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Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

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Brand: Fisher Price

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    3 Reviews
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      14.06.2013 12:01
      Very helpful



      Great toy for any Jake fans.

      Yo ho mateys away! For anyone with little ones who are a fan of the show this is a must have toy!
      My son received this for his 4th birthday after falling in love with the show at Christmas time. After seeing it in several toy shops we always had to drag him away from it in the promise he would get it for his birthday. Both him and my other son (who is 2) opened it on the morning of his birthday and set about playing with it (once I had prized it out of all the cardboard and ties) and didn't even want to open the rest of his presents.

      It comes with a little Jake and Scully character and 3 blue "cannons" (I'm still not quite sure what they are meant to be). The cannons fit into the cannon on the front of the ship and can be fired out using a button on the deck of Bucky. They don't really get much distance but the boys seem happy enough firing the little blue things at each other. There are also 2 other buttons on the deck of Bucky, one which makes a tick tock croc spring out of the side of the ship and the other which plays sound clips of Jake and his pals from the TV show.

      There's lots of little extras on the boat too like the slide, the steering wheel turns and isn't just stationary, the sails on the ship are make from a nice fabric, there's a door on the back which open to reveal a little room and there are various points on the ship where the Jake and Scully characters can be fixed on. Also the added bonus for us parents . . . An off switch underneath the ship.

      The only very minor problem we have had with Bucky is the little blue cannons do tend to get lost under the sofa or where ever else they have been fired and also the door does come off every now and again but there is still no love lost for this toy and its managed with withstand 2 playful toddlers on a daily basis.

      The toy came with 3 AA batteries already installed and we haven't had to replace them yet and it was bought in march. We got it from Toys "r" us but I have seen it sold in many different toy shops, supermarkets and plenty of places online. It set us back £34.99 which I don't think is a bad price, especially for the amount of time it's been played with as this is one of both my boys favourites.

      I asked my 4 year old what he thought about his Bucky and here is his verdict "its cool and my favourite part is tick tock croc". So a thumbs up from him means a thumbs up from me


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        11.02.2013 18:04
        Very helpful



        Great for fans of the show.

        Set sail with Bucky from the Disney JR show Jake and the Neverland Pirates. A must for any Jake fan.
        I bought this for my 3 year old at Christmas and it is one of his favourite Toys.
        The Pirate Ship is exactly the same as the one on the TV show. It comes with a Jake and Scully figure along with water projectiles that can be shot out of the cannon at the front of the ship.

        There are 3 yellow buttons on the ship -
        1. To shoot the cannon
        2. When pressed a door opens revealing Captain Hooks worse enemy -The Tick Tock Croc.
        3. Plays different phrases and tunes from the show.

        The ship has wheels on the bottom and when pushed along a surface the it rocks from side to side just like a ship in the water.

        From my childs point of view - it has been 2 mths since he received this present and still plays with it every day. He absolutely adores this Ship.

        My feedback would be the following

        The Item Retails at £49.99. I would never pay that for it as it does not have enough 'extras' to warrent that price. I paid £34.99 and i think that is reasonable for what you get.

        The Door that the 'Tick Tock Croc' pops out of continously breaks off so i am always having to re-attach. I have also read other reviews where other people have said the same thing so it must be a fault with the product.
        The rest of the product is very strong and sturdy.

        It would have been nice if the item has included Jakes friends - Izzy and Cubby.

        Overall I think that the item is great and for the 'Right Price'. A must for all Jake and the Neverland Pirates fans


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        04.01.2013 10:09
        Very helpful



        Jake's pirate ship

        Yo ho, lets go. Lets set sail with Jake and his pirate ship, Bucky.

        Jake and the Neverland pirates is a cartoon on the Disney junior channel and follows the adventures of Jake and his friends and sometimes Peter Pan. We really love this show in our house and its nice to watch something with a boy character as my son really enjoys it although my little girl does too.

        We found this pirate ship in Toys-R-Us back in October for my sons first birthday. It was on offer which was great so I think we paid in the £30 region when they are generally about £50. I wouldn't pay £50 for this pirate ship but I thought £30 was ok.

        The ship is called Bucky and they always travel around on it in the cartoon. It looks just like it does in the cartoon which I think is great. The ship is fairly big and has three shells on the bottom, two at the back and one at the front so when you push it along the ground which my son loves to do, it rocks from side to side, just like it is sailing on the high seas!

        The boat has lots of fun noises and phrases that can be activated by the push of a button at the back of the ship. This button is made to look like one of the gold deblooms/coins that Jake and his friends are in search of during the show so I like this touch. My son found this button straight away and is constantly pressing it so all we hear is:

        Grab the wheel - full speed ahead and then the pirate music
        Ahoy Bucky
        To the captains quarters
        Heave ho - let's go
        Lets load the cannons

        There are over 25 phrases that you an hear which I think is quite good as you never hear the same one twice for a while so it doesn't get too boring.

        Bucky is designed for kids three and up and there are a couple of things that I have taken away but feel fine letting my one year old play with it. The ship comes with three "water cannons" which are basically just blue sticks that you place in the cannon at the front of the ship and then press a button to release them. This is really fun and they do fly quite far but I took these away as they are quite small and I didn't want my son playing with them just yet.

        I also took away a little figure of Skully the parrot who is cute and looks just like his cartoon character but I thought he was a little small too and may still be put in my sons mouth!

        On the side of the ship is a trapdoor, press a button on the top and out pops Tick Tock, the croc who bit off Captain Hooks hand. This is fun to do but our trap door keeps on coming off and I am forever snapping it back on again.

        The ship also came with a Jake figure which I do let my little boy play with as he's quite big. There are lots of places to put him on the ship such as the lookout tower, or underneath the ship through some doors or you can also send him for a slide that leads straight into the water below.

        In conclusion this is a fun pirate ship that we enjoy playing with.


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