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Sonic The Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Figures

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Brand: Sonic the Hedgehog

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2013 13:53
      Very helpful



      A fun set for fans of Sonic the hedgehog!

      I was never into Sega or Sonic when it first exploded on the gaming scene, but many moons ago, I did get very into Playstation 1. Of course I knew who Sonic was, as he was everywhere at the time, and I have a very vague memory of playing both him and Super Mario at somebody's house in my younger days. All that I can remember about those games was the speed at which you had to play. I decided that I did not like platform games and threw myself into a life long admiration of Ms Lara Croft. Time moved on and I got a Playstation 2 when it was released. It opened up a whole world of gaming to me, mainly survival horror and stealth games such as Metal Gear Solid. This console was eventually sold as I found that it was eating my life up.

      In the time that passed between then and the purchase of the PS3 for my sprog, lots has happened and I have more grey hair. Although I am enjoying the new found joy in gaming, it is mostly prompted by watching my Daughter play. She has just turned 4 and can already beat me on Sonic Generations. I hate that (but am secretly proud). The Playstation does not get used that much, because we spend a lot of time outdoors or being sociable, but when it does her favourite games seem to vary between Naughty Dog games ( Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter) and Sonic. This fast paced game (actually fast is an understatement, it is more manic), is great fun and sends my brain into a spin if I watch it for too long. My Daughter has no such issues and zooms and spins around the screen interjecting with the odd squeal or whoop.

      And so these figures seemed a great gift for her. Not only has she been playing the game, but she frequently pretends to be Sonic or one of his assorted side-kicks.


      Sonic is a little blue hedgehog who spins and zooms his way around your screen. The game burst onto our screens (or now primitive games systems) in 1991. The games have a million characters in them, and I cannot remember the names of many of them (I am old after all) but the six in this character figure set are the very well known ones.

      The figures are around 2.5 inches tall and are made from plastic. Parts of the figures are very solid and the legs and arms are softer and have a more rubber texture. This means that they are posable to a degree (ie if you stick them in a car etc) but they will not stay posed. There are no sharp edges and they are well painted. Ours have been taken in the paddling pool and the bath to no ill effects.

      The set features 6 of the most famous Sonic figures - Sonic, Amy, Super Sonic, Tails, Metal Sonic, and Knuckles. Tails is a fox like creature who in the games has two tails that spin around to enable him to fly. Although not as exciting to play as Sonic, he is cute and is Sonic's best buddy. Amy is the token girlie hedgehog, in pink (yuk), Knuckles is a red echidna who means business, Metal Sonic and Super Sonic also feature.

      This is listed as the "20th Anniversary 6 figure collection" and are available to buy online from Amazon and Ebay etc. Our arrived not boxed, but in a long, thin cellophane type bag. The price paid works out at around £2 per figure which is not too bad, and is comparable with other mini action figure sets. The details of the figures are good, ie the little buckles on Sonic's shoes, the finger detailing on Metal Sonic etc, and they are robust. Each action figure is capable of being properly freestanding, which is a big bonus as my Daughter gets very fed up when upright figures keep toppling over. These don't, partly because the characters have big feet!

      There is another seller on Amazon offering these same figures in a box, but the price is £5 more than I paid. If you are happy to buy there sans box then go for these ones. The age on these is listed as being for kids aged 7 + but there are no small parts so I am not sure why this is.

      Overall I am happy with these figures and my Daughter is delighted. Delighted enough to insist that at the moment they all come to bed with us. I regularly wake up in the morning with Amy or Knuckles under my thigh or armpit and that is something that I never thought I would say :)


      Amazon, Ebay, Toy stores etc all stock these collectable figures and prices range from the £12 that we paid up to around £18.


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