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M.A.R.S. Armorbot

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Manufacturer: Hap-p-kid / Age: 3+

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2011 17:37
      Very helpful



      A robot.

      As it was my son's birthday a few days ago, I have found another huge pile of toys to sort through again, I have literally only just got the Christmas toys sorted out!

      Last year my Dad had gone mad to get my son (then 5 years old) a walking robot like my younger brother had as a child, but was only able to get a corded one, which in fairness my son persevered with, but due to how sort the cord was on it soon gave up!

      So this birthday I wasn't too surprised when a free standing and walking robot was at the bottom of his never ending present pile!

      The robot itself is part of the "M.A.R.S." range of toys, with this particular one being called an "armorbot".

      The robot itself stands around 5" tall, with it being a very buy and substantial looking machine.

      To be honest when first opened it did look like it had more functions than it actually does, as the "armour" having so much detail, with there being numerous buttons and contraptions on the arms and legs, though after closer inspection the detailing is a decorative smoke screen, with only one of the contraptions actually doing anything, this being the button on the arm to activate a claw, though it only opens and closes without actually gripping or grabbing anything, so pretty pointless really.

      There is a small button which to be fair looks like part of the body work itself, which when pressed activates the walking motion.

      When in walking mode, which can be achieved by changing the switch found on the back of the toy to on, is constant, with all limbs moving in a walking mode, the robot moves though on wheels, but this isn't apparent when watching it.

      The movement of the arms is smooth when in action, hinged on the body and having a reasonably wide swing action, with the legs being hinged in the same method but having a much jerkier motion, though still manages to move without getting stuck.

      When switched to the off position I was surprised to find that the robot still works, though only when the button is pressed and held, which of course doesn't make it easy to use, but as more of a default position when in the packaging, try before you buy if you like.

      Finally there is a final twist to this robot, with it actually being revealed as a space suit for a human, rather than an independent robot, again a fact that we hadn't worked out until a good while after opening it from it's extensive packaging prison (it took ten minutes and a pair of scissors to release!).

      The tiny model character is to be found behind the plastic screen up where you assume the robots featureless face is, which can be unclipped and pulled into an upwards position revealing the character.

      After checking on www.amazon.co.uk for prices I was more than gob smacked to find it on sale for around the £16.00 mark, in both the colour I am reviewing (blue, grey and silver) and also a vibrant yellow colour, both attractive to the eye, but certainly not worth this type of money.

      This is a nice enough robot/space suit that if receiving as a gift or purchased for a nominal amount of money(no more in my opinion than £9.99) would be a welcome addition to any young child's play box, but for the money they are currently being sold for, I would expect much more action elements to the toy and not (with this being a complete assumption, as I am not familiar with the brand name) beig upped in price due to it being merchandise.

      Thanks for reading x


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