothing. However even though because it is obvious that a shortcut has been taken, it doesn't affect the outcome, after all the male based characters in the Star Wars range were all the same height, so this is probably nothing except a collectors observation. However this is part of a range of figures and so to have them at different heights would be silly to look at and far too real life to be bought into a fantasy range.

      You might think that it's strange that a 38 year old man collects these; well okay I'll come clean. I'm trying to collect a few things in terms of collecting a pension, nothing major like spending a few hundred pounds on stuff but the odd thing that stands out that may become valuable in a few years time. The reason I say this is that I cannot see these figures being anything else than displayed. The episode it was based on was broadcast in 1984 and to be honest probably a lot of fans of Doctor Who in today's style wasn't actually born then so I get the idea the premise is for the collector to purchase. Pricewise this figure was £29.99 at the time of release and is currently going at over £40 on Amazon at the moment, so it's obvious this is a desired piece. This is part of an ever growing range that is growing to bring in more figures like this.

      Overall this is a good entry to purchase for anyone's collection.


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