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Tiger Airways

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4 Reviews

Asia-Pacific Airline, based out of Singapore, is a low fare airline.

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    4 Reviews
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      19.07.2012 22:30



      Reasonable budget airline but may not always be the same deal, would recommend only if cheap.

      Tiger Airways is a budget airline serving Singapore, Australia, South-East Asian and Asian-Pacific destinations. I frequently take this airline on the Singapore-Guangzhou route, so please note that my experience with them is pretty much specific to that route.

      This is meant to be a budget airline, but really, sometimes the prices of full-service airlines can be quite comparable to Tiger Airways especially after all the additional charges. I would recommend that you always surf online to see whether a budget airline will meet your needs (whether financially or your comfort needs) before buying a ticket, because sometimes I find that by paying a very marginal premium I can take Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific on the same route.

      Although Tiger Airways is a budget airline, the airplanes that they use appear to be quite new. Unlike other budget airlines such as Ryanair or Easyjet, the seats are more like what you would be used to on a full-fledged airline like Singapore Airlines or British Airways. The cushioning is more comfortable, although there is no leg rest. It can get a bit cramped - but hey, it's a budget airline that you're taking after all. Planes tend to be the smaller kind (ie three seats on the left aisle and three on the right). You don't get a choice of seats unless you pay a premium before that.

      Tiger Airways does not permit outside food on the plane, and could insist that you put away outside food and instead purchase the food on board. They serve some Asian delights on board, as well as sandwiches but of course at an exorbitant price. Service on board is OK, the stewardesses are generally quite friendly and not too impersonal.

      I haven't had any trouble with their customer service yet (thankfully), but I've heard of incidents whereby flight cancellations/changes are not amicably settled.

      I would recommend this as a decent airline to take while going around the Asian region. It's budget after all - so what more can you ask for?


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      09.04.2010 02:17
      Very helpful
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      I was worried at first but I'd definitely use them again

      I took return flights from Singapore to Jakarta with Tiger Airways as they were even cheaper than Air Asia and offered convenient times. The difference in cost was substantial enough for me to choose this airline over the other Asian budget airline, Air Asia, which was partly due travelling on a budget so I could fit in more destinations during my travels.

      I found Air Asia to be similar to Easyjet so expected Tiger Airways to be similar to the cramped offerings of Ryanair. It wasn't the nightmare I was expecting, quite the opposite in fact! The plane itself was of a similar standard to Air Asia or Easyjet with comfortable seats. Well, comfortable enough for a short haul flight. The crew were friendly, polite and spoke English well. The onboard food (which you have to pay for) was relatively cheap and much better than expected or what you would get on a European equivalent.

      The flight leaving Singapore was delayed by 30 minutes but it was raining heavily. We were provided with umbrellas as we walked to the aircraft from the gate.

      One thing to note is that when flying from Singapore, you will not be travelling from the main Changi airport but from the budget terminal. While the check in process is fast and simple, there is not much to do in the budget terminal. They do have a few places to eat including a McDonalds, some shops, free internet kiosks, free wifi and mobile phone charging. There is a free regular bus service to the main terminal (Changi Airport) which is an excellent airport.


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        24.06.2009 17:12



        I like being able to hear. Never again.

        I have taken bad flights before (mainly due to delay or weather) but I found this flight TERRIFYING.

        It is a very cheap option to get from Singapore to loads of places round Asia. Flight leave from Singapore airport, with very easy access to the city. I took a flight from Singapore to Chennai India and then from Chennai to Delhi. The second flight was miles better, but by then it was too late to change my opinion.

        The booking I made over the net and it was all very simple. What wasn't great is that due to a Visa issue I had to change the flight. The charge to do this - despite going for a flight of a lower cost double what chagning a flight with another airline did 2 days before I flew!

        The check-in was smooth, but the flight itself not so. The plane wasn't very clean at all, but I accepted this as you get what you pay for!!

        The staff were perfectly pleasant and greeted everyone. It was when they started explaining how to work the emergency door (I was on one of those rows) that I got worried - apparently in an event we would have to open it as there weren't enough crew. My worries intensified to fever pitch as the door rattled and made noise the entire flight. The pressure didn't feel right at all and I was convinced we were going to plunge. I have had severe ear problems and tinitus since. I would never fly with this airline again.


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          30.07.2008 06:47
          Very helpful
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          Good SEA budget airline

          Tiger airways is a budget airline operating routes traditionally in Asia based out of Singapore's Changi airport budget terminal. In recent years they have expanded routes to cover the Asia Pacific Australian markets.

          Within Asia they operate routes from the following cities:

          * Bangkok
          * Bangalore
          * Chennai
          * Guangzhou
          * Haikou
          * Hanoi
          * Ho Chi Minh City
          * Incheon
          * Kuala Lumpur
          * Macau
          * Manila (Clark)
          * Padang
          * Phuket
          * Shenzhen
          * Singapore
          * Xiamen

          And in Australia:

          * Adelaide
          * Alice Springs
          * Canberra
          * Darwin
          * Gold Coast
          * Hobart
          * Launceston
          * Mackay
          * Melbourne
          * Newcastle
          * Perth
          * Rockhampton

          There have been rumours around for a couple of years now that they may introduce low cost flights into Europe destinations.

          Like most budget airline they operate the standard model of low advertised fares which you then have to add on extras such as taxes, fuel surcharges, luggage allowances and meals.

          Like most budget airlines there is no inflight etertainment. The cabin staff had fairly good English skills and were polite and well turned out. The aircrafts themselves seemed to be tidy and well maintained.

          I flew from Phuket- Thailand to Perth Australia in June 2007 at a cost of around 18,000 THB return which is about 275 GBP, so pretty good value for what was 4 flights in total. The flight actually consists of 2 legs Phuket > Singapore > Perth. Booking is done online via the website www.tigerairways.com, you can book this journey on a single ticket, but weirdly I found that if I booked the same flights in 2 halves i.e Phuket > Singapore and then Singapore > Perth is actually worked out cheaper, so its always worth trying that.

          On the downside for this flight there is around a five hour delay between flights at Changi, and there are no transit facilities for budget airline so you have the whole immigration and passport processes to complete. Changi budget terminal is very limited with just one resaurant, but there is a free bus to the main terminal which has all the International shopping and fast food choices.


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