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Air Aurigny

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    2 Reviews
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      20.01.2013 11:26
      Very helpful



      An airline I enjoy using

      As I live in Guernsey I have limited choice in airlines to get to the UK mainland but I am glad I can use Aurigny as they are fantastic.

      Aurigny means Alderney in Norman and that is the third largest Channel Island although it is actually based in Guernsey. It was launched in 1968 and has been popular in the Channel Islands ever since.

      They fly from the three largest channel islands Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney to most large UK airports as well as in between the islands regularly. These include:
      London Gatwick
      London Stansted
      East Midlands

      Recently they have also started flying to Grenoble and Dinard which means that Channel Islanders can go to those destinations without having to go to London first.

      One special plane they have which children love to go on is Joey. Joey is a golden yellow plane like the rest of aurigny but unlike the others he has eyes, a mouth and a big red nose. (You can see pictures of him by typing "Aurigny Joey" into google images.) This plane goes from Guernsey on a special 10 minute island tour (not all year round). Occasionally you will get to go in him if you are going between the Channel Islands but you don't know until you get on the plane.

      A lot of islanders use the airline to get to Gatwick regularly for work or to get a connecting flight to Europe or other destinations across the world. Another destination used a lot by Channel Islanders is Southampton as it's hospital is used frequently when ours has not got the equipment needed for a persons needs. Occasionally Aurigny will bring islanders over from Alderney when they need to get to Guernsey hospital for the same reasons.

      The prices are reasonable and usually around £80 to go to the UK.

      Most destinations require one hour check in time and unlike other airlines in the islands if you book more than one seat you're usually sat next to the others in your group without having to pay for it. The planes are quite small compared to UK based planes and only have two seats each side of the aisle, (if you're on joey it doesn't even have an aisle.)

      You can take one bag per person for hand luggage but it must fit under the seat. Unfortunately for us even if you are just going away for the weekend you still have to take a suitcase as you can't have toiletries and things in the hand luggage.

      When on the plane you can use electronics as long as they are in flight mode and they must be turned off when they say. In all Aurigny planes there is a no smoking policy which is good as people shouldn't be smoking in planes anyway.

      The seats are comfy and have a good amount of leg room but not a lot, the flights are only up to an hour and a half though. If you have a selfish person in front of you that puts the seats back then they just as well be sat on your lap but thankfully in all the times I have used the plane most keep the seats up as they are. When the few do put there seats back I make a special effort to accidently on purpose kick the chairs regularly. They still don't change it but it makes me feel better knowing they are as annoyed about the situation as me.

      The staff on and off the plane are friendly and helpful and the departures are almost always on time. When on the plane they, provide a complimentary soft drink or tea or coffee and the local newspaper "The Guernsey Press" for you to take away if you wish.

      The pilot always keeps you informed and if it is going to take a bit longer than expected to get to your destination you will be told.

      For regular flyers on Aurigny they have a FrequentFlyer scheme where you can accumulate points to get free flights.

      Lately Aurigny has also started doing AurignySki for skiing holidays straight from the islands and Aurigny Short Breaks which gives islanders the chance to buy the flights and hotel as a package deal. I haven't tried these out yet.

      My experience with Aurigny has always been brilliant and on the one occasion the plane had to be cancelled due to snow they sorted out the new flights and accommodation quickly and helpfully. This included them finding and paying for a hotel, evening meal and transport to and from the airport for two days.

      Much prefered over other airlines if travelling to the Channel Islands.


      At the weekend I and many other islanders went for a weekend away in London. We flew from London Gatwick at the scheduled time of 6pm on Sunday evening, as always the flight left on time. The flight to Guernsey was 40 minutes but by the time we arrived over Guernsey it was too foggy to land. As soon as the pilot realised he informed us that we couldn't land so we were going to fly over for a while to see if it cleared and if we had to we would fly to Jersey to land. As told he flew over for half an hour with little signs of improvement so we went to Jersey Airport for landing. He updated us again as soon as we landed which was what we all wanted to hear. We sat in the plane for an hour after landing whilst the staff decided whether to cancel the flight or continue onward with the journey. At this stage they told us they would update us in 15 minutes and they eventually updated us in 30 which i found very annoying as everyone wanted to know what was happening and I didn't particularly like staying in a boiling hot plane. They gave everyone an extra complimentary drink but I like some others didn't accept. The flight was eventually cancelled and despite slow updates they provided a excellent service. After we were let off the plane we were booked a three star hotel (of which we could choose a double, twin, or single room), a coach came and took us there and back that night and the next day, and a flight was pre booked to take us back to Guernsey, all was paid for by the airline. We eventually got back around 10am the following day after another delayed flight again due to the fog. The staff were very helpful and everything whilst we were on Jersey was taken care of by Aurigny. This reassures me that if there ever was a cancellation again I would be in good hands. Unfortunately for them this wasn't the only flight cancelled and as we only paid around £70 for the ticket they will be making a big loss but they still put the passenger and their safety first.


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        22.06.2010 18:05
        Very helpful



        Aurigny have now become a reliable, affordable and well run access to Channel Islands and Dinard.


        I fly with Aurigny .com (Channel Islands Airline) from Stansted to Jersey about every three months as my daughter lives on the island., and I usually go school holiday time to help with the grandchildren.

        I used to fly with Flybe from Norwich however Flybe do not operate the Jersey flight over the Winter period so this year I thought I would try Aurigny from Stansted.

        I now fly Aurigny throughout the year, partly because I feel Flybe have deteriorated. Booking online is so easy. The price you see is the price you will pay. Airport tax is already added and there is no charge for luggage or the use of credit card (unlike Flybe!!) and to top it all you even get a free drink during the 1 hour flight.

        Over the last year I have had no delayed or cancelled flights and they were one of the first airlines to fly after the volcanic ash events.
        I was on Jersey at the time and was delayed for only one day with no problems in communication or rebooking.

        If you book 2 or 3 months ahead and are not particular about the day and time you fly then you can get really good prices. My next flight, end of July, is costing £80 for return flight Stansted to Jersey - and I have done it for much less outside school holiday periods.

        The aircraft are propellor type and quite small. Sometimes you fly in a little 16 passenger Britten Norman BN2A Mk. III Trislander and other times in their new 62/72 passenger ATR 72-/200 or500. You can also fly very cheaply between the islands in their 10 seater Joey Trislanders which are quite an experience in themselves.

        Other Destinations include:
        Dinard, France

        Other UK Departure Airports include:
        East Midlands


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