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Cork Airport (ORK)

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4 Reviews

Republic of Ireland International Airport

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    4 Reviews
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      12.09.2012 21:46
      Very helpful



      A decent, clean airport

      I have flown to and from cork airport on numerous occasions and not much changes each time. The airport is a small airport which in itself has pros and cons.

      The airport isn't that close to Cork city centre so you will have to make arrangements to travel to the city if you have accommodation there. One good thing about the airport is that Cork is convenient for those wishing to travel around he south of Ireland being about an hours drive from many of the highlights in the south.

      To get into the city centre a taxi will cost between 10-15 euros depending on the traffic.
      If you book online in advance a return bus fare to the city centre will cost 7.60 euros for an adult and 4.75 for a child.

      Car hire is available at the airport for those wishing to travel around a bit. To park in the airport costs
      at least 10 euros per day, all depending on what special offers are on at the time. The last time I checked it was 35 euros for 3 nights and that was with a 40% off special offer. There is a car park 5 minutes away on a free transfer bus which is about half the price of parking in the airport itself.

      The airport is small which is good because it is very easy to find your check in desk, there is one row of desks for all flights and everything is in the one area of the building. There is also only one security check point with only 2 belts for your bags and coats to go through, which again means it is a simple process as there is only one queue for security. The down side to this is that if it is a busy time the queues could be long but due to a cut back in the routes they offer from the airport it never seems to be too busy and I've never waited more than 5 minutes to go through security.

      There are only ever a handful of boarding gates in use at any one time and again they are all in one place on the upper level of the airport. This makes it easy to find your gate and there are not doors, stairs and escalators everywhere. When getting on and off a flight in Cork airport you'll never have more than a few minutes of a walk which is good and there is only one section where you can collect bags and go through passport control.

      After getting lost and confused in many airports (Dublin and Gatwick being two shockers) I found this airport so easy to figure out where you're going and with no miles of walking to exit the airport after landing.

      The downside to the airport being small is the fact that there isn't a lot to do. Most of the time when I go I only take hand luggage and tend to arrive at the airport with just over an hour until departure so this isn't a problem. The problem is if you get delayed. There is a newsagents, coffee shop, book shop, customer service desk, Subway, toilets, check in desks and a seating area for people waiting for people in arrivals.
      Upstairs there is a restaurant - this is expensive and useless. The last time I was hear I paid 10 euros for a cup of tar like coffee, black toast and scrambled eggs that resembled angel delight or jelly, how I kept it down during the flight I will never know, how I got it down in the first place is a more baffling question!

      That is all that is there until you go through security where it gets worse. There is a small bar which sells some kind of takeaway breakfast for about 5 euros which is better than the restaurant but not that great either. There is another couple of newsagents, an expensive sandwich and pastry stall, a duty free shop and more toilets.
      The only food in the airport which is worth what you pay for it is the subway which is the same price as other subway outlets. Other than this I would advise taking a sandwich with you as there is very little to choose from in the airport.

      The airport is good, a good few routes no longer fly from Cork though but it is a good airport all the same. Flights can be picked up at good prices and the whole airport process is stress free and simple. The only downfall is the lack of anything to do and the poor food places.


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      21.05.2012 11:22
      Very helpful
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      a good small tidy airport providing a good service

      Cork airport is an international airport and located a few miles from Cork City .
      Cork airport although is small holds over 45 airlines that provide destinations all over the UK and Europe.

      I have flown into Cork a number of times with business and have enjoyed the facilities and good service that the businesses provide.

      Travel to the airport is easy with a number of cheap options starting from about 7 euros. The bus is the most convenient form of travel however a train service is lacking which would provide mass transit to the airport. All the major car hire companies are available however it is not possible to rent a car after 11pm at night as the car companies close about then.

      The airport is clean and tidy and the service is usually good. There are a number of food courts available which provide all necessary meals and a bar that is quite expensive. The arrivals lounge is quite small when multiple aircraft arrive at the same time this can cause long delays and be quite frustrating.

      There is a good Starbucks in departures that has a small number of seats but is very welcoming when you are traveling early.
      The airport has a number of facilities available just for children mainly areas dedicated to young people where they can play and relax.

      I would recommend traveling from Cork because airfares appear to be slightly cheaper and, as it's located a few miles from cork its located in a good position to offer flight services to the population

      I would recommend this airport to anyone as parking and the facilities available are good and relatively good value for money. I did however purchase a breakfast sub which was very disappointing.


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        02.01.2010 23:11
        Very helpful



        An airport worthy of the city now

        Cork Airport used to be a drab, unwelcoming place in dire need of a facelift, but that all changed in 2006 when this spanking new building was unveiled to the eager traveller.

        Along with Shannon and Dublin, Cork is the third major airport in the country and is now worthy of the title.
        As the gateway to a range of european and international destinations, the new terminal is modern, bright and clean.
        Shiny chrome and light wood fixtures stretch into wide open spaces throughout this elegant, but uncomplicated piece of architecture.

        The check in desks for major airlines such as Ryanair and Aer Lingus are downstairs, where there is also a Subway sandwich bar, newsagent and car hire facilities.
        Upstairs a bar, restaurant and another newsagent lie in wait for those requiring refreshments. The duty free is a huge improvement on the previous one, with a wide range of top name brands available.

        I do have a couple of criticisms and the first one is the fact that you have to pay for those little plastic bags to take liquids through security. I always bring my own now asthe only other option is to pay a couple of euros for some from a vending machine. Cheeky, when its compulsory to declare liquids in this way!
        The other issue is the disabled access which was poor when I visited. Basically the lift was out of order, and the only other way of getting to the runway was via a steep staircase. I hope this was merely a temporary blip as it would be unacceptable in a purposely designed building like this.

        Now for the boring stuff - Cork Airport is located 5 miles outside the city on the way to hotspots like Kinsale. It takes about 20 minutes to get there on a bus, and these are frequent and inexpensive.
        There are a neverending supply of taxis waiting outside the airport, but there is no rail link unfortunately.


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        13.10.2008 12:17
        Very helpful



        A great new, modern airport.


        Cork Airport is one of 3 principal international airports in the Republic of Ireland. The others are Dublin and Shannon. It is located 5 miles south of Cork City in an area known as Farmers Cross.

        Over 40 British, Irish and European destinations are served from Cork Airport.

        The new terminal was opened on 15th August 2006. For those of you who remember the old Cork Airport terminal, the new one is a tad more modern (not that that was hard!). It is in fact Ireland's first 21st century airport terminal.

        **Getting to the Airport**

        Bus Éireann and Skylink provide regular bus services from the airport to the city centre which take around 25 minutes.

        There is also a taxi rank situated outside the arrivals hall entrance.

        Unfortunately there is no railway station linking it to the rail network.

        Car hire is also available in the arrivals hall of the terminal building.

        **Passenger Facilities**

        There are a lot more facilities for passengers in the new terminal building including several shopping and eating amenities. These are situated both before and after the security screen area, so you do not need to worry if you go through to your gate.

        **Airlines and Destinations**

        There are a number of airlines including Aer Lingus, Ryanair and bmibaby that fly to and from Cork Airport. They fly to a vast number of destinations including Newquay, London, Barcelona, Faro, Prague and Dublin.

        **My View**

        The new Cork International Airport is fantastically modern, with a clean feel to it, and helpful staff. It isn't too overwhelming though, with plenty of signs to help you along and a very easy flow to the building.

        It is a vast improvement compared the old airport terminal, which was less than welcoming. The new airport also has more conveniences for passengers including a news agent shop and a large and reasonably priced restaurant which serves hot meals, snacks, tea and coffee. This is all before you go through security, which again is more modern and up to date.

        The lounge where your gate is is also a very clean and comfortable environment.

        All in all Cork International Airport is a great place to fly to and from.


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        Ireland's third busiest airport.

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