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Thundercats Hammerhand Figure

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Manufacturer: LJN

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2010 13:08
      Very helpful




      Thundercats was the arch rival to the cartoon He Man. Which one had the edge though? Both shows threw up similar stories and both had good vs evil. Thundercats was possibly a little more trendy in terms of characters though. Though I do question why a lot of the heroes insisted on wearing just a tight pair of pants.

      Toymaker LJN produced a successful run of action figures in the late eighties. In a later run of the toys, some lesser known characters were being produced. Hammerhand was not a regular in the same way that say Mumm-Ra or Slythe were, but he was deemed significant enough to turn into an action figure. I can see why he was turned into a toy. There is plenty of play value here and he is visually exciting.

      Hammerhand lives up to his name with a mammoth fist designed to smash the living daylights out of would-be victims. The fist has a mechanism built in which allows it to spring back and attack. It has been crafted very well with great articulation and a terminator esque look about it.

      Hammerhand's snarling face looks part pirate part Brian Blessed. His eveil mouth and carved out eyes might spook younger kids, but he is wonderfully sinister. As we move down the figure, you can see rippling muscles and beefy legs, decked out with silver plating. He is battle scarred and savage from every angle.

      If you want to buy him, boxed figures are rare, but loose figures can be bought at online auction sites for under the five pound mark. He stands about five inches in height and is one of the chunkiest figures, making him a superb purchase and a must for action figure enthusiasts.


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