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Super Mario Bros Action Figure - Luigi

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Brand: Hive Entertainment / Type: Action Figure

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    3 Reviews
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      03.12.2012 15:10
      Very helpful



      An entertaining 'action figure' for a 7 yr old

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*
      I have two sons aged 7 and 8 and both are big fans of Super Mario and all of the corresponding characters that are involved. I would say that my younger son Zak is probably a bigger fan and though has gone on and off different brands of toys etc over the years, Super Mario has been consistent in his life and he enjoys the characters through regularly playing on the wii.

      When we were on holiday last October in Mablethorpe, we were perusing a local toy shop where we came across several of the Super Mario figures and as both boys were desperate to spend holiday money on a toy of some sort my elder son Kieran purchased Mario whilst Zak bought Luigi.

      My review will now discuss Zak's choice Luigi..

      The Luigi figure my son picked is 5 inches in height and has a solid and robust appearance to him, being somewhat bulky as opposed to the more 'slim line' action figures available such as Spiderman. Dressed in his 'uniform' of blue dungarees with yellow buttons, brown boots, white gloves, green long sleeve top and matching green cap with his trademark 'L' emblazoned on the front on a white circular background.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*
      My son spotted this figure at an independent toy shop where it was priced at a quite reasonable £7.99. I say reasonable as this particular toy shop is one we often frequent on our holidays but as the prices are so astronomical it's a case of just looking and buying cheaper elsewhere. When I saw the price I was very surprised at how cheap it was and agreed that Zak could buy it from there if he wanted. If interested it can be bought from large toy chains such as Toys 'r' Us, as well as online from Amazon where it's priced at £8.15 and it's general RRP is around the £8 mark.

      Luigi and all of the other Nintendo related characters come housed in a moulded transparent packaging with a cardboard backing. The cardboard is a bright red colour so even if the character doesn't attract your (or your child's) attention then the packaging certainly will. Because the plastic surrounding is completely see through Luigi can be seen clearly which is good rather than been semi hidden in a cardboard box so you can see just what you are getting for your money.

      The packaging may be attractive but is neither child friendly or adult friendly to get into for that matter, even with sharp scissors I still found it difficult to open and once the cardboard was removed the plastic packaging was quite sharp around the edges so please be aware if purchasing.

      *~*Who is he?*~*
      Luigi is best known as the mustached, tall slimmer brother of Mario, the italian plumber, best known to Nintendo fans around the world as Super Mario, where he helps to rescue Princess Peach and generally save the world.

      I was very surprised to see that this figure is aimed at children 7+ as on inspection there are no small parts or anything that I would class as hazardous enough to classify it for 7 year olds. The packaging is about the most 'dangerous' thing and that can be said about many children's toys these days.

      Both of my sons love to play with action figures and create their own little stories which I love to see as it's putting their ideas through imagination into play, rather than just sitting staring at the TV in a trance (not that I have anything against the telly!). I'd seen both the Luigi and Mario figures whilst perusing Amazon a few months previous for some Birthday and Christmas present ideas so knew the second that they spotted them they would want one or more.

      I was quite surprised that Zak chose the Luigi figure as he normally prefers Mario, but he seemed keen on wanting Luigi so I let him buy it out of his spending money and as it turned out my other son Kieran then decided he wanted to buy Mario so knew they could swap if they wanted to.

      The figure itself is about as aesthetically pleasing as it can get because lets face it neither Mario nor Luigi would win in the 'hunky italian stakes'! Luigi features a large round nose with large flicked mustache perched beneath, his (quite large) ears just stick out from underneath his green cap with his brown hair having a wavy effect that flicks out at the back in small peaks which is touchable. The packaging advertises this figure as being poseable and whilst it is it is very limited with only the arms moving from the shoulder area upwards and downwards and with the head having minimal movement. Luigi's white gloved hands are gripped in a fist position and even these don't move which is a shame as if there was a slight space between his hands he could at least grip on to something or even 'hold' something.

      The figure has flat brown coloured boots which are around 1 1/2 centimetres in length so at least the character is stable and sturdy when stood upright and doesn't fall over easily - much to the pleasure of Zak who likes to line him up alongside other figures on his drawers on a night before bed.

      My children like to play battles with their figures - they are boys after all - but they are quite respective of their toys and are not rough with them and still have things from when they were much younger which are still in very good condition so I was quite surprised by something that happened to this figure not long after buying.

      'Mario' and 'Luigi' were sliding down a rope slide (this is where the space in the gripped hands would have come in handy as pointed out by 8yr old Kieran) when Luigi hit the ground and his head promptly came off!! I was in the room at the time and witnessed the fact that the toy didn't hit the ground with much impact and the head had been sturdily fixed on before his descent so was quite appalled by the quality at this point and thanked heaven that they both were over 7 as recommended.

      The actual toy has since been mended by my husband who managed to glue the head back on though now obviously it doesn't move but Zak still loves playing with him though is scared that some other part of Luigi will drop off next so is extra careful! The quality was deceptive from my point of view as it looked the part but wasn't up to being played with which seems daft given that it is supposedly an 'action figure' so I would have thought it would have been made a little bit more robust.

      Having said that, we've had no problems at all with the Mario figure so I'm beginning to wonder if it was just a 'duff' one we happened to pick and if it had been from a shop nearer to home then I wouldn't have hesitated to take it back and complain, as I know two other people with this figure who have had no qualms with it whatsoever. I'm still not sure where the 7+ age bracket comes from exactly as there really are no sharp parts or even small pieces that could come off (with the exception of the head incident and even then it's not small) so if you have children under 7 that are are fans of Mario and Luigi then I would actually recommend it as ours was simply a bad experience.

      This isn't the most exciting action figure out there as it's movements are quite limited but my son(s) adore it and it is in constant use which is always a good sign so is popular with my children. The plastic figure is easy to hold, has plenty of detail and looks authentic just like the Nintendo game character so I'm going to award this 4 stars.


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        18.05.2012 20:34
        Very helpful



        A great little figure, but he needs Mario to make him complete.

        Super Mario Bros Action Figure - Luigi

        My son has been a big fan of Super Mario Bros for a long time. He decided to start collecting these lovely little figures when he was a lot younger than he is now. Amongst his collection is Luigi, the ever loveable brother of Mario.

        What he looks like

        This 5 inch tough plastic, brightly coloured figure is adorable. His arms move freely backwards and forwards and his head turns from side to side. I have to say in the time my son has had this Luigi figure the colours have remained crisp and clear and very bright. His boots are brown, blue dungarees with bright yellow buttons, crisp white gloves and his green top all look like new. On his head sits his green hat with the famous L planted slap bang in the middle at the front. He feels lovely to hold and I'm sure the little hands of youngsters would enjoy holding him and playing with him.

        My reason for buying

        My son has quite a few of the Mario figures and they all look equally as bright. His initial reason to start collecting them was so he could do some stop motion videos using all the characters, which he has successfully managed to do and upload to You Tube. A lot of his collection of figures he has used for this purpose and because he makes such a good job of them I don't mind buying them for him. He has always looked after everything he has been given whether as gifts or otherwise. Only problem is finding places to put all his different collections.

        Is he worth it?

        So overall I would recommend this Luigi figure, he's made of tough stuff and still looks great after a few years lying around my son's bedroom, occasionally appearing in the odd movie made for You Tube and of course played with from time to time. I paid around £8.00 for him and I think he's worth it, I think any Mario and Luigi fan young or old would appreciate him. You will find him for sale at many different places including online stores such as Amazon.

        Thank you for reading my review which may also appear on other sites.


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          08.04.2012 15:43
          Very helpful



          A very well loved toy which only cost me £2.

          My sons are both Mario mad, and love the various games on Gamecube, DS and Wii. Neither boy has been very big on stuffed animals, and the only dolls that have ever caught on are there collection of old Action Men. So I was surprised when they were so fascinated by a few smaller Mario figures I picked up to decorate a cake. When they went online with me to spend some pocket money, they each chose a larger figure, and this was chosen by my 7 year old son. He has a few figures he keeps on a shelf - so I assumed he only wanted this as a room decoration, but it has ended up having hours and hours of play time.

          These toys are made by Hive Entertainment, which is part of the Power Play Group specialising in licensed merchandise for video game characters - but they also have a number of television and movie items including Star Wars, Dr Who, The Simpsons and Disney Cars. Luigi measured 12 cm in height and is listed as an action figure - which would lead me to believe he is posable, but in fact only the arms can be moved. I also believe these toys were really meant to be kept as display items rather than trailed all over the place and subjected to the amount of abuse a typical action figure goes through. Luigi has been on bile rides, to the beach, lost in the bottom of the duvets and bounced on a trampoline. He has survived - but with a few doses of super glue.

          Luigi is very well detailed, and looks very authentic, but it is not the sturdiest of toys. It is made of molded plastic in six parts and snapped or glued together. In particular the glue holding Luigi together at the waist was very weak and he did break into two pieces when bouncing on the trampoline. This was easily fixed with superglue, but unfortunatley my husband carelessly allowed the glue to run down, gluing on arm into an awkward position. I was very fortunate in that I had an identical figure waiting to give my youngest for Easter - so I ended up ordering another Luigi for my 3 year old and letting my oldest have the new one.

          I am lucky I had one on hand, as I picked these up for £2.05 each directly from Hong Kong via ebay. This meant a 6 week wait for the post to arrive. These are available through UK sellers, but at a considerably higher cost, and Amazon is charging £9.99. At £2.05, I think this is a brilliant toy, but I don't really think £9.99 is good value for money. They look nice, but they just are not well enough made. In addition to breaking in the middle, the arms have come off, but snapped back into place. The hat also fell off, but was easily fixed with super glue. The arms are extremely stiff when you first get these, and could be easily damaged. I would suggest an adult carefully move the arms back and forth a few times, which will loosen them up and make them less likely to break when played with.

          For those who may be interested, we have Mario as well, and he is very similar, being glued together in the middle, but his hat appears to be attached much better. Mario is also slightly shorter. We have in fact bought a number of toys from this series, but as they are similar, I am only reviewing my sons two favourites. We had a wonderful Easter this morning using a few of these to start a scavenger hunt. The Bowser figure held a note saying he had stolen all of the children's sweets for Easter, and they had to follow clues to find the other characters and finally their chocolates. At just over £2 each it was easy to afford a small set, and I have even splashed out on two more expensive ones for my sons Birthday Cake. His birthday won't be until August , but considering shipping times I have ordered early, choosing him the raccoon suit Mario and King Boo for Mario 3-d land cake.

          I do feel £9.99 is too much to pay for these as child's toys. I could see spending this for a gift for an older Mario fan who will be keeping these on a shelf as collectibles, and would note some of the other Mario Toys we have would be worth more than we paid for them if they were not play-worn. Of course I am never one to buy something for a tenner when I can buy the same thing for £2! At prices between £2 -£5 from Hong Kong, with the newest 3ds figures costing the most - I have no problem recommending these as pocket money toys, cake decorations, stocking stuffers, or even to spruce up a nicely wrapped birthday gift. I also think these would be handy wee toys to take on holiday. I've always tended to bring a few new toys bought online rather than splash out on overpriced tat at many shops catering to holiday makers.

          I considered rating this down for the poor glue weld, but it really is easy fixed if you are careful. My son really does love this, and it has encouraged hours of creative play, as well as making a nice decoration. I just can't bring myself to rate this down when it has brought my son so many hours of happiness, so I am giving this a full 5 stars - but don't pay full price. This is probably his very favourite toy except for big things like video games and bicycles. As these are inexpensive enough if you can wait - it might well be worth keeping a spare if ends up a favourite toy like it is in our house.

          Please note: Small parts can come off of this toy. This is not suitable for children still at risk of choking! Please be alert with younger siblings.


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