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Furuta Mini Figure - Penguin Luigi

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Manufacturer: Nintendo / Type: Action Figure

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2012 17:52
      Very helpful



      Made a lovely cake, and have been well loved toys ever since.

      I've always tried to go all out with Birthday cakes for my sons. I think Birthdays are such a special day, I really like to have a fancy cake as well. I have taken a look at some very nice birthday cakes from proper bakeries, and I find the prices excessive. You can easily spend £40 or more, and even the off the shelf birthday cakes from Tesco will run around £10 - and they taste rotten if you ask me. We've tried a few different ways of making fancy cakes, but after a bit of trial and error. we've found the best results seem to come from a fairly simple cake design, and a few small toys. As an added bonus - the boys have a set of new toys to play with after the cake is cut. Our cake this year was a large sheet cake with plenty of brightly coloured sweets, a small castle from the pound shop with Bowser standing guard over the princess and a series of Mario characters running across the front. We really managed to make it look very much like a scene from a video game.

      The character I am reviewing is Luigi, as this is my son's favourite. We also have Mario in the same penguin suit as well as a variety of other characters, but I feel it would be too tedious to review them all, and even more tedious on the reader. For those who may be interested - Mario is exactly the same except for red trousers and of course the face.

      This toy is part of Furuta Mario line. For those unfamiliar with the company - Furuta make chocolate eggs, very much like Kinder. I have given more info on their line of Mario toys in my review on their Urchin figure, so if you would like to know more about these toys, please read my previous review. In short though, these toys are sold separately and in sets - without the eggs - through Amazon and Ebay. Prices can vary widely, but with this being one of the rarer items, you can expect to pay anywhere from £5 to £30 for this on it's own. Needless to say, I would recommend a set instead. The best price I can find at the moment is £26 for a set of 13 from ebay. While this is high, and I'd prefer to wait for a cheaper set as you can pick them up from about £13, I still think it might be worth it for a very special birthday cake. The set at £26 comes from the UK, so you can expect speedy delivery. The cheaper sets are usually from Hong Kong or China which can mean waiting up to 2 months for your items to arrive. This is not a problem for me as I tend to shop well in advance anyway. I have already ordered my items for my youngest son's birthday in August.

      Of course most people considering this toy will either want it for the children to play with, or as part of a collection. For a Mario collector, this could be a very nice item. It is small, perhaps 2", but the detailing is perfect. This looks as if it it could jumped right out of the New Super Mario Bros game. I do feel the quality of this is such that an adult collector could not ask for anything more.

      As a toy though, this does have it's faults. I'm sure many of you have put together kinder eggs toys which are packaged in several pieces to make then fit into the egg. This is very much the same, and as a toy, you will find the feet forever falling off, even the head falls off. This is easily fixed with a drop of superglue though. The stand is more of an issue, as my sons usually play with this without the stand. The stand is flimsy, falls apart easily and is easily lost when used as plaything, although I feel it is acceptable just for display purposes.

      I do feel these are overpriced for what are to me basically Kinder egg toys. But if you wait for a bargain and get them in a set they can be a worthwhile purchase. I do think you'd have to be a bit soft in the head to pay the full £30 this is going for on Amazon. Personally, I would not have thought these worth buying as toys. But my sons would disagree and have saved up and bought a second set. For my purposes though, these were worth every penny. My son says it was the best Birthday cake ever, and just the look on his face made this well worthwhile. Since his Birthday, these have had quite a lot of use as toys as well, so overall I feel that I did get good value for money.


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