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Manufacturer: Schleich

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    1 Review
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      25.11.2012 12:00
      Very helpful



      A beautiful creature

      Please note the picture above has nothing to do with this product

      We have a wide selection of these animals as they were my sisters when she was younger but since they are such great quality they were passed down to my children and I can see them being passed on for many years to come yet.

      We have a full family of Tigers from the Schleich range, there is this one, the Tiger standing still, the Tiger cub walking and the Tiger cub playing and all of them are as great as the next. The Tiger is about 13cms in length and is walking along looking rather relaxed as if he is just going for a stroll. The Tiger is pretty heavy and I do worry about my youngest swinging it around a bit too much and causing some damage to something or someone.

      The Tiger is really detailed and the body isn't smooth but rather made to look like the grain of the fur, the colourings are beautiful and you can see the facial features have been studied as they are perfect. You would really expect these to be collectors items rather than toys the detail that is on them.

      The animals that we have were all bought from Early Learning Centre years ago but you can buy this one for £4.95 with free delivery on Amazon. Looking on Amazon you can buy the full Tiger family as a set but I wouldn't advise it as when you look at the separate prices it isn't really a saving.

      My girls love these animals and I would say that the Killer Whales and Dolphins are their favourites for bath time play but for normal play it's the big cats that they seem to love, possibly taking after me as I have had a thing about Tigers since being little. The girls both like to play with the Tigers and growl at each other, Emily seems to think this is really funny.

      We use the animals for teaching too, we group them into their families and we have been teaching Sophie about the big cats with them, Emily likes to count the legs and we group animals by how many legs they have too.

      These animals are really durable, they are quite expensive and it would costs a lot to get a good collection but personally I do think they are worth the money as they will be passed down for years. The animals are meant for ages 3 and up but Emily is only 2 and she plays with these animals and the only concern is the weight of some of them including this one. The detailing on this Tiger is fantastic and I think it is simply beautiful.


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  • Product Details

    Theme: Wild Animals / A striking detailed figurine of a Tiger. Tigers, one of the most endangered animals in the world, are the largest of all living cats. They live in forests, grasslands, and swamps where they hunt alone for animals such as deer, wild pigs, and buffalo. (They also eat smaller creatures like fish and birds or even other large predators like leopards.) They've been known to eat up to eighty pounds of meat in a single feeding! Tigers can travel for long distances and can leap as much as thirty feet in a single bound. They live alone and only come together to mate; females give birth to two or three babies at a time. Today only six remaining subspecies of tiger remain -- the Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, Siberian, South China, and Sumatran. Fun Facts: Tigers can leap horizontally up to three times their body length. Dimensions: H6cm

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