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Mighty World 8611 Fire Brigade

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Manufacturer: Mighty World / Age: 4 Years+

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    1 Review
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      07.12.2009 15:02
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      Not worth the price

      Having heard about Mighty World from another review posted on Dooyoo, I kept my eye out for it in the shops. Spotting it in ELC on a half price special offer I picked up this set for £7.50 when its usual selling price is £15. We have had a lot of success in this house with Playmobil and I have to admit to enjoying playing with it with my daughter, so it was with a lot of excitement that we opened the package and got out the pieces.

      One big thing in Mighty World's favour is the packaging, all the little bits are in a few clear plastic bags and sellotaped to a large cardboard insert. This means there is no fiddling with wires, tape, screws and other heinous and evil fixatives that toy companies use to drive parents crazy. We had this set unpacked in record time and as there was nothing to construct we could get right on with the playing.

      So what do you get? Firstly you get three fireman figures, very different and more 'realistic' than Playmobil figures. The plastic is softer and more rubberised with moulded details. Figures all have the same facial features and a hole in the top of their heads for the hats. In this set you get three different hats but they all suffer from a distressing propensity to fall off regularly, the dent doesn't really work and this was quite disappointing. The hands are also disappointing, they are supposed to stretch a little to accommodate the signs/megaphones etc but it has been our experience that this is very difficult for my four year old to do (she has no problem with Playmobil) as the fingers often bend inwards rather than outwards under pressure.

      Most of the other bits and pieces we had no problems with: the stretcher thing is fine, as is the rescue ring and Baywatchy surf rescue thing (sorry no idea what this is really called). The grappling hook is good, the axes, pickax, walkytalkys, sliding ladder, megaphone, stop sign and barriers all look good and work quite well. The mini circular saw with rotating blade is, quite frankly, awesome and my definite favourite. However there is a weird red tank which defeated us a bit, we couldn't quite work out what it was for, it doesn't connect to anything or do anything, just sort of sits there. I can recommend picking up all the cones before going to bed though, they are just the right size to be not noticed and thus cause maximum damage to parental feet.

      There are a couple of pieces which I was very disappointed in. The fire hydrant doesn't quite fit in the grey plastic disk supplied to fit it in, it would have been better to make this all one moulded piece. Furthermore the box shows a fire hose fixed to the hydrant but in reality the only hoses supplied are firmly fixed to the little red tanks. An attempt was made to remove the hoses from the tank but the tiny piece of plastic holding the hose and the tank together snapped instantly and remained stuck in the hose end no matter what we tried to remove it. The other hose and tank combination was broken when we took it out of the box and again, couldn't be fixed in any way. As the main box picture shows the fire fighter stepping forward to fight the fire with a hose attached to the hydrant we felt a bit shortchanged by the fact that we couldn't emulate this and were left with a useless hydrant, tanks and hoses.

      The play value of this set is alright if you can keep all the bits together and mix with other sets. However after just one afternoon of playing we have already lost three of the bits and my daughter has lost interest. It would have been nice to have a cut out building on fire scene or something on the box which would have amplified its initial play value. The little men do not stand well and it is hard for a child to get the characters to hold all the little bits and pieces. My daughter played with this with her grandfather as well (a former retained fireman for 20 years) and is obsessed with the emergency services but even this didn't redeem the set. Fire engines etc are also available and I would definitely recommend getting a bigger item like that to play along with these figures. However these larger items are also proportionately more expensive and I am not entirely convinced that their quality would be worth the higher price.

      Overall this is a nice set, but to be honest it is not worth the £15 price tag, especially if you consider that Playmobil is a similar price but superior quality. At £7.50 I didn't feel ripped off but it was still on the pricey side given that some of the pieces are badly put together and you don't get very much in the large box-really it only needs a box a third of the size. I bought the Mighty World motorbike policeman at the same time and whilst none of the pieces have broken, I also feel that £4 for this is a much more realistic price than the market price of £8 for similar reasons. I wont be buying any more Mighty World products unless I can find them vastly reduced.


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