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X-men Gambit Action Figure

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Brand: Marvel Select / Type: Action Figure

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2011 20:34
      Very helpful



      Essential for any Gambit fan.

      Gambit is one of Marvel's X men. I grew up with the 90's animated series and even as a youngster, I adored Gambit. The Ragin' Cajun is a popular, if divisive character. A highly skilled thief, he was often not trusted by his teammates, but eventually gained their trust. His mutant powers include being able to manipulate kinetic energy and creating explosions. A fond gambler, he usually charges playing cards to throw at opponents. It was his personality that made me such a huge fan though; Remy LeBeau AKA Gambit is charming, cheeky, narcissistic, loyal, loving and extremely badass.


      The front is clear so you can see the figure. In a corner on the cardboard there are charged cards, Gambit's trademark weapon. On the side of the box, there's a picture of Gambit. The back has a photo of the figure stood in the 'Danger Room' set you get with it, illustrating what it looks like. There's a brief history of Gambit before he joined the x-men and smaller pictures, including pictures of the figures of Deadpool and Cyclops; the latter having the same base as Gambit. I imagine Cyclops' base fits with Gambit's in some way, should you want to collect them. There's also a little pic of the variant Gambit you can also buy - the only difference is the variant has longer locks. Seriously, that's it; a different hair do. Tempting as it is, I'm not that much of a nerd. Opening it up, (for I could contain myself no longer) there are pictures of Gambit from the comics, all in the same pink colour that surrounds anything he charges. I was reluctant to ruin the pretty packaging, but I wanted to play with him! Underneath the packaging there is a bright white explosion surrounded by the pictures. The level of detail just gone into the packaging is impressive, and I was a little sad to ruin it.

      The Figure:-

      The danger room base for Gambit to stand in is a cute idea, but it was quite difficult to clip it together initially. It's composed of 3 parts - two walls creating a corner, and the floor. As for Gambit himself, he has 16 points of articulation, which makes him even more fun to play with. My Barbie's were never this flexible. Just ask Ken. Gambit clearly likes to accessorise; he has his bo staff, two spare hands, two identical sets of charged cards, and one singular charged card. The detail in these items is pretty impressive. The staff is basically just a silver stick but the cards look incredible. They're surrounded by the pink charge with flames coming off the ends. Male fans probably wouldn't agree, but the charged cards look so pretty! The spare hands are both for his right hand. One is slightly more closed than the one already on the figure, and the other is open completely, to be able to hold the 3 charged cards. All of the hands have Gambit's trademark fingerless gloves.

      Now, onto the important part - Gambit! Gambit's had a few costume changes over the years. Blissfully, the costume is the original outfit and probably his most iconic. He's wearing tight trousers over rippling thighs, black with pink stripes. He's also got his silver boots and pink top (real men wear pink). Not the most inconspicuous outfit for a thief, perhaps Gambit likes the challenge. Or pink. His face is framed by his black cowl and he has his ever present trench coat. Let me talk about that trench coat. Like Gambit's muscles, it's rippling. Gambit's trench coat is the one thing that has stuck with his many costume changes; it's instantly recognisable and quintessentially Gambit. So it's a real joy that the sculptor has taken such great care with it. It's the tiny details that really make it. The wee silver buttons on the cuffs, the rippling leather look, the fact that it actually looks worn in - it's a joy. You can't take the coat off, but it ripples nicely when you touch it. Much like its wearer, the coat is damn cool.

      Gambit has a lovely face, there's no argument about that. Like his coat, his hair looks windswept; I really don't think Lego hair would suit him anyway. His distinctive eyes are done well here, with the red on black being particularly striking, and with his face in that frown, he looks rather menacing. Yes indeed - he has been given creases in his forehead to show him frown. This is clearly Gambit mid-fight. Topped off with his ever present stubble, the detail is marvellous.

      I am so impressed with this, as I'm sure my gushing has made obvious. It's just so beautifully put together. It's not perfect however. Getting Gambit to stand up without falling can prove rather annoying. It's easier to stand him on a wooden surface than it is to stand on the base, which is a bit shiny. The biggest problem with the figure is that it isn't six feet tall and real. If you're not as childish as me but a Gambit fan, I say get it. You might not play with it and make it speak bad French in a terrible Cajun accent, but it looks really, really cool and close inspection holds up very well indeed.

      Price and Availability:-

      Nice and easy to get hold of on the net, I got mine from ebay but it's available from Play.com for £16.99 with free P&P. It would make a great gift for a nerdy loved one, trust me.


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