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  • True to form and a durable toy that will last
  • May seem expensive initially
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    1 Review
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      02.06.2015 12:05
      Very helpful


      • "True to form and a durable toy that will last"


      • "May seem expensive initially"

      A life like frog

      I have always adored animals and their beauty. My preference is often towards reptiles, amphibians and other exotic animals. I wanted to get a set of animals for my son some time ago, and I had little luck in finding anything satisfactory. I have bought several animal figures, however, they all failed to impress. They are often cheap and the colouring and detail is far from accurate. I continued searching to try and find something better, but I was underwhelmed by the lack of animals play sets and figures. Eventually I came across the Schleich range. Schleich are a German company that produce a wide range of farm animals and wild animals. Their extensive range is impressive, however, their prices may seem steep ranging from £3 to £10 for each individual figure.

      I originally ordered just two animals from the Schleich range from Amazon. I had no idea what the quality would be like, however, the pictures were fantastic, so I could only hope that they would be of a good quality. I was delighted and awe-inspired when I received the animals, and my son loved them. I have since gone on to buy more, and we have a bit of a collection going on. I tend to buy one every now and again to add to the collection, as they offer great play value and they are by far the best animal figures that are available. It is rare that I will buy any other animal figures, and I tend to be loyal to the Schleich brand. The quality in each toy is astounding, which is how the collection grows.

      I tend to opt for the larger animals in their range, as they offer animals of different sizes at different prices. However, when I spotted the small frog I was in awe and I just had to pick it up. I was buying the frog despite what my son thought, as it was just adorable. The small frog measures in at 3.5 x3.5 x 2.0 cm and retails at £2.75. It may seem a little pricey for such a small toy, however, the quality is outstanding and this is a toy that is made to last. My son gets great pleasure and enjoyment from playing with his animal figures, which encourages me to buy more. This toy frog, along with all of the figures from the Schleich range is suitable for children from 3 years and up.

      Each animal figure carries a tag with their trademark red S to show that it is an official Schleich toy, which is easily removed ready for play. The solid figure is handcrafted from a durable synthetic plastic. Every figure is intricately hand painted, giving each one a slightly different appearance. The frog is beautifully painted and is true to form. The features are lifelike and it features textures and ridges in all the right places. The colouration is fantastic with the colouring being lighter on its webbed feet to give it definition. The fantastic attention to detail makes this toy worth every penny.

      This little frog lives in my drawer in the living area, as my son is prone to mouthing objects, and with the frog being small I only let him play with it under supervision. He adores the little frog and often plays with it, and bounces it off of surfaces sending the frog flying. It is also used during water play sessions, where it feels at home. As the frog is solid it is easy to dry after to put away. It is a solid toy that is a joy to play with. After much play, being bashed about and played with under water, the frog is still in excellent condition with no markings or scratches to be seen anywhere. The colours are immaculate and it is still in fantastic condition.

      Animal figures are great fun to play with, as they offer open ended play. They capture and spark a child’s interest and imagination, as they can be played with in many ways. Creative play stimulates the mind and promotes imaginative play. This little frog is great for playing with in water as well as on land and it is small and portable to be able to take out and about. However, take care not to lose it, as it’s small it can easily be misplaced. We generally take a couple of animal figures with us on train journeys to keep my son entertained, however, I do keep a watchful eye, and put them into my zipped pocket when we are on the move.

      The £2.75 price tag may seem steep, however, when you realise just how well made the Schleich figures are, it doesn’t seem expensive at all. This toy will give hours of fun and will last a lifetime. Schleich toys are made to a high standard and are amazing toys for imaginative minds.


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  • Product Details

    Theme: Wild Animals / Detailed figurine of a Frog. Frogs don't have long legs and a short body their whole life. Frogs hatch from eggs as a tadpole equipped with a long tail for swimming. As the tadpole gets older, it grows legs. When the legs are strong and fully developed, the tail begins to shorten. An adult frog has undergone many changes since its birth, including changes in its eyesight. A frog's eyes have a keen sense of depth perception. Frogs catch their prey with their long sticky tongue or with their sticky webbed feet. Frogs love to eat insects and small worms. Those that love to eat frogs, like birds and snakes, may be surprised when they are poisoned by their prey. Some frogs secrete chemicals under their skin to rid themselves of their predators

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