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Sonic Unleashed Exclusive Sonic The Werehog

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Rockin Robot / Type: Action Figure

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    2 Reviews
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      06.06.2013 03:11



      A very nice figure but one flaw that really does put a dampener on things

      Whilst I personally feel that the werehog in Sonic Unleashed was an unnecessary addition to the farmyard of Sonic the hedgehog side-characters.

      However this figure, visually is a very attractive addition to a die hard sonic fan's collection or perhaps a young fan wanting to own some merchandise. Measuring at six inches, the figure is aesthetically very pleasing. The detail of the hair stand out nicely its skin is textured and rough to touch. Also with its large chest, head and articulated spiked hair, it becomes a figure that is imposing and powerful

      There are twelve points of articulation which should in theory allow a fair array of posing positions but there are some practicality issues to be found. For example the legs are very thin when in comparison to the rest of figure (Although its appearance is accurate to the werehog in game) but as a figure, it becomes very hard to pose and stand due to the weight of the chest and head. This problem with enhanced by the spiked boots.

      In regards to price, I paid £12 for this figure at a convention around three years ago. Online this figure now seems to sell for around £10.

      The figure has been created by Jazwares a company who do have a proven track history in creating video game and televised media based figures.


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        11.07.2012 10:29
        Very helpful



        A very well made figure

        Sonic The Hedgehog Unleashed Sonic The Werehog

        When Sonic Unleashed the video game was released, along came a new addition to the Sonic the hedgehog family of figures. This one is extremely hard, quite heavy and hurts like hell when it hits you!

        About the Werehog...

        I have never been over keen on this particular figure, but my son being the Sonic the hedgehog freak that he is, had to have it for his collection. The figure just looks painful; it is made of very tough plastic and has quite a bit of weight to it. It stands around 5 to 6 inches tall and it's quite chunky around the arms, head and spikes. His legs are quite thin and although he wears big shoes on his feet this doesn't really counter balance his top half, making it very difficult to stand him up so he stands alone, which I might add he doesn't really do, we have to prop him up against something to make him stand up, the proportions of him are all wrong in my opinion, he seems more of a weapon than a toy to me. He does have a lot of moveable parts for posing him in different positions though. His legs are hinged at the knee, the top of the leg, his elbows and shoulders and four of the big spikes on his head can also be moved. His head also moves from side to side. He does look evil though, his arms are huge as are his hands and the spikes on his head are really big too. He is blue and grey in colour with red and white sneakers or trainers whatever you want to call them upon his feet. Even the bottom of the trainers have little grey spikes, this toy is lethal I can tell you.

        Think carefully about where you store him...

        He just had to have it for his collection, well I wish the toy had come with a health and safety warning and I would advise anyone thinking of buying this particular figure to consider just exactly where it is going to be kept. From experience I can tell you not to store this figure on a shelf above head height, because when it falls off and hits you, I tell you you'll really know about it. I don't think I'd let small children play with this figure, in my opinion it is far too dangerous.

        Over all...

        But, to be fair the figure itself is very well made, extremely sturdy and I can't imagine it breaking any time soon, and I can also add that the figure is very durable as well, it seems to be lasting forever. The detail on this werehog figure is pretty good; I especially like the fur detail around the tops of the hands.

        Should you decide to buy him...?

        So if you are interested in purchasing this Sonic Unleashed Werehog Figure, you will find him on Amazon amongst other online stores and he will cost you around £12 to £13

        Please Take Care...

        But do take care if you decide to purchase this figure for your children to play with because although kids love to play, they do also fall out and the thought of this figure hitting a child doesn't bare thinking about.

        Thank you for reading my review which may also appear on other sites.


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