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Hasbro Toy Story 3 Hero's Gang 7 Figure Pack

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Brand: hasbro / Type: Toy Story themed action figures

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2011 23:15
      Very helpful



      The gang is nearly all here, and ready for some action.

      The array of Toy Story 3 products on the market is a bit baffling. There are so many items to choose between, of different quality. My sons have been bought various buddy packs containing the characters of the film. They mostly contain 2 figures for about £8, and in a lot of the packs you get a buzz lightyear figure or a woody the cowboy. If you want a lot of the figures, then it works out you get duplicates, so a pack like this that contains 7 different characters that retails for £20 at a big toy shop is actually a really good deal. Individually, you would be looking at about £26 for the same number of figures, if you could get these combinations.

      For your £20, you get 7 favourite characters, 6 of which are from Toy story one and two, and one that solely appears in Toy story 3. Each figure is made of a tough plastic and is between one and three inches tall. They can be played with as accessories to the Fisher price garbage dump set, dumper truck, flying pig spaceship, and buzz lightyears spaceship as they are the right size to fit.

      The leader of the heroes gang is most definitely Woody the cowboy. He has slightly flared jeans and his arms are angled. He is about 3 inches tall. His costume is a cow print waistcoat, yellow checked shirt, denim jeans and cowboy boots and hat. He even wears a gun holster. In terms of handling, his arms are in a fixed unmoveable position, and his limbs are sturdy enough to handle normal play.

      Woody's right hand man is the space toy, Buzz Lightyear. He is about 2 inches tall and has wings that are extended out in a flying position. This figure has unfortunately suffered damage in our house as his wings which are only about 1-2mm thick have actually been snapped off, and not from being too rough. Just a weak point on the toy.

      Woody has a faithful steed, Bullseye. This figure is not shaped for Woody to sit on like another figure of him we have, but he has an adorable expression on his face and looks like he is shying away. The horse has brown 'fur'.

      Jessie the Cowgirl is a lively character in the film. A design flaw here is that her head is large in comparison to her body which is true to the film, but her neck is actually so thin that my nearly 3 year old has managed to decapitate 2 of these figures, and again i don't think from being overly rough with her. Just normal play. Despite our best efforts to superglue her back together i find i cannot recommend this figure as a stand alone toy. Very disappointing.

      The scary looking dinosaur is Rex the Tyrannosauras Rex, who is actually very friendly and non threatening in the film. He has a slightly bent pose, and his limbs are non-moveable.

      Hamm the money box pig completes the original line up. This is the shortest of the figures at about an inch tall. It looks like a normal pig, but the coin slot on his back gives away he is a money box.

      The last figure in this pack is the Barbie toy. This is a new character for Toy Story Three, so it was nice to see her in this pack, although i don't know why this was to the exclusion of Mr Potato head, a very prominent character in all 3 films. She is a very slender character, but in much better proportion to the Jessie figure so she has managed to escape a Henry the 8th style fate of beheading in the hands of my youngest. Her outfit is the gym outfit worn in the film. Her curvy features have been toned down a little notch. (Her bum looks less big to me than it does in the film. Maybe that is just me being weird?) Her arms are in an upright position, which i can't make up my mind about. Is she meant to be upset? Or is she about to do some Kung Fu style moves like she did in the film.

      My opinion for this set is pretty much as for the other figures in the series. The design is overall very favourable compared to what the kids have seen in the films. The characters are instantly recognisable to them and they greatly enjoy recreating their favourite bits from the film and making up new stories.

      However, some figures have ill thought out designs leading to disappointment when the pain flakes or the limbs/heads/wings fall off.

      I do recommend the Toy story pack as it has had such a lot of play in my house, therefore good value for money, but i do knock a star off for the fact 2 figures out of 7 are broken, one so badly it has had to be binned.

      Thanks for reading my review. I keep surprising myself that there are still unreviewed products lurking in the toy box.


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