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BA Terminal 5

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10 Reviews

Terminal 5 is the UK’s largest free standing building. The floor to ceiling glass walls and the departure lounge’s single-span, waveform glass roof mean the space is bathed in natural light and has amazing views of the world’s busiest international airfield. You’ll enjoy a feeling of calm, space and airiness not normally associated with airports.

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    10 Reviews
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      26.12.2012 10:58



      Perfect start to a long flight

      I have spent many times going through T5, which I think is one of the best terminals I have flown through in recent years, clean, open, quick, straight through and easy are words that all come to mind with the terminal.

      My review here though is more to do with the Galleries Lounge which is available to Business Class travellers and Silver BA Members, and if you get a chance you really should use the lounge.

      In the past year due to travelling more with BA I have managed to progress to the Silver level in the Executive Club, this means you get access to the BA lounges when flying any BA class, this is a huge reason for joining and flying BA. The Galleries club lounge in T5 is probably the best lounge I have been in around the world. It is huge covering one end of the main terminal building. Furnished in relaxing modern furnishings, and having distinct areas for food, work and relaxing it is almost a perfect calm away from the storm of the terminal.

      Food and drink is supplied in a number of stations around the lounge allowing you to eat and drink as much as you like before the flight and the food is very good. There are coffee and tea stations through the lounge and a cinema style screening room. This was perfect for watching a game of football before heading onto a flight.

      There is free wireless available which is of good quality which is useful for doing work before a flight as well as there being a number of places to plug in laptops and phones.

      The toilets are large and always clean as you would expect.

      The whole experience of this lounge is of relaxation and work before getting on a flight. I have always walked out of here relaxed and calm which is a great help before a long haul trip.


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      03.02.2011 23:11
      Very helpful



      The biggest airport in the world lacks compassion, understanding of travellers needs and fears

      When does "security" become "invasive" and "humiliating" ???
      We got into Terminal 5, Heathrow, 3 hours before our flight was due to depart.
      Knowing the rules, we had our toothpaste, medicines, and shaving gel in a clear re-sealable plastic bag.
      I carried it through in my hand, in clear view.
      Fine so far.
      We both took off our outer waterproof coats, but omitted to take off the zip up inner fleeces before getting to the walk-through scanner. I was told to take it off by a male member of staff.
      I explained quite politely that I wore it as a "cardigan" and it was not a "coat" showing my COAT in the box, along with my BOOTS, my handbag, and my plastic bag of liquids and cream products.
      He got shirty with me and DEMANDED I remove my fleece "COAT"
      Reluctantly, I did as instructed, when he pushed the point.
      "Lift that up" (indicating my polo-necked very tightly fitting sweater)
      I refused point-blank. So he shouted to his colleague that he needed the police to help with "her". He was now right up in my face. I could smell his lunch on his breath. My partner was getting agitated watching from his own side of the conveyor belt - pulling his boots back on, and lifting his wallet and watch etc from the box.
      I backed away from Herr H., and shouted to my partner to come and help me.
      "or else you can go in there "(pointing to a sort of cubicle) "and she" (his female colleague now taking an interest in our conflict) "can give you a proper "doing".
      (I assumed he meant a full-body, cavity search which would have me naked, and explored in my private areas just to humiliate me, not because they suspected me of carrying drugs, or bomb equipment)
      She moved me aside.
      I explained my situation and recounted his threats to call the police if I failed to do as HE instructed me.
      She stroked my arm, cautiously, and said she was going to sort it out for me.
      They spoke, he stormed off, and yelled back "well, I'm putting it through again. Something not right with it" and he dragged my hand luggage back through the exray machine and finally my partner had to open it up and display it's contents in public.
      What had alarmed Herr H. was a plastic bag of sugar (yes, granulated SUGAR) and a plastic bag of KENCO COFFEE GRANULES, with a rubber band holding them shut, and together, in between our waterproof pac-a-macs, and waterproof over-trousers, and boots. (Hill-walking stuff)
      Once he was "satisfied" we were nothing more than tourists, who after 4 nights in London, were carrying the remains of a bag of sugar and a jar of coffee with us, to the hotel in Rome, perfectly legally - he left the area.
      I didn't see him again.
      But I made a formal complaint about having to expose my bra, breasts and belly in PUBLIC, to a male member of what is after all, mere Security Staff. NOT the police. NOT M15, or M16, and not the Government in any shape or form. They are employees of BAA who own the airport terminal building.
      I have also made a formal complaint to my MP and notified my GP that my disabled status and condition were totally ignored, that I was humiliated in front of men, women and children for NO GOOD REASON, except I was reluctant to remove a fleece cardigan after taking off coat and boots reasonably beforehand.

      At what point does "Security" become invasive and humiliating??
      When the staff employed think they have supreme powers, when they don't. When they think they can treat ordinary travellers like "suspect terrorists" to prove their lack of bias or bigotry - and pick on people like us, old, not quite healthy now, and scared of travelling to prove their point.
      On the way back, Security was quite a different matter.
      I had told the Supervisor lady what flight we were coming in on, date and time but of course, that did not fly.
      Heathrow refused all incoming flights, 19th. December, and our connecting flight home that night was also cancelled.
      We were stranded in Rome another night. Arrived to find Heathrow in "lock-down" (melt down actually) and were physically barred from entering the Departure Lounge until we had a confirmed flight.
      And even when I had boarding passes for a flight in hand, we had to wait 3 hours in Arrivals.
      No help. No hot food. No phone calls. No internet access, it had been overloaded so they stopped access to it.
      We could not get a flight out night of 20th. So we had to go out in the snow, and find a hotel by ourselves.
      When we got on the hotel internet connection, and found a new flight, we went back to Heathrow with new boarding passes in hand, and again, were sent into the Arrivals area on the ground floor for over 3 hours.

      It was midnight 22/23rd when we finally got to our front door. (over an hour and a half by taxi in deep ice and snow from the airport) We should have been in our own bed on the night of the 19th.
      Yesterday, 2nd February, 2011, we FINALLY got our compensation letter. The money is in the bank today, and we have been repaid in full for hotels in Rome and London, the meals and drinks we had over 2 un-planned days, and even the transportation to and from the Airport in both cases.
      No, not really.
      We tried to phone BA, and Expedia for that matter from Rome Airport. Neither would accept the calls. We were simply cut off.
      We tried to phone both companies from home just before Christmas, and again after the New Year break.
      Endless attempts to email, feedback online on their own sites, etc, and the ultimate phone calls asking for the receipts which we sent them, 5th January, Recorded Delivery, Next Day Guaranteed
      Both companies denied actually receiving them, until I reminded them of the current EU LAW 2004.

      Would we actually pay BA for flights in the future?
      Because their planes are exemplary.
      I love the little monitors which pop down, above the seats, which show you details of your route, the air temperature outside the plane - and inside it - the weather where you are going to - and the speed the plane is flying at, along with the height off the ground. Great way to overcome your vertigo, is to watch the screen and marvel at modern technology.
      I love the way the Cabin Crew take good care of you, when it is explained you have difficulties with panic attacks under certain circumstances; and allergies to certain foodstuffs. They go out of their way to help and make you feel safe, and comfortable.
      I know they are dearer than the "budget airlines" we are currently booked onto, in April and June this year.
      But those prices carry a certainty.
      What you see is what you get. WYSIWYG.
      With BA, you can be certain there are no *hidden extras*.
      Seats with Easyjet from Edinburgh to Krakow this coming April were £48 each. But, here is the but - the taxes and fees, and fuel surcharge added, including carrying ONE suitcase in the hold between us, not each, was over £300. That makes the journey, 2 people with only 1 suitcase over £400. Not so cheap that way, is it?
      In June we are flying BMI Aberdeen to LONDON (domestic flight only) return. That too, was meant to be a "sale" seat. It also cost more than £400 for 2 people with 1 suitcase in the hold between us.
      So for us, BA still offers the best value for money, we can each take hand luggage in the cabin, and one case EACH - for FREE, in the hold; we know the drill with them, and Heathrow Terminal 5 now so it's less intimidating and, of course, the Snr Supervisor lady had to take my complaint seriously and investigate it.
      That man will not be making women, young or old, lift their sweaters in public to display bra, breasts and belly to the world at large again!!

      Older, wiser and ready next time. The two parts of the coat will be zipped together and taken off as one item, and we will be wearing slip on shoes - for simplicity - carrying NO toiletries or medicines in hand luggage, they are now going in the suitcase, in the hold, safely.
      LESS hassle, if you have less to bother Security.
      Lessons have been learned.


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        23.07.2009 22:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        How terminals should be.

        Terminal 5, the newest addition to Heathrow. The whole terminal is taken up by British Airways and was opened, with fiasco, early last year. The wife and myself flew from T5 to New York in July last year and was both excited and apprehensive about departing from the new terminal.

        On arrival at T5, which is clearly signposted all the way in, you see a rather nice, elegant looking building. You also notice that it is very big. At seeing the size, I did worry about getting lost and being late for our flight, but this turneed out not to be the case.

        We walked into the entrance and you are in a very large check in area. There are a lot of desks lined up the length of it, all for the different flights that BA have operating at the time. We found our desk, and having already checked in online, we only had to check in our baggage. The queue here was quite long and due to this, I could see a flaw in the layout.

        Once you get to the counter and speak with the person, you notice it is not like the normal airport check in with the conveyor belt running width ways behind the desk. Here, the conveyor belt runs away from the desk and underground. This means that once you have checked in, you simply keep walking forwards, past the assistant and then head towards security. This is a very simple and brilliant idea, but I noticed that once people had done with the trollies they had their baggage on, they just left them here and they were in the way. I didn't see anyone collecting these trollies, so it made it looked a little unslightly.

        Anyway, you head to the X-Ray area and join the queue. The usual thing happens, coat off and I believe we had to take our shoes off as well. All metal objects in the tray, to go through the conveyor X-Ray and you wander through the metal detector. No beep from me, but my bag did get a separate search. The X-Ray picked up that I had a can of Lynx deodorant in my carry on bag. No explanation was given, but the security woman just took the can out and threw it in a bin. Then she gave me bag back and that was it. I was a bit put out here and couldn't ask anything, as she had wandered off. What made it even worse was walking 5 metres away from here and into Boots, where I brought the exact same size can and put it in my bag??!! Not amused.

        The whole process of arriving and getting through the security bit took around 20 minutes. This was the quickest it has ever been for me and I was impressed by this. The terminal wasn't exactly quiet either, around the same amount of people as I normally see. Due to this, we thought we had a little bit of time spare to have a wander around the shops. We soon discovered this was not the case.

        As we walked towards the shops, we happened to look towards where you get a train to the gates. We didn't know you had to do this and was surprised to see it took around 20 minutes to get us to our gate. No time to wander around anything due to this and was surprised no one had mentioned you have to get a train.

        We boarded the train, which was clean and new, and found our gate. There was a line of passengers by our gate, no one was sitting, so we joined the rear of that and eventually boarded the plane. I was disaapointed at not being able to wander around and see the new terminal. I can tell you that there is a Boots and a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. That is all I saw.

        When we arrived back at T5 and exited the plane, we had to walk to the customs bit, which I don't actually remember, so can't have been bad and then the baggage reclaim. This walk seems like forever. You go up escalators, down escalators, up some more and feel like you have gone to an entirely different town.

        The baggae reclaim was great. I normally hate this bit, everyone crowded around, trying to grab their luggage and pushing and shoving. I don't like it. At T5 though, the conveyor belt bringing the baggage around is very large. It comes into the building at one point and exits at a point further down the building. There is enough space for everyone to stand around the conveyor, without being pushed around. It is a breath of fresh air after getting off the flight and being very tired.

        Overall, the terminal is very good and I would recommend it to anyone. I do wonder if Virgin will get it if BA collapse.


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          06.06.2009 22:33
          Very helpful



          A nice terminal

          * Review is written from the view of someone coming to T5 to pick up a passenger.*
          I came to T5 earlier this month to collect a friend off a transatlantic flight.
          I drove to the airport via the M4 and found that the terminal was well sign-posted. Although it felt convoluted to get to (roundabouts and bridges etc), I never once had a "where on earth am I going?!?" moment. It was quite clear.
          I followed the signs to the short stay carpark, which were also very clear. Considering it was a multi-story, the carpark felt as spacious and light as I imagine a multi-story can! Despite being lunchtime on a Monday morning, there were loads of empty spaces and parking was no hassle at all. Your row and level were also clearly labelled.
          'Arrivals' was clearly sign posted and I quickly made my way to the right area and positioned myself by a barrier to wait. Although the terminal was busy, it didn't feel particularly full. The whole place felt light and airy.
          As I waited, I realised there were in fact 2 doors that people were arriving out of! The doors were facing each other, about 300 yards apart. This meant I didn't know which way to look for my friend! It was only by fluke that I was looking in the right direction at the right time when she arrived!
          Anyway, I got my friend and headed back to the car park. You put a ticket in the machine and it tells you how much to pay. I stayed about an hour and it was £10. Ouch!!!
          Getting out of the car park, away from the airport and onto the motorway was quick and easy.


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          30.05.2009 17:35



          Brilliant modern, smart, clean airport

          A very smart and modern airport. With big TV screens for you to watch the news while waiting for your flight, definitely helps pass the time. There are plenty of shops and Gordon Ramsey restaurant. Check in is really easy, although easiest to do online there are lots of machines just in the entrance where you can check in or print off your boarding pass. Security like every British airport was thorough, shoes and belts etc to be taken off. May seem long winded but has to be done. Car parking was easy and they have smart machines that you can type in your car registration plate and it will locate your car. The airport is very easy to get to, and if coming along the M4, there is no need to go on the M25 which is usually full of traffic. All in all a great airport and will certainly be using again.


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          16.01.2009 21:27
          Very helpful



          Not a bad place to spend your time waiting to leave the country !! Or indeed enter it

          19 Years in the Making and £4 Billion!! That is the story of London Heathrow's terminal 5, from its initial design to its opening.

          So as someone who over the years has used Heathrow as my airport of choice for flying internationally I was quite looking forward to the prospect of flying out of there when I booked my Christmas vacation to England ( I now live overseas )

          Terminal 5 is used exclusively by British Airways ( Naturally ) and is actually the largest free standing structure in the United Kingdom.

          As with everyone else I watched on the news and read in the newspapers the horror stories that started to emerge on its very first day of operation, British Airways had to cancel 34 flights and suspend Baggage check in on that very first day after a catalogue of errors and over the next 10 days 28,000 bags failed to travel with their owners and they cancelled 500 Flights, so my interest was piqued and I did truly wonder if "Terminal 5 is working" as BAA had spent so much money advertising after the disastrous opening.

          So me and my wife arrived about 2 and a half hours before our flight to Newark was scheduled to depart which gave us plenty of time to check in and explore the new facility, and chance for me to compare it to Terminal 4 which for the longest time was where I would fly in and out of the UK with BA, so after hearing that there were over 100 shops and restaurants including something that intrigued me, Gordon Ramsays Plane Food restaurant so we sat down the for Breakfast and even though it was £16.50 each for a "traditional" english breakfast the food was excellent, but I probably wouldn't do it again and would just rather spend a quarter of that somewhere else, walking through Terminal 5 you can't help but think that they have designed it with more of a retail experience in mind than a travel experience, i'm not sure if thats a good thing or not, Its nice to have choice and be able to spend your time while waiting for a flight doing more than just sitting around staring at the screens or occasionally wandering into WH Smiths ( Although there's nothing wrong with that ) but I couldn't help feeling that they have tried to cater to the American Crowd with the "Shopping Mall" feel to it.

          But im being picky, really it was a pleasant Airport experience and one of my better ones, I would certainly fly in and out of there again and experienced none of the problems that were experienced by its early patrons.


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            31.12.2008 12:13
            Very helpful



            Get there with plenty of time if you want to enjoy the shops!

            On my recent pre-Christmas trip to New York I was very excited to be departing from Heathrow's Terminal 5. Despite the opening fiasco, from all of the positive marketing I'd been seeing in The London Paper from customers saying how great the whole T5 experience was, I was looking forward to a quick check in and lots of shopping.

            Only British Airways fly from T5, so if you're flying with a cheap package holiday (like I normally do!), you probably won't be seeing it! The building itself cost £4.3 billion to build and is very impressive - all sleek and glass and very modern looking. There is plenty of space for cars to drop off passengers (which is what we did departing) and plenty of short term parking (which is what we did arriving back in the UK), if at extortionate prices. You enter on the top level and descend to the shops and restaurants below after check in. Shops include Gucci, Prada, Dior, Links of London, Kurt Geiger, Reiss, Mappin & Webb, Mulberry, Ted Baker, and even Tiffany & Co. as well as the regular World Duty Free, and restaurants include Wagamama, Giraffe, Plane Food by Gordon Ramsey, Carluccios, EAT, Krispy Kreme, and Pret a Manger.

            Unfortunately we didn't get to experience any of these due to the utter fiasco that was our check in (you can imagine quite how much this annoyed me in particular!). Let me preface this little story by telling you that I am one of those annoying people who insist on arriving at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departs, which drives my boyfriend mad. However, we took advantage of checking in the day before the flight to guarantee that my mum, my sister and I would be able to sit together. To quote the T5 website "Online check-in doesn't just put you in control of your own check-in; it also saves you time, helps to keep the airport running smoothly and prevents queues from forming too - all of which means a more relaxed experience for everyone.", and backing this up our online check in information informed us that al we had to do was drop our bags at the "Fast Bag Drop" and then head through to security and then to departures for shopping and eating. We arrived at T5 and headed to area F, which was where our flight had to do the Fast Bag Drop. Other flights could check their bags at D, E, or F, but ours was only F. Unfortunately, the main problem with our check in became instantly apparent - there is now nowhere to check in with an actual person at T5, you either check in online the night before, like we had, or you use a self-service check in kiosk - therefore the "Fast Bag Drop" is nothing of the sort - everyone has to drop their bags at this point, there is nothing fast about it at all! We waited in the Fast Bag Drop queue for 50 minutes, crawling along at a snail's pace while each person went through the checking procedure that would normally have been done at check-in.

            Once we finally got through check-in, security was no easier. There were 4 queues, we waited in one for 10 minutes before getting about 4 people from the front and then being told "This queue is closing now, please join the back of another one". Thanks. I'd suggest you cut off a queue from a point towards the back, and stop people queuing in it, rather than just announcing "we're closed", but oh well. So we head to the back of another queue and wait for another 10 minutes, while people whose flights are about to leave are pushed to the front of the queue. Finally we get to the front of the queue just as they announce that our original queue is now reopening - honestly, you couldn't script it! We make it through security, boots, coats and jewellery off and then back on, see our flight has "Go to Gate" on it, but want to grab a drink for my sister, who isn't well. We stand in the queue for a drink when we see the flight now says Boarding so that plan is abandoned. Our gate is a way away, leaving from section B, so we have to get a monorail type train which takes about 10 minutes. By the time we've made it to section B my sister notices that our flight now says not Boarding, but Closing and the three of us run like idiots to the gate!

            On the plus side I have to say that, apart from the security queue closers, all staff we met were really polite - although it is slightly worrying to walk through the metal detector and be told by the big burly security guard "You look like trouble", joking or not!

            So, don't believe the marketing that T5's press department are spouting - honestly, I have never had such a stressful experience in catching a flight and I hope this serves as a warning to anyone travelling from Terminal 5 - leave plenty of time if you want to check out the shops!


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              17.12.2008 17:04
              Very helpful



              A high-hyped terminal that in my opinion is as exciting as it was made out to be!

              I recently had cause to use terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport. It was my first time there and I was looking forward to it because there had been such a fanfare about it, and because a lot of money had been spent on it. Here is my review!

              Terminal 5 is the fith of five terminals at London Heathrow Airport. It is easy to connect with the other terminals. The airport can be reached by bus (National Express) and by car. I believe that there is also a rail link.

              The terminal is beautiful, there is no doubt about that. To see several floors of solid glass is quite stunning. It gives the terminal a very clean appearance.

              I found the terminal to be somewhat lacking in facilities. I didn't think that there were many shops or cafes to choose from, and I think that I would have enjoyed my visit more if there was more choice.

              Ease of use
              Like the other terminals at Heathrow, terminal 5 is straightforward and easy to use, with good signage and staff on hand to help with anything that you might need. The only thing is, that all of the signs are in English only!

              Other points
              I have to mention the toilets, which as well as being clean, were also somehow beautiful and they have high-tech air dryers fro your hands, which dry them quickly. The hand washing area is very nicely decorated.

              As far as I know, it is only British Airways that uses this terminal so you will have to fly with them if you want to use it!


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              10.12.2008 11:11
              Very helpful



              Heathrow Terminal 5

              Terminal 5 was a Breeze

              On my recent trip to New York last month I actually chose to fly out of Terminal 5, Heathrow as, apart for the initial diabolical opening, I had heard that it was a great terminal to fly from so I decided to try it out.

              London Terminal 5 is located at Heathrow Airport. It was opened by the Queen on 14 March 2008 with the first flights departing on the 27th March. The terminal is being used exclusively by British Airways. I will get onto the opening fiasco in a moment but I think this exclusive use is a good thing for BA. I think in the last couple of years their image has suffered a bit but I really believe this project will bring them back into the forefront of British Aviation.

              The first change I noticed when I walked into the terminal was how friendly the BA staff were. Perhaps they are really working on their customer service to bring it up a bit but they were very helpful and very nice. They asked if we needed help checking in which we didn't but then we had a nice chat about where we were going, wished us a good flight etc which I thought was really nice. Then, throughout the whole terminal, from the security staff to employees in the shops, we were treated very very well, a nice and very welcome change.

              Terminal 5 is extremely easy to get too and offers travellers a number of ways to reach it. We drove and gained access to Terminal 5 from the M25 motorway. They have actually build a dedicated road between junctions 14 and 15 in order for drivers to reach the terminal. From this we were able to find the long stay car park at Terminal 5 which is where we parked. The parking was extremely easy. We booked on line before hand so when you enter the car park you take a ticket and then on exit the machines read your ticket and know you have paid in advance and let you out of the barriers. You can also pay after you leave but we just found it easier to make a reservation. After you park there is a shuttle bus that you have to board which takes you to the front of the terminal. I believe the buses run every 10 minutes so it's very quick and easy.

              There are other ways to get to terminal 5 apart from driving. It has a Heathrow Terminal 5 Station which is accessible by London Underground and the Heathrow Express from Paddington Station. There are also RailAir express buses, which go to and from Reading and Woking stations so all of the south and west of the country is covered too.

              Once inside the building I was really hit with how vast it is. To me it looks like a huge airline hangar, which it basically is, with huge high ceiling and big open spaces. There are lots of floor to ceiling windows which make the building very light and open and lots of exposed metal beams and fixings to show how the structure was fabricated.

              According to an article I read here are the dimensions of the buildings just to show you how big it actually is:

              "The main terminal building is 396 metres (1,300 ft) long, 176 metres (580 ft) wide and 40 metres (130 ft) tall. It is the largest building in the Terminal 5 complex and is the biggest free standing building in the United Kingdom. Its four storeys are covered by a single-span undulating steel frame roof, with glass facades angled at 6.5 degrees to the vertical. The area covered by the roof is the size of five football (soccer) fields, and each section weighs 2,200 tonnes."

              The building has been designed to streamline passengers and I must say I found the whole checking in experience extremely quick and painless. Once we printed our tickets using the automated machines (no waiting) we then went through the scanners. We maybe had to wait 2-5 minutes as there were a few people going through but there were quite a few lanes to choose from. Of course we had to take our coats and shoes off but it really was very fast.

              Of course, there were some major problems when it first opened, I think down to lack of preparation and training but there was no of this when we were there. On the day it opened, BA actually had to cancel 34 flights and over the next 10 days over 28,000 bags were separated from their owners. In the end BA cancelled over 500 flights in that time period!

              One of the main reasons why I wanted to fly out of Terminal 5 was that I had heard it had great shops and restaurants and I was not disappointed. It had the usual airport shops such as a Boots, Accessorize, etc, but then it also boats a whole host of designer shops such as Coach, Gucci, Dior, Mulberry, Prada, the list goes on!! They were very easy to browse around and the staff actually welcomed you coming in the store. There are shops upstairs and downstairs and can be accessed by a number of different escalators.

              The restaurants were equally impressive. If you wanted something quick and easy there is a Pret and Starbucks and sushi restaurants but they also have a very upper class restaurants such as a caviar bar and seafood house and the Gordon Ramsay restaurant, Plane Food. I had a quick look at the menu which is based on the famous Boxwood Café and the prices were quite reasonable, I think £25 for a three course, quick half an hour three course meal. Obviously you can't take your time as your flight might be leaving soon so I thought this was a great benefit of this restaurant.

              Overall the complex has over 100 shops and restaurants to count down the time until your flight! I was impressed by Terminal 5 on pretty much all aspects and would definitely fly out of here again.


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                26.10.2008 16:00
                Very helpful



                A fantastic airport which should set the standard for airports across the world.

                Terminal 5 Heathrow airport is a beautifully designed terminal with the passengers comfort in mind. I found it to be user friendly and easy to use.It has an open and airy feeling due to the design of the building which is made up of lots of glass which lets in natural light. It feels less cramped and congested than the other terminals at Heathrow and there are great views of the runways and planes landing and taking off. There is quite a walk to some of the gates but no more so than at other terminals plus there is an underground train system that transports you to the off terminal gates.

                Parking or droping off is a breeze and the terminal is so easy to get to from the M25. I think credit should be given to the designers, engineers and the builders for creating such a user friendly terminal. I

                t is serviced by the underground which is free to use within the airport boudary so if transferring from one of the other terminals to terminal five it is helpful and free to use. There are also buses that serve the terminal.

                Terminal five is used exclusively by British Airways. Despite the bad press it originally received on opening I was really impressed not only with the building itself but the ease of check in and the speed of getting through security.

                With BA flights you are able to check in from the comfort of your home and print off your boarding cards so that all you have to do is present yourself to the bag drop off areas. Better still if you are not taking luggage you can proceed straight through to security. You can of course check in in the normal way turn up and queue although saying that there are plenty of check in desks and queues did not seem long.

                There are the usual shops and restaurant fare including a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. There are bureaux de change and duty free shops.

                At each end of the terminal the business class lounges are situated so that you can opt which lounge to use depending on your departure gate. Despite checking in three hours ahead of departure I could have spent more time in the terminal having a good look round.

                Security staff were cheerful and efficient and checked carry on luggage thoroughly. The same can be said of the immigration officer although I believe they are now known as homeland security. (An American throwback term I guess. I just hope they dont adopt the same ghastly sloppy attitude of the Americans)

                I must say that there was a bit of a wait for luggage to come to the carousel and it was not the nicest parts of the airport but apart from that it was a breeze to use once luggage had been delivered.

                I can not wait to travel through terminal five again and would not hesitate recommending using this terminal.


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