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Furuta Mini Figure - Urchin

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Manufacturer: Nintendo / Type: Action Figure

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2012 16:51
      Very helpful



      5 star rating from the children - I would have given it less.

      There are some toys everyone loves, others that parents think are wonderful, but the children take no interest in, and still others that children really do love - but parents hate anyway. This toy certainly falls into the last category.

      Furuta are not really a toy a company. Furuta makes chocolate eggs, very much like Kinder eggs here. They do seem to have better toys, but this is still very much like a Kinder egg toy - except that it is a Mario Bros figure. This character is called an urchin, but it is really more like a puffer a fish. It is a purple fish with yellow spikes that puffs up and can be found in Super Mario World, which happens to be one of my sons' very favourite games. This toy is an excellent reproduction of the video game character, but it is very small. If it is is on it's stand, it measures roughly 1.5 inches, but the stand is small flimsy and easily lost. My husband found a few of the stands without toys and didn't think they looked like much so binned them :( I really hate it when he does things like that! I would have just gone out and bought a new one if the price were not so high. For the most part though, these toys get played with without the wee stands.

      Speaking of price - prepare yourself for a shock. My sons were able to order a set of 10 figures from Hong Kong for only £14 combining saved up pocket money with my oldest son's birthday money. The individual price on these usually runs about £3 - £5 on ebay, but this particular one will cost you a whopping £26.49 on Amazon including postage, and some of the Nintendo figures draw over twice that much. It seems you could make eating chocolate a full time, and very well paying job if you lived in Hong Kong, China, or Japan when these toys came out.

      My sons love this toy and combine it with others to act out Mario adventures. I like the fact that they are playing something involving imagination, and the youngest comes up with some very detailed stories to go with his play. What I hate about this toy though, is the fact that it is rather sharp. My son has stuck this into his father a few times ( yes terrible I know - I really shouldn't laugh so much) but what I hate about this toy is the fact that it keeps getting lost in my bed when he brings it in for story time. Nothing like waking up with this embedded in your ..........

      Overall though, I do feel these toys are too expensive for what you get. I did buy a few for a Birthday cake, and the kids have saved up pocket money for the rest. The price though is about the same as for the 6" poseable figures, which in general I feel are better made and better value for money. The problem is they don't have as many characters, especially the less known enemies, but you do need a few bad guys to have fun playing.

      I would recommend a set of these figures for cake decorating. I will go into more detail on this is my next review, but I don't like repeating myself too much when reviewing two similar items. The results were truly stunning. I also think bought as a set from ebay, they would make a nice decoration on a shelf. But just for toys, I do not really feel they are good value for money. I am still giving this 5 stars though, as my sons clearly disagree with me. They are more than happy to save up pocket money for more sets and they do really enjoy them. Of course I am basing my rating on the price we paid. I'm afraid I think anyone who is willing to pay £26.49 for a single toy out of a chocolate egg must have a great deal more money than sense.


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