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Toy Story Interactive Buddies

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4 Reviews
  • Cannot get Buzz backpack off to insert batteries.
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    4 Reviews
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      26.12.2014 00:09
      Not Helpful



      • "Cannot get Buzz backpack off to insert batteries."

      Cannot insert batteries.

      Cannot use Buzz yet as we can't get his backpack off to get to the battery compartment. I don't want to break it, it says pull off the backpack, but even using considerable force it won't budge. Can anyone tell me if there's a specific way this should be undertaken. Our grandson is anxious to use it.


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      15.10.2013 15:08
      Very helpful



      well loved and played with toys for any toy story fan

      who doesnt like toy story! We saw them sat in argos and my little boy wanted them (4th birthday looming). To be honest i thought it was a very good price for both as i had seen them sell seperate for around the 30.00 mark each (i know they are in the disney store for around 25.00 each and drop in price closer to christmas but the woody reveiws put me off). The box was quite large and it looked very impressive, i had seen people mentioning it online but thought it would be quite small.

      12 & 15 inches in height they both look exactly like in the film. One starts talking to the other and then the other replys and they start having a conversation with their usual lines. If not played with for a while woody will say he is having a nap, see ya

      Pulling woodys string at the back you will hear him say:

      ''Hey Buzz, i mean mr space ranger''
      ''Buzz you've got to learn about being a cowboy''
      ''look buzz theres an alien''
      'hey buzz ever ride a horse''
      ''looks like weve got an unwanted visitor in town''
      ''buzz, your space ship is over here''

      You can also press the 2 buttons on the front of his shirt and hear him say:

      ''Look, were all impressed with the new toy''
      'ha guys, look, its the real buzz lightyear'
      ''buzz light year, weve got trouble''
      ''buzz buzz your alive, this is great''
      ''buzz were at the space port''
      ''sheriff woody, calling buzz lightyear, come in buzz''

      pressing buzz lightyears red/green or blue button on the front you can hear him say:

      ''I am buzz lightyear space ranger''
      ''stop alien or il blast you with my laser''

      While saying these 2 phases you can see buzz has a red light on his right arm that lights up. Buzz also has a laser button that makes sounds when pressed. On the green chest panel there is also a red button that when pushed allows the wings to open, easily closed again.

      When 1st standing the toys opposite each other Buzz started talking and says 'i am buzz lightyear, space ranger'' to which woody replied 'oh brother, your a toy''. Its amazing how they interact, and easily kept my little boy amused. We have had the toys for 7 months so far and now my little nearly 2year old boy is obsessed with the woody (so much so that i have brought him his own woody for his 2nd birthday next month). The toys are aimed at 4+ but my nearly 2 year old loves carrying them around.

      Durability wise, they both still talk, but woody looks like a mess (he is taken everywhere and is now filthy). I have sponged cleaned him to no avail. Im surprised we havent lost his hat as it does tend to come off a little to easy for me i think. Buzz was dropped yesterday and the clip has come off the head bit, was easily fixed but its come off again today, which isnt ideal with my youngest still very bad for putting things in his mouth so will attempt to glue it on. Both are thrown around every day so pass the durability factor.

      I dont have any neg comments to say at all except buzz lightyears visor broke within weeks so we took it off and now isnt used at all, and neither stand. You can stand buzz after lots of messing around with bending his ankles and knees into the right place but its very uneasy so hes left standing on top of the dvd player against the wall. Woody also doesnt stand at all but we do own a bullseye so woody sits on that.

      Highly suggest these toys to any toy story fan. We also own the talking lotso, bullseye, potato head and they complete the set. These do drop to 40.00 on sale in argos, saving 10.00 and that is the cheapest i have seen it, worth every penny. Im glad i chose the interactive ones over the other ones, its really brings them to life


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      24.01.2013 18:13
      Very helpful



      A great option for buying two of Toy story's main characters

      My youngest son is toy story mad and so naturally when it came to his presents we decided on purchasing two of the main characters for him. There are so many different variations available to be honest we were lost. Each promising different interactive feature, and then we came across this pair of figures sold together. I did think they would be smaller, have few sayings or there must be some reason why it was only £49.99 for two figures when some variations available cost that much for a single figure. We decided to purchase these and what a fantastic decision that was. It was recommended for three years plus and my son was only two. After inspecting the toy we decided there was nothing that could hurt him. We purchased ours from Argos which I believe is the only place they are available.

      In use

      Woody is as large as the toy story figure we purchased for our older son for £40! He is an exact copy apart from this version not having Andy printed on the bottom of the shoes. He does have less interactive features than Buzz which I thought might make my son less interested, but if anything he enjoys woody more. He resembles woody from the film well, and is made of material so perfect for cuddles. He has his famous hat which can be removed and put back on by little one whenever they like. My one moan about Woody is the packaging in the box was running through his hat. This has left a slight hole in it, and although it does not affect play I thought it was a little silly. Woody is very well made and the perfect cowboy for any child. He has his drawstring on the back which has been used over and over without any problems at all. It is very easy for small hand to pull and they are rewarded with woody saying a phrase or two from the film. Then on the front of woody vest are buttons. By pressing these again Woody will begin talking and this is also how you begin a conversation with buzz.

      Buzz is rather large compared to woody. This does mean he is a little big in my sons hands but not too big that he cannot carry him. Also because he is made from plastic he is again a little heavier than Woody. My son is still able to play with him and carry him around, but Buzz does look oversized in his hands. He is an exact copy from the film and has a number of interactive features. Firstly, there is a button to make his wings pop out. My son loves this and of course it is perfect for flying Buzz around the room. His space helmet can also be open and closed, and he has a light up laser that makes sounds. These are all perfect for boosting the imagination and my son thinks it is great this figure includes all of them. Of course there are also buttons on the front of him so that he can talk too. Again the phrases all relate to the first film, and it is a great base for the imagination.

      They are both very well made and exact replicas of the characters so instantly recognisable. The best thing about this toy is it can be used three ways. The figures can be used separately depending on who little one wants to play with and they have enough features to be interesting. They also have the bonus feature of talking to each other so I think they are definitely a better option. The box said that these characters have over a 100 phrases which I think is fair. As they are short phrases they still become a little repetitive when used every day, but they are not too loud to be annoying.


      This for me is my favourite parts of the figures and my sons too. Both Woody and Buzz have a sensor on the front of their body. This means if you put them facing each other they will begin a conversation. It took a whole day for my son to allow me to show him how this works. He was so happy playing with them separately he was sure nothing could be better. It is safe to say he changed his mind as soon as he watched them both in action. Once the figures are sat in front of each simply press any button on either one of them. Whichever you choose will be the one that starts the conversation.

      They begin by calling for each other for example woody says 'Hey Buzz, Oh I mean Mr Spaceman. 'They will then begin talking to each other by either replaying a particular scene from the first movie. Or they will have a random conversation taunting each other like they do in the movie. They will say around four or five phrases before you need to push a button to activate them again which my son thinks is great. They also use phrases like 'Look Buzz there's an alien', or 'Quick the airlock is closing'. This perfect for setting a scene for any story and really helps little ones imagination take off. They are set conversations so are limited to what they can say, but there is around four or five different ones so there is variety. They do not play on a loop either, so little one is receiving a completely random conversation each time.

      They also have a bit of banter between themselves. We all know the toys do not get on in the movie so what fun would it be without some of the arguments they had along the way. Woody ridicules Buzz for thinking he is a real spaceman, and Buzz laughs at Woody's idea to teach him to be a cowboy. My son sits laughing over and over again even though it is the same conversation. The range in which they need to be to talk to each other is actually impressive. My children can sit a fair way from each other, and as long as the dolls are facing each other they will respond. This was one of the things I was worried about with my two year old son and if he would be able to use this function. As there are no buttons or controls needed to make them talk to each other it is perfect for him.


      The toys do not stand up on their own. Buzz you can balance on his feet but he is very shaky and the slightest knock sends him tumbling. Woody has no way of standing at all so if my son wants him to pose he has to prop him up against something. My son does not seem to mind this now, but it did annoy him at first. He wanted to stand them in front of each other so they could talk while he watched, but he found he needs to hold them or they will just fall on the floor. It also makes it difficult when he is trying to play with the toy toys at the same time. If he is half way through a story and he needs to swap characters he has to take time to prop the other against something. This does not seem to stop my son's interest at all in the toys, but it is something he would have liked. It is understandable with Woody as he is made from material but as Buzz is plastic and has the potential to be free standing it was disappointing.


      You do need to purchase 3 AAA batteries and 3 AA batteries for this toy but they last very well. My children have used these toys a lot, and it is safe to say they receive every single day. The batteries we added when we first purchased it are still going strong. It has an automatic switch off on both the dolls. After they have been left for a while they will say phrases to try and prompt little one back. If this does not work then the dolls yawn and tell us they are going to sleep. This is a practical touch that still appeals as fun to a young child as they stay in character while turning off. My children love Buzz and Woody and they have certainly received a lot of use. They retail at £49.99 but some of the other versions can be around the same price for one. These are large, interactive and have the added bonus of talking to each other. At the moment they are on sale for around £38 which I think is a great price.


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        16.09.2010 23:17
        Very helpful



        Love these definetly worth the price better then the single figures play together or alone

        With both my children being Toy Story fanatics, my sons 2nd birthday revolved around Buzz and Woody.
        These 2 interactive figures seem such a bargain price as you are getting 2 for £50 rather then paying £35 for each talking one and they talk to each other as well as alone so they seemed the perfect gift off his nanna.

        Like most toys these days they were over packaged in an enormous box, wired and screwed in and took forever to release.
        Once out the box you have to fit the batteries-not included.
        Buzz takes 3AA's and Woody 3 AAA's. Getting to the battery compartments also took a while to locate, unscrew and fit. (Note pull Woodys legs right away from the box for easier fitting of batteries)

        Once thats done if you slide the button to play they will start talking to one another.
        To get them to talk you can press a button on Woodys shirt or one of Buzz's buttons on his front. They say lots of phrases from Toy Story 1 & 2 (these were out before number 3 so there is nothing from the new film) and each conversation lasts about a minute. I assumed they carried on talking to each other until one was moved/or a button was pressed but no you have to keep pressing a button at the end of each phrase to get them to continue.
        There doesnt seem to be many phrases as I thought - it says over 100 on the product information but I only hear about 10 and then they repeat themselves.
        Also they can be played alone but the phrases are the same.
        I like the fact they can be played alone as well as together as you are then getting 2 uses out of them.
        Buzz has a laser button, his wings flip out also by the press of a button and he has 3 buttons on his body that all make him speak. Hes posable and very robust -as he's flown donw the stairs a fair few times now!
        Woody is hard on top but has floppy legs so isnt posable. He comes with a hat and you can use his pull string or the buttons on his shirt to make him speak.

        Both toys shut off after not being played with for about 5 minutes. This is great for saving battery life.

        Overall I love these toys. My son absolutely adores them he doesnt put them down! I dont think there is anything they could to better these, they are fab value for money (and we have the deluxe buzz too at £40!!) and are worth it. Hours of play to be had!


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