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Schleich Antlyar

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Brand: Schleich / Type: Dragon Action Figure

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2011 13:20
      Very helpful
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      Amazing looking dragon figurine.

      This one is certainly (at this time) my favourite dragon in the collection. When I first saw this one in store it was Euro30, which at time (although it looked amazingly amazing) was a bit pricey for me. Next time I was in a store it was on sale for Euro20 - as luck is not my friend, there was only one left and I only had cash (and little of it) with me - naturally there was "no reservations on stuff on sale", I rushed home and back to the store only to see that the last one was sold. I think my eyes watered a bit.

      But as it turned out my luck had changed, this was just before my birthday and I soon found out who the person that snatched the last one was, it was my partner and the awesome dragon was a gift for me. I think my eyes watered a bit again.

      This dragon is as I have said too many times now awesome, it is 33,5 cm long, 33 cm width and has 17,5 cm in hight. Quite the dragon! It's official description says that this dragon is the most powerful being in the Bayala (Schleich fantasy world series). When you look at this figure you see that their description stands. The dragon looks powerful, every detail on the figure claiming so. It has a very muscular boy, giant claws on back and front feet, the head serpent looking and full of spiked horns. Even the name Antylar suggests something powerful (well at least it sounds like this too me).

      It is made of plastic material that feels rubbery to the touch.

      Antylar is (as are all Schleich figures) hand painted. Amazingly good hand painted may I add. There is so much detail on this one this one that it is unbelievable, it almost looks like every scale on the dragons body got the attention and was painted until the last detail. Colours are amazing and they blend into each other perfectly making the transition between them looking really natural. The shading is perfect. Dragons skin has a real resemblance to the real lizards skin. I especially like the wings, they look great. The eyes are awesome too, they are really lizard/cat like and they stare at you - always.

      You probably already realized that I love this one!

      As for it being suitable for children, it is stated on Amazon.co.uk that is is suitable for ages 3+ (I will check this information on the box when I get to my uni apartment next week //UPDATE: the toy is suitable for ages 3 plus//), I do not think a 3 year old would have much fun playing with this one but I imagine it is safe enough - it has no small parts nor does it have sharp edges. I like this more as an display item but it probably works well as a toy too, I know I would have killed for a toy like this when I was a kid.

      Currently £14.81 on Amazon.co.uk


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