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Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Talking Figure

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Manufacturer: Disney / Age: 3+ / Size: 12"

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    3 Reviews
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      09.05.2012 09:34
      Very helpful



      buzz lightyear toy with sounds and pop up wings

      Our Story with Buzz Lightyear:
      We welcomed Buzz to our family on April 30th this year.
      He soon found his buddy Woody when Hollie opened him up on her birthday.

      My daughter Hollie is mad on Toy Story at the moment (which you will possibly see in the reviews to come!) and her hero is Buzz Lightyear.
      I always had a bit of an anger towards Buzz as I felt bad for Woody in the films.
      On the weekend before her birthday, I pulled the Buzz Lightyear I had bought for her out from the Disney store bag it was hiding in from the wardrobe and wrapped him in the most expensive toy story wrapping paper. (£1.25 a sheet and this needed 2 sheets! yes my heart sank a little)
      I wanted her to feel the experience that Andy does on the movie where he opens Buzz from a box wrapped in Buzz wrapping paper.

      I bought the Power up Buzz Lightyear from the Disney store for £25.
      He is a Toy story 3 edition (just the box is different yet the actual action figure is the same).
      I suppose it's like when a band bring out their album again but with an added track or a new album cover and call it limited edition when it's just the same old one just with a bit of extra fluff.
      Buzz Lightyear was my dream toy as a child. I was born in 1990 so when Toy Story 1 came out, I was 5 but I didn't watch it until the second film had come out four years later and it appeared on the TV.
      Of course I begged my Dad to buy me a Buzz or even a Woody but I always came away with something else which would give me much more hours of fun.

      Buzz Lightyear action figure:
      Buzz Lightyear is a loved character from Disney Pixar movie Toy Story.
      The film Toy Story 1 came out in 1995, Toy story 2 came out four years later in 1999.
      It started to become forgotten about for boys toys until the news of Toy Story 3 coming out 11 years on.
      It took over toy world once again with new characters coming on the scene and those too are available to purchase!
      Our Buzz Lightyear was a last minute purchase.
      I was shopping with Hollie's grandparents whilst she went away on holiday for the weekend with her Dad and we stumbled into the Disney store.
      I had been looking at him on-line and the £45 price tag was just ridiculous for a child's action figure toy.
      I spotted the Toy Story section straight away and looked around for something to buy for Hollie as a present for her birthday which was coming up.
      I picked Buzz up and held my breath to see how much he would cost.
      £25? "this must be a mistake!" I thought to myself.

      I basically ran to the till to pay for him and was over the moon with my purchase and Hollie would get what she wanted.
      Her grandparents has bought her Jessie and Bullseye and my grandparents had bought her Woody (which I have already reviewed).
      On the day of her birthday, she got the biggest shock to see the toy she had wanted for months when she ripped the paper from him.
      The first words to come from her mouth were "To infinity, and beyond!!!!".
      I honestly thought she was going to cry she was so excited!

      What does he do??:
      Make a bloomin' racket that's what!
      It's so so loud and doesn't have an off button! I have to make sure he is tucked away out of "tripping over" reach every night as if I set him off, it would definitely wake her up.
      It's one of those toys you have to get used to. He says short quotes like:
      "where there's danger, there's a space ranger!" and "watch out or I'll shoot you with my lazer"
      But there is also the God awful song which is on the loop.
      The song is the "action" theme tune when he is fighting Zurg at the beginning of Toy Story 2 when Rex is playing the video game. (and yes, I did write this off memory as I have been subjected to watching these films on a loop for the past 4 months).
      He has his Blue, red and green buttons on the front of his outfit which is what is pressed to get him to talk. The big red button opens his wings at the back of his body. He also has his lazer on his right arm which lights up when pressed and make the "pew pew" sound when it's going off.
      I've been blown up a few times by Buzz's lazer a few times if I deny Hollie a chocolate bar. Her and Buzz both get a little angry for that.

      Buzz has all the detail on him like from the movie. He has his helmet which will go up or down, the wings open and close and they even expand. His legs and arms bend up and down and round. He is made from plastic and I would say is a bit too heavy to be a child'd toy. He is totally worth the £25 though and we are keeping the box to make sure one day Hollie may sell it on when she's old and wrinkly.

      What I was slightly dissapointed with was that he didn't come with Andy written on his foot. The Woody doll we have has his name written on the bottom of his foot so it's a real shame Buzz doesn't have the same.

      When purchasing this Buzz, you will need scissors or a knife to get him out.
      It took me around 10 minutes to get him out of the box whilst being begged by Hollie "can I have him now please" or "are you finished?".
      Maybe if it's for a gift you could open it all up first and cut all the ties and tape off to make your's and your childs lives so much easier!
      The back of where his wings are comes separately and will need clipping on. It's quite a quick job so it's so problem.
      I would still rate this toy 5/5 even with the loudness.
      My daughter would rate is much higher if she could as she loves him very much.
      we've had a few tears and she want's to take him to bed and the first night she did and kept waking up from head butting him.

      Thanks for reading my review!


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        01.01.2011 22:29
        Very helpful



        A superb Toy Story 3 toy

        Harry has only just got into the whole Toy Story phenomenon, but he has fallen for it in a big way! Therefore when his dad and I were looking for last minute presents for him to put under the tree for Christmas Day, we decided a Buzz Lightyear would be the perfect present for him. We had a look online and they were all quite expensive, so when we stumbled across this one in the Disney Store for £20, we thought it was perfect and quickly got Harry to wrap up for under the tree! Surprisingly, it's probably been his favourite present of Christmas 2010, and here's why!

        This Buzz Lightyear is based on the Buzz character that appears in the latest Toy Story movie, Toy Story 3. He comes in a rather larger cardboard box which is shaped to look like Buzz's spaceship and is therefore a complete nightmare to wrap up nicely, but isn't this the point of all that lovely excess packaging?! Anyway, I digress. The toy is 12 inches tall, made of plastic and has 26 different phrases that are operated by 3 buttons on the front of Buzz Lightyear. The arms, legs, and torso all move around relatively freely, and the toy seems quite sturdy, so I am quite pleased about the quality of the product overall.

        There are a few things that Harry particularly likes about the toy that I want to mention. Firstly, the wings have a special extending action, so that they pop out when you push the red circular button on Buzz's chest. They click easily into place behind Buzz's back by gently pushing them back until they click, then they are stored there until the button on the front is depressed again. This mechanism seems to be pretty good considering how many times Harry flicks the wings in and out, and they seem to be on a bit of string so hopefully it'll last for quite a while yet. Secondly, the helmet on the Buzz toy actually opens and closes too. You have to do it manually, lifting the clear plastic screen at the first, but it moves very easily, and Harry loves doing this. It'll certainly appeal to little ones who love finding out how these things work.

        The phrases themselves are things you would typically expect from Buzz Lightyear such as "To infinity and beyond", "I'm Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger" and "I come in peace". For a little bit of humour too, there are a number of spanish phrases on the toy too, which are course courtesy of Spanish Buzz who appears in the film for a short while. Harry didn't realise understand these at first and why he couldn't understand what Buzz was saying but once we told him it was the Spanish Buzz, he thought it was really funny! I liked this addition to the toy, and it certainly sets him apart from any other editions of Buzz that have come out before this one.

        Overall, I am really pleased with this toy, and would certainly recommend it to anyone who has a young Buzz Lightyear fan in their home! Harry absolutely loves his toy and carries it around with him everywhere. It's a good sturdy toy that isn't too heavy, seems pretty robust so far and has plenty to do on it to keep children amused. The phrases, the retractable helmet and the moveable wings make it even more fun. It requires 2 AA batteries which are included, but hopefully it won't go through them too quickly! It's great value for the price as well, I feel £20 is very reasonable for this particular toy. I love the toy, and it certainly makes Harry really happy which is what it was meant to do of course! It definitely comes highly recommended from both Harry and I!

        RRP: £20.00

        Thank you for reading!


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          26.09.2010 14:41
          Very helpful



          You need to buy this!

          Just to clarify, seeing as there are absolutely loads of variations on the Buzz lightyear toy, the product I am about to review is the Buzz Lightyear 12" figure that is currently available for £20 from the Disney Store. Surprisingly, this is the cheapest place to get the Toy Story characters from at the moment, with most other retailers selling similar products for £40 and up.

          My young son, who is 5 (and by a weird coincidence has the same name as the boy in the film), was desperate for the Buzz Lightyear figure, as he already has a Woody toy, who is is favourite (I know, the coincidences are coming thick and fast now!). I saw these figures in the Disney store, and the biggest obstacle I had initially was getting the toy out of the box, seeing as it was fastened in REALLY well! Incidentally, my kids spend lots of time playing with the box itself (isn't it always the way?), as it is quite similar to the one in the film, so they like to imagine it is Buzz's spaceship!

          Once out of the box, you can see that this is a very well made toy, which is what I have come to expect from Disney Store products. The toy looks exactly like the character from the film, and has many of the same features. He can stand alone on a flat surface quite well without tipping over, so is a great display item for collectors, as well as a great toy. He is manufactured by Thinkway Toys, which is the official manufacturer for Toy Story merchandise. My son suddenly had a new favourite toy, and poor Woody got sidelined for a while (so true to the movie!).

          So let's talk about some of the features that makes Buzz such a cool toy! Firstly, you can pop open his helmet, just like in the film. Once open, you can turn Buzz's head 360 degrees. I had some issues with the front of the helmet coming off when my son dropped the toy, but It snapped back in place relatively easily with no damage.

          Buzz has a red button on the front of his chest which makes his wings pop out. The wings are folded and concealed in the back of the toy. My son really likes popping the wings out and flying Buzz around the room.

          The toy has 3 buttons on the front that control speech, but in reality there are only 2, as the blue and green buttons are joined together. These buttons, when pressed, cause Buzz to go into "Spanish Mode", this is a nod to Toy Story 3, where the toys cause Buzz to reset to his factory settings and when they try to fix him, he ends up as Spanish Buzz. Buzz says all of his familiar phrases in Spanish, with accompanying music! For the more familiar English phrases in the original movie voice, you press the red button. He says 28 different phrases in all.

          Finally, what Buzz toy would be complete without his laser? Ok, we know it is just a "little lightbulb that blinks", but lets not tell him that, shall we? This lights up courtesy of a red button on his arm, and has accompanying sound effects.

          The toy requires 2 AA batteries, and bateries are included in the Toy, we have had him for about a month now, and the battteries are still working just fine. He is quite solid and has a limited range of poseability, for example, you can't bend his knees, although you can sit him down. His arms have a better range of motion, bending at the shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers. Still, I don't reallt think this is a toy that your kid will want to take to bed with them, he isn't very cuddly at all!

          I have had a few issues with the toy, but nothing that would cause me to drop a rating star, as many of the issues are to do with my son's rough treatment of the toy. As he has learning difficulties, he can be a bit heavy handed, and I caught him the other day throwing Buzz off the top of the stairs to see if his arm would fall off like in the Toy Story movie. Amazingly, the toy didn't break, but the detatchable back panel came off, and one of the wings detatched. This was easily mended by snapping the wing back in place and replacing the panel. The fact that the toy survived the fall shows how well designed it is!

          My son plays with Woody and Buzz every day, and absolutely loves them. I think this really benefits him, as one of his developmental targets was to have more imaginative play, and since he had these toys he hasn't stopped playing with them. We also have lots of chat and conversations about the toys, so they are helping him develop on many levels.

          This toy would have wide appeal to kids between the ages of 2 and 9. My daughter who is 7 loves him too. Now we have him we can't throw him out can we? I got SO upset when I saw the film!


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