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Fisher Price Imaginext Toy Story 3 playset

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4 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Playset of the dump site from Toy Story 3

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    4 Reviews
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      23.11.2013 22:12
      Very helpful



      lovely item with lots of play value

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      My 2 boys get a toy instead of chocolate for easter, and this along with the garbage truck was what my just turned 4year old wanted. The set was reduced in toys r us and I had a birthday voucher so only paid £30...its on amazon for over £100!!!! Way overpriced, buy 2nd hand instead! It is a very stong and durable playset and feels very sturdy. He has quite a few playsets but i feel i get my moneys worth out of them so dont mind buying them. We own 7 imaginext playsets in total (including this one).

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ What's In The Box? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Toy Story landfill Playset
      Lotso figure
      Buzz Lightyear figure
      3 x Alien figures
      Small green truck
      small add ons

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Play Set~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The set is designed on toy story 3, the scene towards the end of the film at the landfill, so an absolute must have for any toy story fan, so that kids are able to fully act out the scene from the film. Its by Imaginext Fisher Price and is reccomended for kids aged 3-8 years. It comes in a complete open type box so you can see exactly what you are getting with the set. The playset is built over 3 levels with 3 red turn style points where when a figure is placed on 1, certain things within the playset will then move. The playset is mainly blue with orange, green and yellow parts.

      The playset is a decent size at 19 inches across and 15 inches high. The 3 aliens are 1.5inches high and there movements cannot be changed at all, they are solid figures. Lotso is 3inches high with movable arms, buzz is the same size and has movable arms, legs and bends at the waist.

      At the very top is the 'tri-county landfill' sign, just to the left is a drop for the figures to be thrown onto the conveyor belt, moving along the green conveyor belt on a little silver platform, the silver platform then lifts up throwing woody & friends onto the yellow turning disk on the right hand side, this spins by the red turning disk on the top level, there is a little silver flap that opens so that the figures fall onto another silver platform. The figures can then slip off that platform onto the orange platform (below the yellow spinning disk) where they can fall to safety or should the evil mr lotso not choose that option you can have them continuing to move along the 2nd conveyor belt into the incinerator. On the left hand side of the incinerator is a movable orange crane so 1 of the figures can come to the rescue to save everybody. Below the crane is a red turn disk that moves the crane from left to right (which can also be done by hand if you choose), use the crane to save your figures, there is a little red button at the top of the crane that will open and close the claw. The incinerator is sealed shut with a red door, only opened with a red turning disk right next to the inferno. The incinerator swings round front to show the larvae belt.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Accessories ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      As additional add on sets you can pick them up from Amazon as i believe they are not being sold in many stores anymore....which makes it expensive. You can also get the porkchop spaceship for £45.00, 3 x figure pack for £7.00, woody & bullseye for £8.00, buzz lightyears space rocker for £35.00, walking rex for £52.00, pizza planet for £75.00, garbage truck with woody for £35.00.

      As you can see it can work out very expensive. However they can be picked up 2nd hand on ebay for a lot cheaper, and buying in bundles will save you even more money.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ What Did Harvey Think? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      My son was thrilled, We also own other Imaginext playsets which are played with on a daily basis so im happy spending my money on these. The playset was a good size for him. He loves that it came with quite a few figures, normally when buying things like this you only get 1 figure and have to buy the complete set as extras. We also have the garbage truck with woody figure.

      The playset is easy enough to use, the silver platform moves across the green conveyor belt very easy, with the crane also easy to use. He needs no help in needing to use the playset, but as with the other Imaginext sets we own the turn style bit (red bits with gaps for the feet) are quite tricky to do if you have small hands. The idea is to stand the figure on the red turn style then turn the red dial with the same hand while you hold the figure on it!....My little boy for 4.5years has quite small but chunky hands and he does struggle with this, so tends to just turn the dial by hand with no figure standing on it. He has tried standing the figure alone on the turn style and just turning the dial but it just falls off.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Overall Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Normally I find disney playsets cheap plastic tat, but as this is an imaginext set you know you are getting quality that will last, even with heavy handed boys! We also have many figures, Batcave, Jail, Iceman set and 6 vehicles as well as this and the garbage truck and 3 imaginext disney cars playsets with extra vehicles and cars and they are off the exact same fantastic quality. There are no cheap and flimsy parts that will snap off so in my opinion its money well spent.

      With the crane, conveyor belt, 2 turn styles and incinerator there is lots to do. The incinerator also slides out and with the 2 turn styles you can change the story every time so my little boy is yet to get bored of it.

      The playset is a very good size which allows my 2 boys to play together without 1 pushing the other out of the way, my eldest will also try and show my youngest how to work it which i find lovely.

      The playset has been well loved and played with by both my boys (4.5 years and just turned 2 (although he really does struggle so ive got him the fisher price little people batcave for christmas). My eldest has hours of fun with this, adding in the toy story imaginext garbage truck. Its very well built and my boys come up with different stories all the time for this.

      I have no negatives at all other than some sound effects would be lovely and the red turning disks do become a little tough to turn which i mentioned above. I feel for the price paid its a very good playset but I certainly wouldn't pay the £100+ amazon are currently asking for. I would recommended it at the cheaper price, and i would buy it again. Also the add ons can make it very costly.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Final Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      While my 2 boys like this playset, personally I prefer other imaginext playsets we have, I think there is too much going on, each activity within the playset is then followed on by another activity (i.e going along the conveyor belt then dropping down onto a turnstyle) I know that may seem daft to say about a playset, but we also own the imaginext batcave and because that is more open allowing more imaginative play.

      Its difficult to give a review on this toy comparing it to other playsets from the same brand, but the batcave when opened up has 3 large sections (separated into 6 small sections) and while there are activities like this it does allows more movement within the playset to create different situations and scenarios which I prefer.


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      24.07.2011 19:34
      Very helpful



      A fantastic Playset!

      My son loves Toy Story but especially Toy Story 3 so last Christmas there were just two things on his wish list a train set and Toy Story items.

      Whilst looking around in Toys R Us we found this Imaginext Tri-County Landfill and straight away my son asked if he could have it for Christmas.
      Originally Toys R Us were asking £49.99 for this playset which is a lot of money for a toy but we managed to get it for £39.99 which is a more realistic price.

      The toy is based on the landfill scene in Toy Story 3 where the toys find themselves in big danger with the fiery furnace!

      **Whats in the Box?**

      Buzz lightyear
      3 aliens
      garbage plough

      The playset is made out of a strong sturdy plastic, the first thing we noticed about the set is how well made it is and also how bright and colourful it is. The building is in a light and dark blue whilst other parts like the crane are in orange and the conveyor belt is green.


      Like I have just said the crane is bright orange which really stands out, there is a big black seat inside the cab where the aliens or the other figures can sit. On the side of the crane is a big arm, there is a red button on top of the arm which you can press and this opens up the claw which is at the bottom of the arm.

      The arm can move and my son loves to pick up his toy story figures and save them from the fiery furnace, often I will hear him laugh because he has placed lotso into the furnace for being mean to the other toys!

      Down the bottom is a red disc, in fact there are three discs on this playset which have footprints and basically you place Buzz or any other imaginext figure into the footprints and turn the figure. When you turn the figure the crane moves which my son thinks is pretty neat.

      **Fiery Furnace and Conveyor Belt**

      The furnace looks really cool, it is yellow in colour with the trap door being red. Again there is a red disc for Buzz when you turn the disc this opens or closes the furnace trap door.

      There are two conveyor belts which come with trolleys, the first conveyor belt is fixed to the building, you can move the trolley and dump the contents onto the sorting wheel.
      The second conveyor belt can be moved around and you can drop its load into the fiery furnace by moving the fiery furnace out from the playset.


      Buzz Lightyear is a small figure he is around 7cm tall and is made out of plastic, you can move his arms and legs and Buzz can even go into a sitting position. I have to say he looks like the Buzz from tv, you can see his facial features and control panel but there is something missing... his visor!

      Lotso is around 9cm tall, you can move his arms but not his legs. I was quite surprised how big he is compared to Buzz.

      The playset also comes with 3 adorable aliens again the details on them are very good.


      I have to say that out of all the toys my son received at Christmas the landfill is his favourite toy, he plays with this everyday and loves to come up with a story on how to save buzz and woody from the incinerator.

      There are numerous ways your child can play with this toy, my son likes to put his 'rubbish' which comes with the set in the sorting bin so that it lands on a conveyor belt. He then moves the grey trolley along the conveyor belt and it gets tipped onto a sorting wheel. The rubbish then moves onto another conveyor belt and oh no it then lands up on incinerators trap door, he then uses the crane with one of the aliens inside to rescue Buzz and some of his other Toy story figures.

      Please be aware that Woody and Jessie are not included with the set, we knew that my son would be very disappointed on Christmas Day if there was no Woody so we bought him separately which cost £7.

      I really love Imaginext, my son has got a few of their toys and I have to say the quality is fantastic so it well worth paying the extra for these toys. The landfill has got a lot of colourful stickers which were already on the toy which is great as it meant I did not have to fiddle around trying to get them in the right place.

      The only downside to the set is the orange scoop at the side of the building it keeps falling off which really annoys my son, we have tried over and over to get it to stay in place but nothing works.

      **What does my son think?**

      He thinks this is an awesome toy and is the bestest present ever!


      Product dimensions (playset closed): 20" L x 6" W x 16" H
      Product dimensions (playset opened): 20" L x 12" W x 16" H

      Age 3- 8
      Price - £49.99 Toys R Us


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        27.02.2011 11:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        This playset is fab for young kids who are toy story fans

        With my daughter's birthday being in December I had already got nearly all of her Christmas presents in, so when she received some birthday money and wanted to go over to toys r us to chose something I was dreading it. How would I explain she couldn't have this or that with her money as I had already secretly bought it for Christmas. When we got over to toys r us it literally took her 5 minutes to pick what she wanted which was the imaginext toy story play set. I didn't have it for Christmas and it looked rather good so I was happy to agree.

        This toy story play set is based around the tri county landfill scene in toy story 3. This set enables you to use the giant scoop that places the figures into the sorting area then spits them out onto the conveyor belts. It contains a moveable crane arm to save your favourite characters before they are dragged down to the incinerator.

        The set is very colourful and extremely sturdy and well built. The crane, conveyor belt and sorting area can easily be moved by small hands too as the twistable red buttons are clear to see and east to move. The buttons also contain foot marks where the imaginext characters can be stood. The set also includes some smaller play items like a case and pan and a small truck.

        This play set comes with lotso, buzz and the three little aliens so there are more than enough characters to get you started. If more are required you can purchase them separately including a dump truck. Unfortunately I am yet to find the Jessie character to go with this set which is disappointing as my daughter loves her.

        You can tell just by looking at this set that a lot of detail has gone into making it. Even the stickers such as grates and steel fencing all make the set very appealing. I really don't have any complaints about this at all and for £50.00 it was worth every penny as my daughter keeps going back to it and is more than happy to sit there for a long time playing with it.

        Overall I would certainly recommend this play set.


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          09.01.2011 17:13
          Very helpful



          Hours of fun at the Tri county garbage dump

          The imaginext range of toys is made by Fisher price, and is meant to encourage role play for children. Within the range they do a number of sets such as a batcave, a firestation, a space rocket. One of the more recent additions has been playsets and figures from the film Toy Story 3.

          This particular set i am reviewing i first came across at the start of October as it was my nephews 5th birthday and he was proudly showing my two this new present. My mum then had the brainwave to buy the exact same set for my 4 year old for his birthday two weeks later, and it has been one of the best toys we have had all year as they are absolote toy story nuts.

          The set is a scene from the Toy Story 3 film. The toys have ended up in a garbage bin by accident, and then get taken to the Tri-county garbage disposal depo. We hadn't seen the film when we first got the set so most of the play we have done with it is making up our own stories. We watched the film on christmas day, and i have noticed since then that the play has been more copying what we saw in the film. There is nothing wrong with either type of play. Personally, i think the set is even better having seen the film as i understand it more so know how to direct the play a bit when i join in.

          The set is a bit pricy as it is £40 from Toys R us, although i do think it is worth the price as you get hours of play and there are figures included. You get 3 aliens, a buzz lightyear figure, and a lotso bear figure. The playset also comes with some small accessories which are in the rubbish with the toys - a cuckoo clock, a suitcase and a pan.

          The toys are dropped through a hopper onto a conveyor belt. This drops them onto a bit that turns round before dropping onto a second conveyor belt. The 2 conveyor belts both move. The lower one also spins out so you can choose to drop the toys into the incinerator at the bottom or spin it out to save them. There is also a crane with a 'claw' which in the film the aliens use to save the other toys from the incinerator.

          This toy is so popular with my two and my nephew that when christmas came, my other sister asked if i would buy this set for her 7 year old boy. Although he likes to act like he is too big for such toys, he secretly loves it. That is the joy of the imaginext range. There is something to occupy everyone. Although £40 is a lot for one toy, we have had so many hours of play that i have to say it is completely worth it. Both children play nicely together, but you can also play as an individual with it. It is a perfect mix of copying and imaginative play, so i highly recommend it.

          Thanks for reading my review.


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