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Tomy Harry Potter Figure

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2012 16:38
      Very helpful



      Best as a collectable

      Last Christmas I decided to buy my son a good selection of Harry Potter character figures as a gift. We both love the Harry Potter films and books and we had spent a lot of time either watching or reading those and so it seemed a good idea to buy my son a few figures that he could play with in this range. There are many options out there for buying these figures and there is often the same character but dressed differently depending on the film they have come from. Strangely I had the most trouble finding a decent Harry Potter figure and in the end I bought the Harry Potter deathly hallows Harry Potter action figure which is made by NECa.

      When the figure came the first thing that struck me with this one was that it looked more like a collector's item than a toy for a child. I believe many people do collect these figures and keep them in their original packaging to keep them in pristine condition but they are ultimately an action figure intended for play and so I purchased it for my son thinking that would be the case. This one came in a cardboard backed clear plastic packaging which featured all of the official Harry Potter names and logos on it so there was no doubt in my mind that this was an official product.

      Obviously my son wanted to play with this figure and so it was taken out of the packaging for him to do so. This figure is around seven inches tall and so a couple of inches bigger than the Lord Voldemort, Hermione, Ron, Draco and Snape figures I had bought for my son but this one is made by NECa who I have never heard of and the others are made by Tomy.

      When I got a closer look at this plastic figure I have to say I was impressed with the detailing used. Harry is dressed in black jeans, trainers and a light blue denim shirt like he wears for some of the Deathly Hallows film. There are crease marks in the shirt, pocket and button details and so it is well thought out in that sense. Harry's face is very much like the character and he has small round glasses on which whilst they are not removable they do lift slightly so you can get a good look. He of course has the small red lightening scar on his forehead where he was marked by Voldemort as a baby too. In terms of an action figure toy looking like the person it was based on I think this one is excellent really but it is not without its flaws either.

      This action figure is ultimately a toy. It is sold through toy and game sections on amazon and I have seen them in toy shops such as toys r us too. For me a toy is meant to be played with by a child and so needs to be pretty resilient and this is where this one fell down the most really. A few days after Christmas whilst my son was playing with his Harry Potter figures the head off this Harry figure just fell off! He and I were both mortified really but tried to pop it back on but it just kept falling off again! In the end my only option was to pop a bit of superglue on to the next part and stick the head on in this way. It hasn't fallen off again since then but obviously the head is now in a fixed position. It doesn't matter massively to my son that the head is fixed because he would tend to move the whole toy around if he wanted to face a different way anyway but it was a bit of a let down for me that it broke so easily.

      In terms of flexibility this toy is made from a quite rigid plastic and there isn't the same kind of movement that you can get with some of the other figures. Now the head no longer moves you can simply move Harry's arms or hands. His legs are completely fixed and whilst this is good in a sense as he stands up well on surfaces it would be better to have flexible legs too I think for a child to play with. My son has played with this figure on and off but he did play with it more in the first half of the year than he has in the second half but I do think we will keep hold of these as I think they will be nice to look back at and may even become collectable at some point (though probably not ours with his glued on head!) A child can make up their own stories with figures like this I think and can also integrate them in to other play sets which really helps them use their imagination and so I do think they are a good thing to own.

      This particular figure comes with a backpack on Harry's back which is not removable as well as his wand which is made from a more flexible plastic and which fits in his right hand which is more closed so you can pop the wand in and out of there. The wand is really tiny and does make me think even more that this was made with collectors in mind as opposed to children really.

      From memory this particular figure cost me around eight or nine pounds last year and I can confirm it costs £14.99 on amazon this year should you be interested in buying one. Whilst I think this figure is really good in its likeness to Harry Potter I do think that it is less of an action figure to be played with than the Tomy ones and so I would probably recommend getting one of those ones instead.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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