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Fisher Price Imaginext Evil Dr Porkchop Spaceship

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Playset from Toy Story 3

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2011 12:31
      Very helpful



      This toy is played with nearly everyday!

      Back at the end of May it was my sons 5th birthday and he was so good he only asked for two things, the Toy Story garbage truck and Toy Story3 Imaginext Pig Spaceship.

      My son tells me that Evil Dr Pork Chops spaceship appears at the beginning of the Toy Story 3 film, Woody and Buzz go after One eyed bart and his wife and have them cornered when the spaceship appears and it beams them up along with slinky dog and the aliens. Evil Dr Pork Chop then releases a barrel of monkeys on Woody and the gang.

      **Whats in the Box**

      Pig Spaceship
      Evil Dr Pork Chop
      Buzzlight Year


      The spaceship is basically a big hamm only he has got wings and thrusters and has been made into a spaceship! The toy is made out of a very strong plastic and like other Imaginext products it is very very well made. It of course is pink in colour, on top of the ship is a long grey button if you press the button it will release a barrel that fits under the spaceship.

      What I like about this spaceship is the detail, there is a moulded pattern all over the ship which makes it look like a really good spaceship and one of the funny things about this ship is you can even turn the pigs tail!

      The spaceships head opens up to reveal the inside of the ships cockpit, there is a big black seat ready for evil Dr Pork Chop or Buzz will fit nicely in the seat if you want him to save the day!

      One of the other things I like about this spaceship is because it has got four legs it will sit on a flat surface without falling over.


      Buzzlight year is a little figure which is quite sturdy and very well made, you can move his arms and legs and he can even go into a sitting position.

      The cool thing about this figure is when he sits inside the spaceship his hands actually fit around the two little black controls properly, Imaginext have certainly thought out about how these toys are designed because not only does Buzz fit inside the spaceship he is also designed for the other imaginext Toy Story series as well.

      One thing has puzzled me about this Buzz figure and that is he does not have a helmet, well my son obviously has more imagination than me and he tells me that the helmet is not missing it is just not up!

      A very small hamm also known as evil Dr Pork chop comes with the spaceship and I love how there is a pretend stopper underneath him, he is wearing a little black hat on his head. He can sit inside the spaceship though I have to say that the seat suits Buzz better as he can hold onto the controls and he sits neatly inside where as hamm is a little bit fiddly to put inside the cockpit and to take out.

      There is also a grey barrel that sits underneath the ship, my son tells me that I have to pretend that there are monkeys inside the barrel and I am also told that the barrel should be yellow not grey!


      I really dislike packaging on toys because it takes so long to cut wire ties and pull off all the cellotape so I was pleasantly surprised that with this toy there was paper ties which were easy to dispose of.

      **To End**

      This toy cost £14.99 and quite honestly I was very reluctant to buy it because I thought it was a waste of money, but one thing I am learning about Imaginext is their toys might look boring to an adult but to a child these toys are amazing and open up a whole world of imagination and play!

      Imaginext toys are quite expensive but they certainly last a lot longer than other brands because they are so well made.

      My little boy loves playing with all his Toy Story toys and what I love is that whilst he is playing he is using his imagination and will come up with some really neat stories about the Evil Pork Chop and how Buzz saves the day.

      **What does my son think?**

      "I love my spaceship mummy because I can send the barrel crashing down on my Toy Story figures and Woody and Buzz save the day."

      5 Stars from me and my son.

      Age 3 - 8

      £14.99 Toys R Us


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        06.01.2011 21:18
        Very helpful



        Decent toy, try and find it cheaper though

        Anyone not familiar with my reviews, i will start off by telling you that both of my boys, aged 2 and 4 are completely Toy Story mad. It doesn't matter what the link is, they are obsessed. Most of our relatives decided to purchase them merchandise relating to Toy Story both for my sons birthday in October, and also for Christmas.

        This particular toy is a spin off from the movie Toy Story 3 released last year. My boys had not even seen this film until we watched it together Christmas Day, but upon opening this gift, they were very happy because it features their favourite character, Buzz Lightyear.

        This is a bit of a dubious spin off toy as it is based upon a very short segment at the beginning of the Toy Story 3 Movie. In this sequence, the toys are involved in a scene where the evil Mr and Mrs Potato Head are trying to escape on a train. They are chased by Woody the cowboy, and when they try to escape, they bring in reinforcements. One of these is the Evil Dr Porkchop, who in real life is a pig money bank called Hamm. Evil Dr Porkchop appears overhead in this spaceship and rescues Mr and Mrs Potato Head, the 3 Alien children and slinky the dog before they are captured by Woody, Jessie the Cowgirl, Buzz Lightyear the space ranger, and Rex the Dinosaur.

        They are taken aboard the ship star trek style in a beam, and then Evil Dr Porkchop attacks the goodies by dropping a barrel of monkeys upon them, and then trying to shoot at them with a lazer beam.

        The sequence in the film is brilliant, as you realise it is an old DVD featuring the child Andy from Toy Story One and Two playing a very imaginative game with all of his toys while his mother films him.

        You can probably see why i say it is a dubious link. I find it odd that such an expensive toy comes from a screen shot of about one minute. However, i am an adult, and it is not up to me to slate it for that.

        It is from the Imaginext range from Fisher Price. Fisher Price being a company that have been around for years making durable toys that children love, and this is no exception. It is very well made and the spaceship itself looks very realistic compared to the film. The barrel on the bottom actually drops when you depress the button on the top of the space ship.

        The other weird thing i find is that it is bought with a toy Buzz lightyear figure when in the film the character driving the ship was Hamm the piggy bank, or as a tenuous link even Mr Potato head as he was the one who pressed the button to release the barrel of monkeys.

        My kids both love this toy, and both want to be the one in charge of flying it round the house. They take great delight in dropping the barrel from at least a metre above ground onto the other characters. The toy is sturdy enough that the barrel does not break or disappear. My only complaint is that the 2 year old seems to find it hard to hold onto it and make it fly without pressing the button and losing the barrel. The barrel has dropped down the stairs and onto the laminate and kitchen tiles, so it must be made of stern stuff.

        I think overall, i will give it 3 stars as i find it is too expensive for what it is really, and i do think it is a blatant cash in while the going is good. Although my 2 like it, it is not something they go for first so money could be better spent just buying the figures.

        We have had a lot of fun with it though. Particularly when my mum had bought one for my son plus 2 of my nephews each had one, and they were getting fired all over much to my mums stress. I don't think that will calm down her shopping any before next Christmas, but might teach her to buy them different toys so all the bits don't get mixed up.

        Thanks for reading my review.


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