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Flair Gormiti Gheos Atomic

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Brand: Flair / Age: 4 Years+

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    1 Review
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      27.12.2008 15:31
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      Buy one, and only one

      I've already done a review on a Gormiti product on Dooyoo (which is a pretty amazing piece of work, by the way, and reading it would surely enrich your life) so I hope you will forgive me for duplicating some of its contents in this review. Rest assured, while the 'What is a Gormiti?' section in this review pretty much conveys the same information as was included in the earlier review, I have made a number of changes - including replacing the word 'that' with 'which' and 'doesn't' with 'does not'.

      == What is a Gormiti? ==

      Gormiti is a series of collectable action figures, trading cards and playsets aimed at young kids. The Gormiti themselves are the "Invincible Lords of Nature" - six tribes of elemental warriors. The island of Gorm used to be a pretty cool place to be, until the Fire Mountain erupted and unleashed the monstrous Lava and Magma people. Bang, there goes the lush countryside, and here comes the dust and ash and general nastiness. Fed up, the Old Sage gathered together the people of Air, Earth and Sea to wage war with them. This battle is now in your child's hands!

      Although they have been around in Germany for a few years now, the Gormiti have only just come over to our shores. The toys we have are 'Series 1', and are made up of a collection of action figures, plus a few playsets of various sizes that represent the warriors' homes. The main toys are two-inch high plastic monsters, painted to represent their elemental style. The "Air" creatures are blue, white and yellow, and most of them look like humanoid birds, while the "Magma" creatures are red, demonic beasts. Although they are not poseable, they have a professional look to them and appear well put together.

      == The Gheos ==

      This is Gheos, the Lord of Power! The firstborn... He 'was' when nothing yet existed! Silent, full of wisdom and reserved. His power is the strongest, his hammer is devastating!

      Oooh, scary.

      The 'Gheos' are a range of action figures based on the original small Gormiti figures, but are twelve centimetres tall and more suited for regular play. There are four figures in the range - Gheos, Gheos Mystic, Gheos Atomic and Gheos Legend. Each figure has exactly the same mould but is coloured differently. The figure is a humanoid Gormiti, bulky and muscular with lizard-like features and spikes and scales all over his body. His left hand is in the shape on a giant hammer. Using a switch, this hammer can deliver pain upon other action figures. Although his swing is a bit awkward and requires specific placement of enemy figures, the punch packs quite a... punch.

      The four Gheos figures are coloured as follows:

      Gheos - Gheos is yellow with grey spikes and black hammer.

      Gheos Mystic - Mystic is yellow with grey spikes and grey hammer. This and the above figure are practically the same.

      Gheos Atomic - Atomic is dark blue with white and grey spikes and grey hammer. Definitely the better looking out of the four. This is the Gheos pictured at the top of the page. Go on, take a look, I'll wait.

      Gheos Legend - Legend is bright green with white and grey spikes and grey hammer. My second favourite.

      The figures are pretty good looking but it's a shame that they are all shaped exactly the same and two of them are the same colours bar the hammer. Therefore, I would recommend that your child only needs one, and not the whole series. My son was given the Atomic figure for Christmas, which I chose as it looks the most visually striking and unique. It's a solid and durable toy that can survive a beat of a beating. The figure is fun to play with, but not so much with the smaller Gormiti figures unless you want Gheos to lord it up over them and just shout instructions telling them to polish his shoes and such. Still, if your son's WWE or Doctor Who figures have been bullying the Gormiti recently, supplying a Gheos will help them learn their place.

      == Gormiti: The Movie! ==

      Well, not quite, but bundled with every Gheos figure is a Gormiti DVD. This is a basic promotional device that is occassionally given away with other Gormiti toys, depending on where you buy them from. Don't let your child get too excited about this though - it's a ten minute "cartoon" produced to flog more and more figures. It's hardly well produced either, mostly made up of still images. Cheap, tacky, short and lame.

      == Packaging ==

      The Gheos figures are supplied in typical action figure plastic cases - difficult to open without a pair of scissors. Each one comes with a free poster which doubles up as a history of Gormiti and a map of their world. A better giveaway than the DVD if you ask me.

      == So, What Have We Learned? ==

      These toys are great for Gormiti fans or kids looking for something scary and mutant to add to their collection, but as mentioned above, there's no need for more than one or two per collection. They sell for between £7.99 and £9.99, which is quite expensive for an action figure but there are usually plenty of deals on Gormiti toys out there if you look. Go on. He's the Lord of Power!


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    • Product Details

      The Firstborn!...He was there when nothing yet existed... The awsome Gheos is known as The Lord of Power. Silent, full of wisdom and reserved, Gheos rose from the Earth. His power is the strongest, his hammer is devastating! Move the lever on the back of the action figure for hammer-smashing action! Includes a DVD with the first episode of the Gormiti cartoon, plus a fantastic gallery with all the characters from the series. Collect all the Gormiti for the ultimate battle! Start your Earth collection with the mighty Gheos Atomic and you will be in safe hands!

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