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Toy Story Toy Soldiers

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Brand: Vivid Imagination / Type: Toy soldiers

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    4 Reviews
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      07.09.2013 12:02
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      Good if you can get them at a good price

      Toy Story is one of my favourite children's films and so I was delighted when my son was younger and showed a real interest in the films and the characters. Over time we purchased all kinds of Toy Story branded toys and one of the things that we bought that we do still own now is the Toy Story bucket of soldiers. This is my review of the toy!

      Those familiar with the film Toy Story will immediately know what I am talking about when I mention the bucket of soldiers as they are key figures in the first movie when they report back to Woody about the new toys that Andy is receiving for his birthday. For those that aren't familiar with the film though basically what you get here is an identical replica to the bucket of toy soldiers which feature on the film. You get a white plastic bucket which says "bucket o soldiers" on it in various places and there is a small picture of some of the soldiers on the side of the bucket too so you can get an idea of what is included in the bucket before you buy.

      Inside the bucket you get 72 little plastic soldiers and these are your traditional looking green plastic soldiers. They are in various poses and some feature weapons either in their hands or over their heads. Most of the soldiers have bases on their bottom so that they can stand up in play and this is a really useful feature but it isn't always possible to make all of the soldiers stand up on carpet and I think that they would perhaps stand better on a laminate floor. Some soldiers come in a lying down sniper style position too and so these do not have a base. There are two soldiers which come with plastic parachutes which are designed to be functional but we found they didn't really float well even if dropped from quite a height and the string on the parachutes tended to get tangled up inside the box even when they weren't being played with. You also get a certificate of authenticity to say that the soldiers are certified replicas of the toys in the film which I think is a nice but not really necessary addition!

      The soldiers feel really good quality. There are no sharp or jagged edges on the plastic which there is sometimes on cheaper toy soldiers and they feel as though they have been made to last a lifetime really. They could certainly be passed through the family and I feel certain they would last. Some of the weapons bend a little in play but not enough to make me think they would become damaged. When my son was smaller he would set up the soldiers with all of his other Toy Story figures and would try and replicate scenes from the film whilst also making up his own little stories as well. As he got older he didn't really play with the soldiers anymore but then he went to play at his friends house where her Dad made up a game which was basically setting up toy soldiers along side a few other slightly bigger figures and rolling marbles at them. For each soldier you knocked down you would get one point and for the larger figures five points! For such a simple idea I can honestly say it is a game that kids seem to love and which will quickly and easily fill a small amount of time on a rainy day for example. We have played this game a good few times at home since with these figures and it has given the toy soldiers a new lease of life in our house which is great!

      Having looked online I was sad to see that it seems the toy soldiers have been discontinued because it is a great set. The fact that they come in a plastic bucket which has a lid and carry handle makes them so easy to transport around if you want to whilst also keeping the set of soldiers together as well. There is a seller selling them on amazon for £24.99 which is way over priced to be honest. I think we paid about £12.99 for them and we felt that was a fair price for a branded, well made set of toy soldiers but anything more would be too much. There may well be sets on ebay for sale which may be worth a look should you be interested!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        13.06.2011 12:05
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        Kids will have lots of fun with these soldiers!

        My son is a big Toy Story fan and so for Christmas last year he received lots of Toy Story presents including a bucket full of Army men.

        The first thing I have to say about these army soldiers is the quality is fantastic! My son has had loads of different brands of army soldiers before which have always landed up in the bin because they have fallen apart or have been stepped on.

        The soldiers come in a white plastic bucket which has a useful carry handle, there is a stars and stripes label and also a Disney Pixar Toy story Collection logo.
        Also on the label is a picture of the soldiers it tells me that the bucket contains 72 soldiers 2 with parachutes and a certificate of authentication.

        Removing the lid the first thing my son found was the certificate which he immediately put in his special drawer which mummy is not allowed to look in!

        The soldiers are made out of a strong plastic which is quite flexible and I think is less likely to snap or break. Most of the soldiers stand on a strong base which means they easily stand up and do not fall over like other brands of soldiers. The detail of each soldier is very good and what I really love is even though you can see the facial features and details of the soldiers uniform there are no rough edges.

        The soldiers come in 10 different poses here are some of my favourites :-

        1. The mortar launcher - the soldier is in a kneeling position and is ready to drop his mortar into the launcher, in his other hand he is holding another mortar.

        2. This soldier is standing up and is holding a handgun in his right hand and a pair of binoculars in his left hand.

        3. This soldier is kneeling and has got a bazooka on his shoulder, you can see that he is looking through the sniper scope.

        4. Next is a soldier who is saluting with one hand and you can actually just about make out the finger details! In his other hand he is holding a pair of binoculars.

        5. There is a sniper who is in a crawling position and is holding his gun ready to take a shot at someone, this soldier does not come with a base.

        There are two army men with parachutes these come in little plastic bags to stop them from getting tangled up. Each parachute is made out of a good quality plastic, my son has used these so many times he likes to stand on a chair and then lets go of them. We have had a lot of problems with the soldiers getting tangled in the string which can take a while to untangle.

        **What Do I think?**

        I have to say I am really surprised by the quality of these soldiers, when my son opened these at christmas I have to admit I thought that by the end of the Christmas they would all be broken and would land up in the bin!

        My husband and brother have both accidentally stepped on these soldiers and wow not one soldier has been broken.

        Each time these soldiers come out of the bucket my living room turns into a war zone! All the soldiers are put into different positions, some hide behind the Toy Story Landfill, others sit on top of Postman Pats van and helicopter.

        The other day my son was playing with his army men when disaster! The soldier in the parachute got all tangled up with 2 other soldiers. So after trying for ages to unsuccessfully untangle him I decided the only option was to cut his strings. He has now been fixed with new strings and I have a happy little boy.

        I really recommend these army men they are well worth £9.95 - Tesco

        Age 3+


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          11.03.2011 12:06
          Very helpful



          A whole bucket full of fun.

          I was getting to the stage of dispair while attempting potty training my 2 year old, so i decided to resort to out and out bribery. I took him on a special trip to a well known Toy store and told him he could pick a present which he could play with as long as he used his potty.

          He immediately dragged me over to the Toy Story section of the shop which was not a great surprise. After spending about 20 minutes looking through all of the toys, he decided his favourite was this authentic bucket full of soldiers from Toy Story.

          I was a little reluctant at first, thinking to myself, great, another thing to be left on the floor where i will no doubt stand on it and break it, but for my bribery plan to work he had to get his choice.

          Anyway, we got as far as the car before he was keen to rip into the bucket and see what the present was really like. I agreed that he could have one toy out of the bucket to hold, as i imagined finding them under the seats when the bucket fell off his knee.

          The bucket contains 72 toy soldiers as seen in the 3 Toy Story movies. There are 6 designs of soldiers, including 2 with parachutes. The bucket initially seemed pricey, but for my £12 from the toy shop i think that it was good value. It might have been even better if i had spotted they were in our big Tesco for £8, and also available online for that price.

          Initially opening the bucket, the very first thing i noticed was that there was a certificate of authenticity on the inner side of the lid, proving that they were official toy story prodcts. The tub itself is quite attractive with American stars and stripes design, and is ideal for storing all the soldiers when they are not in play. The bucket is sturdy enough that it hasn't accidently been damaged when in storage or play. I was expecting it might crack, but the plastic is quite thick. The only thing i don't like about the tub is that the handle can detach, and then it is a faff to put it back on.

          The soldiers themselves are all dark green in colour, matching exactly their appearance in the film. The are several designs available in the tub which really makes it a good role play experience for the kids. Each soldier has a sturdy plastic base so they stand up on their own really well. They are a smooth plastic so it feels nice in the hand, and each two inch figure is perfectly formed. My main worry that they would break if stood on has proved to not be true. The soldiers seem to be a bit tougher than i expected. Although it still hurts under foot, the soldiers don't show as much as a scratch. My kids have been persuaded to be quite good at putting the soldiers back in the tub though after i reminded them Andys mum stood on some soldiers in Toy Story One and one soldier got broken.

          1) This soldier is knelt on one knee and holding a bazuka on his shoulder. The detail on the plastic is amazing. The bazooka has an eye sight on the top, and you can see the belt and pockets on his uniform, as well as his field phone and other containers attached to his belt. If you look closely at the face you can see eyes, the nose, the mouth and ears. Ever soldier has the same face.

          2) This soldier is stood up. He is holding a rifle in his hands with one hand on the trigger.

          3) This soldier has a slighly bent knee pose and is holding a detector for finding mines.

          4) This soldier is stood upright, saluting with his right hand, and in his left hand he holds a pair of field binoculars.

          5) This soldier is stood in a bent knee pose holding his rifle above his head as though he is moving through water.

          6) The sniper - this is the only soldier without a base to stand up, as he is lying down on the floor waiting to fire his rifle.

          7) The rocket launcher - this soldier is knelt on one knee and about to put a rocket into the launcher. He has a spare rocket in each hand.

          8) This soldier is ready to fire. His body is slightly twisted at the waist and his rifle is held close to his body ready to shoot.

          9) This soldier is also carrying a rifle. He is knelt on the floor and holding the rifle into his shoulder with his hand on the trigger.

          10) This soldier is stood up with a small handgun in his right hand and a pair of field binoculars in his left hand.

          11) The parachutist. There are two of these figures. They are attached with string to plastic parachutes. The parachutes are made of a thick plastic which can withstand being thrown in the air and falling to the ground. It is thick enough that it won't rip with normal use. The biggest problem with this figure is that the ropes get really tangled up, and woe betide if you use the two in the same area of the room. One drop then seems to mean more than 10 minutes of parental detanglement. It is a shame as they fall so elegantly and are a lot of fun for that few seconds.

          These figures are well loved in our house. £12 did seem quite pricey, but when you look at how sturdy the figures are, and how much variety you get within the one bucket you then don't seem to mind as much.

          One worth adding to the Toy Story collection.


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            18.12.2010 10:39
            Very helpful



            The traditional toy soldier is brought to life

            "We're at Code Red! Repeat, Code Red! Recon plan Charlie: Execute! Let's move, move, move, move, move!"

            Disney's Toy Story was the first fully computer animated feature movie that was produced in 1995. It became a favourite in our house, and it has been watched countless times. When my son was born just over 2 years ago there wasn't much time for watching movies, and since he has become active and mobile most of our time is spent playing. A few months ago I had a look through my DVD collection to find out all of the family orientated movies and discovered some of my favourites. As soon as I put Toy Story into the player my son stopped in his tracks and he was fixated and the movie captivated him. It has become one of his favourites, although it is not often played, as I limit the amount of TV he watches as he is still very young, however whenever he is treated to watching this movie he is fascinated and it really draws him in. One afternoon during the lead up to Christmas I put Toy Story on while I was busy tidying up and it suddenly dawned on me that my son would love some of the toys from this movie.

            >> Ordering the Troops into Battle <<

            Many toys have spawned from this successful movie and after searching around on-line I discovered the many different toys and I was quite excited by the choice, but I just knew that I had to have a Buzz Lightyear. I also wanted to get another toy from the movie and after asking my partner he was set on getting a bucket of soldiers. I wasn't convinced as the small bucket of plastic figures had a hefty £12 price tag, which I thought was way over the top for what they were. However I did in fact end up ordering them and thought that I must have been out of my mind to spend so much on a toy that I thought had little play value and I didn't think my son would find them interesting.

            >> The Troops Land in the Combat Zone <<

            When they arrived I was more interested in the other toys that I had ordered at the same time, so I didn't really take much interest in the soldiers. I still thought they were overpriced, but of course you will always be paying over the odds for items like these as they are authentic replica toys from a popular movie. They are suitable for children from 36 months and up due to small parts, this is just a guideline however the figures are quite small at approximately 2 inches tall they do pose a choking hazard. My son was 26 months of age at the time of purchase and he does tend to still put things to his mouth, however this is a toy that is only played with whilst he is being closely supervised.

            The soldiers came packaged in an original Toy Story bucket, so any fans of the movie will be instantly delighted. The bucket consists of 72 static figures that come in various action poses; the design of them is very similar to that of the old style plastic toy soldiers that have been on sale for years. Each of the uniformed figures is in a different pose such as crouching whilst firing a gun, loading a mortar rocket, calling for support on his field telephone, digging a trench, or crawling along the floor. Along with these ground based troops, there is also a pair of parachute mounted troopers that come in separately sealed bags.

            >> Parading the Troops <<

            The soldiers are modelled and scaled exactly to match those seen in the Toy Story movies. All of the soldiers are solid green in colour and they are made from a durable plastic, however they are slightly flexible as their limbs and weapons will bend. They are finely sculpted with some clever detail; on the back of the heads of each soldier there is a fake mould injection point on them similar to that used in the production of the older style toy soldiers. However these are here more for show than as part of the actual production of the soldiers. There is a good amount of detailing to each of the soldiers uniforms with details like pockets and even belt mounted canteens and pouches, as well as this you can see a number of points upon each of the soldiers folds in their uniforms. They are of a good quality and with 72 soldiers you will have enough for your own personal war.

            >> Toys From Above <<

            The two parachute soldiers stayed in their wrappers to begin with until I became intrigued and wanted to see them for myself, after discarding the plastic bag I unwound the string that was wrapped around the body of the soldier and opened up the parachute, I did wonder if it would actually work as the parachute is essentially a thin plastic piece of material held on by some string. I held it at a height and let go, my son was mesmerized and quite stunned as he looked on from afar. I was also astonished at how well it glided back down to the ground, it was quite addictive as I wanted to do it again and again, my sons face was a picture as I let go again, he ran and hid around the side of his bed to take cover until the soldier hit the ground. After a few times he was quite eager for me to do it again as he picked it up and bought it to me and ran off to watch from afar. I'm not sure who enjoyed playing with the parachute soldiers more. As they have thin strings attached to them they are kept separately from the bucket, and I did wonder how long they would last as the parachute and the string is fairly flimsy which it has to be in order for it to work, it will also get easily tangled too, so it is best to wrap the string around the body to store them to avoid them from tangling. The set has provided my son with hours of play and it really captures his imaginative side.

            >> My Son takes Command of His First Army <<

            Although my son didn't have masses of presents for Christmas, it still took him the entire day to open them as he enjoyed playing with each one he opened as much as he did the paper they were wrapped in. When he finally got to the bucket of soldiers he was immediately intrigued as he used all of his force to rip the lid off and he looked amazed at the soldiers within the bucket, he grinned and grabbed out two and ran around holding onto them, and he was incredibly excited and he held onto them for quite some time after. I was a bit surprised at his reaction and how delighted he was with them, as I didn't expect them to appeal to him. He pulled the soldiers out from the bucket and examined them one by one and they kept him entertained for quite some time as he ran around his room with them making all sorts of noises. He also enjoyed filling the bucket back up with them and tipping them out and flinging them across the floor. He really did enjoy himself and two of the soldiers stayed firmly attached to his hands for the rest of the afternoon.

            As they are quite small they are stored in the bucket and they are only played with when he is closely supervised. Every time he sees the bucket he can't hold his excitement as he pulls the lid off. He will happily play with them for long periods of time. He will stand them on the bucket or any other surface; he will also 'walk' them across the floor and line them up and make little troops with them. They get tossed around and just like in the movie they can jump from out of the bucket with a little assistance of course. They really do capture my son's imagination. I keep a couple of the soldiers in the drawer in the lounge and from time to time in between play I will lift my son to open the drawer and he will take them out and sit on me and play with them, his face always lights up as soon as he sees them and he will not let go of them, even while playing with his other toys the soldiers are close by as he carries them around and drops them where he is playing and then he will pick them back up as he moves to another toy. He will quite often stand and examine them and he looks rather pleased when he does.

            The soldiers are durable, hard wearing and robust as they are all still in great condition despite the boisterous play. They are easily cleaned as they are solid I just leave the soldiers in the bucket and add some warm water a drop of mild soap to clean them. I have found a couple in my washing machine (in my partner's trouser pockets) and they didn't suffer any injuries.

            They are ideal for imaginative play, and they will appeal to any Toy Story fans, being authentic toys they will be recognised by older children. You and your child/children will have fun re-enacting your favourite scenes from the movie and they are great to add to the collection.

            Although I initially thought this set was on the pricey side, I do now think they are worth the money as they are of good quality and they are built to last.


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