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Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figure

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Brand: Tomy / Type: 10 inch metal Sonic the Hedgehog action figure

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    1 Review
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      28.03.2011 10:30
      Very helpful



      A fair price for an unfair toy

      Amongst various collections of action figures that my son owns, is his "Sonic the hedgehog" collection, this particular collection is his favorite, he has been absolutely nuts on sonic, since he was about four years old. Quite ironic really, as when he was born he was born with loads of black spiky hair, and we called him "baby sonic". Over the years his sonic collection has grown quite a lot. Not only action figures but games, books, magazines and plenty more bits and bobs. One of his many characters is no other than, "Metal Sonic".

      Sonic the Hedgehog

      Sonic the hedgehog has been around since 1991. The first sonic product produced was "Sonic the hedgehog" console game made for the Sega Mega Drive. Over the years, a lot of sonic merchandise has been produced, including lots of other characters, friends and foe. Another idea they came up with, was to create different characters to emerge from the actual sonic character himself, "Metal Sonic" is one of many spin off characters that have been created.

      Metal Sonic

      Metal sonic was made to portray the evil side of sonic the hedgehog, his looks are very similar to that of the original Sonic, only he is made to look like he is made of metal. Standing around 10 inches tall, Metal Sonic is a brightly colored character, sporting the colors, yellow, black, white, metallic blue and metallic silver.
      He is in actual fact 100% plastic, with over twelve articulated points on him, this makes it easy to set his body in many different poses, making him great fun to play with.
      He doesn't require any batteries.
      Not suitable for children under school age, due to sharp edges and delicate body parts.
      He can be purchased from Amazon for £22.99

      Metal Sonics story

      Metal Sonic was created by the evil genius Dr. Eggman, (another sonic character) in order to help him defeat Sonic the hedgehog. Having tried and failed, many times to defeat Sonic alone, he decided he would create an exact replica of Sonic, only better and stronger, giving him the advantage. Metal Sonics personality is nothing like that of the original fun loving speedy character.

      The video game character Metal Sonic, first meets the original Sonic in "Sonic CD" but not until the end when they have to race it out to the finish, with traps galore, set for the original hero, but he is fast and quick witted so has no problem dodging them all, and turning the tables on Metal Sonic who falls into many traps, but is always quickly rebuilt by the evil Dr, Eggman.
      However one particular time, the rebuild results in extra modifications being added and because of this, things backfire for the evil Dr. Eggman, as Metal Sonic, turning on his own creator, goes after Sonic and his friends alone, but this results in him being defeated by the heroes, so once again Dr. Eggman steps in to reclaim his creation (Metal Sonic) putting him back to how he was in the beginning, the loyal and obedient servant of Dr. Eggman.

      Our experience with Metal Sonic

      My son was desperate to get this character. I read a lot of reviews about him, and personally I didn't want to spend the money on a toy, which practically every review I read stated how easily this toy falls apart. But Josh (My son) being Josh insisted that, he would be ever so careful with it and it would never break.
      So he won and I gave in.
      We hadn't had Metal Sonic very long, before his leg fell off. The toy is not in any way securely made, the leg joints at the top are ridiculously small and thin, when you think the legs have to support the rest of the body, which is, by no means light weight.
      I was rather annoyed at this, I knew it wasn't down to Josh being careless with it because with all his action figures, he is always extremely careful. Needless to say josh was upset about this and his dad had to glue the leg back on, but because of this the leg can no longer move freely like the other one.
      While I've been sat writing this review I've had the Metal Sonic action figure with me, I've picked him up twice and his leg has come off again.

      This toy could have been great, had more effort gone into the actual design. In my opinion it's all wrong, they have made this in such a way that there was never a chance it was going to survive a child touching it let alone playing with it.

      I'm giving Metal Sonic 2 stars because I wanted to believe that this action figure was a good one, but it's not and I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

      Thankyou for reading my review also posted on Ciao


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