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Thundercats Berbil Belle Figure

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Manufacturer: LJN

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2009 16:04
      Very helpful



      good toy

      Thundercats hoh! The sound of that battlecry still rings in my ears! Ok, this isn't the macho Lion O we have here, but a small female bear. You might have heard of Thundercats and you might even know of the main characters, but I am willing to bet that you aren't overly familiar with the wonderful Berbils. The Berbils made a few appearances in the cartoon show, assisting the gang in their adventures.

      They are best described as a cross between ewoks and androids. The Berbils are essentially robotic bears who live in forests. They are a peaceful race, unless provoked and then they stand up for themselves and get all grrr and feisty.

      The success of Thundercats led to a toy range from LJN. Dozens of action figures were produced, including some Berbils. You can get a Berbil Bill, a Berbil Bert and this one, Berbil Belle. If you haven't guessed, she is a lady bear.

      The figure has been well designed, moulded from plastic with the colour scheme spot on. A beige skin is covered with orange fur on the ears, shoulders, wrists and ankles. There is texturing to the fur which makes it look ruffled and lived in.

      Berbil Belle has a cute face and a pink flower in her ear, which cannot be removed. Her stocky frame is accurate and she can be posed at the head, arms and legs, meaning a variety of positions can be created. Perhaps not the most desirable figure in the action figure line-up, she represents something unique though, in that she is a female. Save for Cheetara and Wiley Kit, there were very few females in the Thundercat universe, which makes her quite collectible. If you wish to buy one, you will struggle to find her boxed due to the rarity, though second hand loose figures can be found for a few pounds.

      Thundercats enthusiasts should love this cute and cuddly bear.


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