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Hasbro Toy Story 3 Lotso's Gang 7 Figure Pack

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Brand: Mattel / Type: Toy Story Figurines

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2011 23:37
      Very helpful



      No (Toy) Story is complete if you don't have a villain

      It will come as no surprise to anyone that my sons love Toy Story 3, and as a result we own a large number of the various pieces of merchandise related to the film. They have a large collection of the figures to play with. One of the sets they received was Lotsos gang set, which features 7 of the members of Lotso's gang. These figures are all the new characters from Toy Story 3, and they are much loved and played with by my boys.

      For anyone who has not seen Toy Story 3, there are a set of toys owned by a boy called Andy. These are a cowboy doll called Woody, an asronaut toy called Buzz Lightyear, a cowgirl doll called Jessie and her horse Bullseye, a T-Rex dinosaur called Rex, a money piggy bank called Hamm and a Mr and Mrs Potato head. Andy has grown up and is going to college. He is told to sort his belongings. The toys accidentally get thrown out, so they decide to run away to sunnyside day nursery.

      The toys meet some other toys that live at Sunnside. They at first appear friendly, but they are really a bit mean and run the nursery a bit like a dictatorship. The toys want to go home, but the gang run by Lotso don't want them to escape.

      Lets meet the gang:
      1) Lotso bear is the leader of the gang. He is a large, pink cuddly teddy bear who smells of strawberries. In this set he is a 2 inch plastic figure who unfortunately does not smell of anything. His arms, head and legs are fixed.

      2) Big baby is a toy doll who is in a bit of a grubby state. He has no clothes and he has been doodled on. Here, he is about 2 inches in height, and again, rigid plastic. His appearance matches the film very authentically. He is Lotso's right hand man as he has been with him from the start as they had the same owner originally.

      3) Ken is a fashion loving doll, and not a girl toy. He is again, about 2 inches tall, and quite a thin figure. I have been worried that he might snap, but he has withstood rough play. He is dressed in the green shorts and shirt combination that he was wearing the first time he appeared in Toy Story 3. He is even wearing the ASS-cot that Barbie commented upon.

      4) Twitch the caterpillar, who again, is the same height as the other figures, has arms that are on ball and socket joints which allow a little movement of these limbs. This however is a disadvantage. Our Twitch figure constantly loses his arm holding the mace. I get quite fed up of putting it back on as it is not easy to do so and i can't think really why it keeps coming off other than maybe moving it outwards rather than backwards and forwards. His other arm has been unaffected.

      5) Sparks the toy robot is a little shorter than the other figures. No parts move, but his paintwork has chipped slightly during play.

      6) Stretch the octopus is another shorter figure. I find this figure a little disappointing as in the film he is very rubbery and his limbs can be stretched. Here he is completely rigid and unmoveable. I think it would have been nice if the plastic had at least been a bit squishy to be truer to the film.

      7) Chunk, he is a little figure who is very lumpy and bumpy. In the film his face is on a barrel, and he has 2 facial expressions, happy and angry. This model does not have a moveable barrel face, although we have one that does. The bumps are also rather pronounced. I think this little figure is also quite a poor model when i have seen that there is a much better model for the kids to play with.


      price - £19.99 from Toys R us. I feel this is a fair price for 7 figures as some of the packs only have 2 figures and are around £7.50, so simple maths shows this is a cheaper way of buying the figures:

      look compared to the film characters - they look quite accurate, although some features are not replicated as well as i would like to see them.

      how sturdy are they? In our house they have lasted well. One figure has some chips to the paint, and one constantly loses an arm. This is not too bad though, as we have had other figures lose heads and have arms snap completely. They are played with hard, so i would say they are wearing well.

      would i recommend the set? Yes i would. It is good value to get 7 figures in one pack, and the more figures you own the better the play is in my experience. It is easier to recreate your favourite bits when you have more characters.


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