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Dalaman Airport, Turkey (DLM)

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14 Reviews
  • Shop owners can turn nasty (airport only, the rest of Turkey is v.friendly)
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    14 Reviews
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      11.12.2012 13:54
      Very helpful



      Preparation and knowledge is definatley very important for this airport

      I currently work for one of the major UK tour operators that operate from Dalaman airport. I have been working at Dalaman airport for two years now as an airport controller, and have lived in Turkey for a total of three years. As you can imagine when being based at an airport you will encounter many a problem. The purpose of my review is to try and aid anyone that is thinking of travelling to Dalaman airport, mainly through hints and tips. It is very easy to become nervous when in a foreign country, especially when you have no idea where you are going or what you need to do next, but hopefully with the right information it will make for a much less stressful experience.

      **There are many tour operators located at Dalaman airport as it has a full 7 days a week flight programme, with flights landing all throughout the day and night. For example, Thomas Cook, Thompsons, Jet 2 Holidays. You can also purchase international flights with Monarch, Pegasus, Free Bird, Onur Air, just to name a few. Each year these flight programmes and operators do alter due to operational needs, sometimes extra destinations are added, or there may be the need to include flights that are not direct but this is all explained when you make your booking with your travel agent.
      **Prior to 2006 all flights were directed into one terminal, by this I mean both domestic and international flights. However, since 2006 a new terminal has been built to cope with the demand for international flights. The old building remains the same and is solely used for domestic flights now. The new international building is much larger and more modern, probably not as modern in comparison to Uk airports but it is a start.

      **Dalaman airport is also a military airport, there is a military base on site, the entrance of which is just at the bottom of the ramp to departures, marked by a statue of a fighter jet. So if you find yourself wondering why there are more armed police officers than what you are used to seeing, now you know the answer.

      ** Dalaman is used for the holiday resorts of Marmaris, Içmeler, Turunç, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Hisaronü, Çalış, Kaş and Kalkan.

      **When landing at Dalaman airport, you can make one of two approaches. Either over the mountains or over the sea. The runway is very close to the coastline, so it can seem as though the airport has snuck up on you when you cross a small beach and then all of a sudden you have touched tarmac.

      **As far as I am aware, all aircraft now have walkway access from the each aircraft, you do not climb down the stairs on the runway. It is a very short walk through arrivals to visa control. Here, if you do not have a residency permit or a Turkish Kimlik card you will need to pay for your visa. For UK citizens the price is 10 pound sterling per person. (TIP: from my experience, ensure that you each have a 10 pound note and that you are not paying with a 20 pound note for two people. This does sound a little double dutch, however, I have come across situations where people have had issues with this. As the police at visa control only allow one person to the window at a time, they can get quite annoyed when you try paying for two people).

      ** The next bank of desks is passport control. The police here will check the visa that you just paid for and then they will stamp you into the contry and send you on your way. Beyond these desk will be escalators to take you down to the luggage carousels. This is quite a speedy process, from my experience of working at this airport, I would expect to see my first guest only a short 30 minutes after the flight has landed.

      ** Inside the baggage hall, there will be airport staff offering you trollies for your suitcases. These trollies are available for one pound, one euro or three turkish lira. The price has never changed, so I can pretty much guarantee it will still be the same when you make your trip.

      **You will also find your last chance duty free shop here in the baggage hall, a little idea whilst your here is to pick up a bottle of Chivas Regal Whisky, I can bet my life on it that there will be at least 5 Turkish men in the coach park willing to buy this from you, which means there will be at least 5 Turkish men willing to give you the best service and the best help in the coach park.

      ** When you leave the baggage hall, and exit the airport there will be no representatives waiting. As I mentioned before Dalaman is a military airport, so the police do not allow anyone to wait outside the entrance, you will find everyone down the ramp in the coach park. Be sure to take care on the ramp as it is very steep and can be quite a task if travelling in heels with a heavy suitcase.

      **Once at the bottom you will see a large semi circle of desks, this is where you will find all tour operators and transfer companies. There are cash machines available in the coach park that provide pounds, euros and turkish lira. You will also find a cafe with an outside seating area, but be warned this is quite expensive, a bottle of water will set you back around two pounds and can of pop can cost around three pounds. (TIP: You will also find that the airport runs on a lower exchange rate, so if you were to pay in lira it would be more expensive than if you paid in pounds). If you are travelling with a UK company you will find that they have water available on the coaches, this is much cheaper and the going price is two bottles for one pound sterling. The only toilet facilities in the coach park are on the side of the cafe, these are not the most pleasant.

      **When deciding on a transfer company, the options are pretty simple. If you have booked a full package holiday with a tour company that had transfers included, you should find your way to the Tour operator desk and the representative will check your name and send you over to your coach. UK tour operators aim to have thier coaches out of the coach park just one hour after the flight has landed so there is no waiting around. The only time these will be slightly delayed is if a passenger unfortunatley has missing luggage and needs to make a report. Other tour companies such as ResortHoppa, United Blue, A2B etc need to be booked online prior to arriving at the airport, these all have a desk. The downside of these private hire companies is that they may have combined your flight with another so they can fill the seats on one coach and save money. So you may find that you have to wait in the coach park for a while to meet the guests from a later flight. UK tour operators also have a limited amount of drop offs as the transfers are quite lengthy, and they will make a short comfort stop along the way. Private companies also have a comfort stop and this depends on how long the driver wants a break for, they also have no limit on how many hotel drop offs they have on one coach. There will also be no representatives with private transfer companies to give you the welcome information that you may want. No transfers can be booked from the airport, if you arrive at Dalaman without having booked transfers your only options are to either take a private taxi, or to wait for the local service. Private taxis at Dalaman airport are very expensive and od not have fixed prices, they charge whatever they feel. The local service is called the Havaş coach. This only arrives 50 minutes after a Turkish flight has landed, and will only take you to the bus station in resort, meaning you will then need to make your own way to your hotel from there.
      **There is a lot to be said for having a rep service at the airport. For instance, if your are having any problems with luggage on arrival you will have a rep waiting for you, that will hold the coach for you and be sure to answer any questions that you may need answering. (TIP: If you were to lose a suitcase on arrival, make sure you report this before leaving the baggage hall, there is a lost and found office in there that will take all your details and print out your relevant documents. If you leave the airport to tell the coach to wait for you it will take you another 15 minutes at least to try and get back inside through security. If you are travelling with a UK tour operator they WILL know that you are inside reporting lost luggage without you having to go outside).

      **When coming back to Dalaman for your departure flight you will find things are run slightly differently, again, due to Dalaman being a military airport. When you arrive at departures and you enter the main doors, you will be met with your first set of security. Here they scan your suitcases as you enter the airport. (TIP: If your suitcase is checked they will take your passport information, do not panic, this is just to make a note that they have opened your suitcase). You CAN take water through this security to drink in the check in queue.

      **Then you will need to make your way to your check in desk. Check in desk 1-31 are to the left and 32-60 on the right, you can find your check in desk numbers on the television screens provided. Above each check in desk is the number and another screen displaying the flight number. Sometimes the queues can get a little muddled as there are very inappropriate pillars placed in the strangest of places which can make it hard to queue sometimes.

      **Check in is very slow at Dalaman airport, not just for one tour operator in particular but all of them. For some reason the system that Dalaman uses takes an age and the wait can be quite long. Do not let this put you off, whilst waiting in the queue it can be a perfect opportunity to pre-weigh your suitcase, as at Dalaman airport they are very strict and will charge for every kilo that you are over. (TIP: The empty check in desk can be used to pre weigh your suitcase so you don't get any nasty surprises).

      *Burger King, McDonalds, KFC - be expected to pay around 15 pounds for a standard meal. Dalaman is quite possibly the most expensive airport in the entire world.
      *Cafe Turka - Still very expensive, however, it has a very nice seating area, and considering there is only one bench for the whole of the check in hall it may be worth splashing out on a cup of tea to be able to sit on thier luxury leather sofas.
      *Telephones - There are telephones at either end of the check in hall, however these are not coin operated and you will need a phone card to use them. If you do not already have one, then you would be able to purchase these from a UK representative.
      *Escalators - The escalators at Dalaman are motion sensitive. If the sensors are not activated then the escalators do not move. You need to step onto the escalators for these to move, make sure you hold on because sometimes it can be a little unusual and send you into a little bit of a wobble.
      *Tax Return - If you have purchased any gold, or leather in resort and have a certificate of authenticity, then you can claim your tax back at the airport. After you have checked in, but before you go through passprt control and into departures there is a Tax returns office you can visit. You will need to take your reciept and ID and they will refund the tax you paid on your items.
      *Smoking - Up until this year there were no smoking areas at Dalaman, but since October 2012 they have opened up smoking areas. There is one next to check in desk 60 and one next to departure gate 27.

      I really hope that these tips will help anyone thinking of using Dalaman airport to get to thier holiday destination. Sometimes an airport experience can make or break someones holiday memories. An excellent first impression when arriving at the airport can set the stead for an excellent holiday, and a well informed departure can finish a holiday perfectly. The key is preperation, so hopefully if you were to read my review you now know what to use and what to avoid, or sometimes it is just nice to know what options you have so you can make your own journey.

      Happy holidaying!

      Thank you for reading my review, and maybe if any of you are travelling through Dalaman airport summer 2013, we may even meet :)


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        13.07.2012 13:57
        Very helpful



        Decent airport overall, got all the facilites you need with just couple of minor downfalls

        I have flown to and from Dalaman a few times on my trips to Turkey. It is conveniently located just a short drive away (60-70ish minutes from memory) from Marmaris which is the tourist hotspot of Turkey and where I have always stayed. So this is handy after a long flight because the last thing you want is a long coach journey to sit through!

        The airport was refurbished a few years back, which it was in desperate need of! Before the refurbishment, it was a terrible beginning and end to an otherwise good holiday in a wonderful country. But now, I must say it has really improved and I was impressed last time I visited.

        The whole airport is now modern throughout with more space and mainly glass furnishings which add to the spacious and clean feel of the building. The staff are very welcoming on arrival (which is a big improvement on before!) and the airport has all the facilities that you would expect. These include:

        Duty Free
        Food outlets
        Small play area for children
        Separate waiting rooms

        I also noticed that the airport now accommodates and flies to numerous destinations which it wasn't well known for before, so this is an improvement meaning more people can access it from various parts of the UK. Although a point to note is that each time I have flown from Dalaman, I have been delayed by at least 1 hour, which can be frustrating when you just want to get home.

        I particularly liked the new waiting rooms as they are all sectioned off separately by glass and are effectively all gate numbers so travellers can wait in there rather than the main waiting room which is good. They have comfortable seating areas and toilets in each section as well as a coffee stall selling drink and food so customers will not need to leave the gate and could wait there without the usual hassle of hundreds of people.

        Also, as the fast food junkie that I am, I was excited to see both a McDonalds and a KFC in the airport. But one of the major downfalls about Dalaman airport is its prices! Obviously in places such as airports, customers will be expecting to pay slightly more but for a Big Mac meal last time I visited (2010) it cost me £12.99 which I think is ridiculous!

        Overall then, this airport is a decent one, certainly a massive improvement on what it used to be like. It is clean, the staff are friendly, all the amenities are there so couldn't ask for much more really. However, my one piece of advice would be to either make sure you eat before you go to the airport or take food in with you if possible due to the prices. But otherwise there aren't really any faults with it and it's a pleasant beginning and end to your holiday.


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        31.01.2012 18:09



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        07.06.2011 14:30



        Hello Everyone I have found a website called www.quicktransfers.co.uk they have got very special prices for Marmaris Dalaman Transfers or Dalaman Airport to Oludeniz if anybody planing to visit Turkey soon I suggest you to check Dalaman Airport prices on that side.


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        27.05.2011 15:44
        Very helpful



        Just missed the five star mark for me!

        Knowing what an airport is like before travelling there is a very important. This is because you spend two hours in it, but most importantly two hours of your well earned holiday in it. The last thing you want is to have either a rotten ending or start to your holiday because of the airport. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what Dalaman is like and the precautions you should take before travelling there.

        Dalaman is quite secluded from most holiday resorts, although it is the main airport for many resorts such as Calis, Dalyan, Hisaronu, Turunc, Fetiye, Olu deniz, and the largest resort in Turkey, Marmaris. From Marmaris, it is often an 80 minute drive with a private transfer such as a shuttle bus. However, it can take up to two hous if you have booked through a tour operator ie. Thomas Cook, as the coaches are much larger, drive a lot slower, have a much longer stop-off, and they waste a lot of time with the holiday representative prancing about at the front of coach telling you not to go out without sun tan lotion and what not. The journey can be very off putting although if you are going to a resort such as Olu Deniz or Hisaronu, you will find the journey is a lot shorter.

        *arriving into Dalaman*
        When you arrive into Dalaman, it is very likely you will pee your pants on the way down. Turkey is a very mountainous country, so it may seem at first like you are about to crash into the mountain. Also, depending on the direction you are landing, it may also see as if you are about to plonk into the water, but have no fear, you will soon zoom over a beach. And the most interesting part about the landing, is that you will be absolutely convinced you are about to plonk into marsh land, as this surrounds the runway. So have in mind these are things to look out for and don't be afraid whilst landing, it's perfectly normal. If you are flying with a Turkish airline, it will be the most wild landing you ever experience, I think they like to ensure they are directly over the runway before they drop like a stone.

        Dalaman airport is very good at getting everyone offloaded quickly and out the airport. I have arrived both daytime, night time, and early in the morning, and I have never waited in the actual airport for more than 20 minutes altogether (from the aeroplane landing to getting out the building with my luggage),so it clearly very organised. When you land, you may see a derelict old white building that is falling apart. Don't fear this is the old airport you would have landed into if you came prior to 2006, and an airport I have been in many times. You will then come past a very new, very shiny, glass airport where your plane will drive towards.

        Only once in all the years have I landed did I have to use a set of stairs to get off the aircraft, very often you are taken straight to the terminal through a walkway. When you arrive you will notice a very empty building which has gloomy light (if it's night time) and tiny spotlights above. There are two ques beside each other so ensure you go in the right order. You might go to the "Visa/Vize" section first. If you are a UK citizen, you must pay £10 for a 90 day visa. If you return to turkey within 90 days, you will be exempted from having to pay for the visa. Then, make your way to "Passport Control/Passaport Kontrol" and they will stamp your passport and you're free do go. This sounds like a lot of hassle, but actually they do it at an amazing speed and for all the hassle you have to go through they do a great job.

        There is a set of escalators to get down to the main terminal, so if you are flying with the likes of Easyjet and decided to take a small case, please be careful whilst on your way down it is a very fast escalator.

        You will be very happy to see your luggage is already spinning around on the conveyor belt ready for you, unlike being at the likes of Luton or Stansted and waiting over an hour for it. You can rent a trolley for 1 Euro, but it's not worth it really unless you have a few kids who can't carry their own case. There is a duty-free-on-arrival so if you want you can buy as much booze as you so wish.

        After this, it's on your way out the main doors. Turkey is probably the most lenient country is continental Europe, so there's no further immigration/Quarantine/security checks. You are out the airport but be warned, there is an extremely steep slope down to the bottom which is not good for anyone with a heavy case. You will see there is a small outdoor café which is open 24 hours (don't buy anything from there, it's not worth the money), and you will see various stands circling the outside of the airport. Simply look at whatever company is proving your transfer (be it First Choice, Transferonly, ResortHoppa) and whoever is there will be happy to help you. If you have travelled with a British tour operator, you may have to wait for your rep, wait until she checks your name off, wait until they find your coach. If you have booked wisely with a smaller transfer company which is Turkish-owned (transfer only for example), a man will happily take your case (if there's more than one of you, they will take the ladies or they will take the child's, they are very respectful in Turkey), and show you to your coach immediately. If you're with a British tour operator, they will give you a number and you will have to circle the entire car park for a coach and probably meet a few people trying to hassle you to get a taxi.

        Driving out of the airport, there is beautiful untouched grass, gorgeous palm trees, and if you're lucky you will see an aircraft flying over your head on the way out. After that, you drive out into a shabby town, a complete dump but don't worry the resorts are nothing like this.

        **Flying out from Dalaman**
        Flying into Dalman airport is a very pleasant experience. However, flying out of it is not. You will drive into the airport and are taken up a large slope to the terminal. I find the drive up the hill, in itself, very uncomfortable. It is cheaper for airlines to fly in and out of the airport early hours in the morning as Dalaman charge less during these times. As you will see, there are two Dalaman Airports. The shiny brand new one is to impress the tourists, and the shabby old one for Turks going on domestic flights. If you are flying out in daylight, consider yourself lucky as the airport is very quiet at this time. If you are flying out in early morning, prepare for hell!

        You arrive at you look inside the door to see a security check. If you are here at peak hours, prepare to stand outside the airport for at least half an hour before you even get in the doors. Liquids of all sizes can be taken in at this point, although the rule for sharp items and explosives still apply: I don't know why you would have explosives with you anyway but I'm just saying! Security commences as normal but be warned they are extremely brutal with their searches. As a Muslim I am very often dragged into the private cubicles for no apparent reason for an extra search, there's no such thing as political correctness here! If this happens to you, don't get a fright if two men come int o search you, just politely ask for a female and they will search for one.

        My aunty had a bowel bag as you has no bowel, during a search they noticed at and despite giving them a doctors letter (saying that her bag could not be touched without a doctor present), they took her away and searched it anyway, poking and prodding at it probably potentially causing damage to it.

        There is a set of check-in desks and it is all a bit chaotic, but it is usually a quick experience. Now here's a warning for you: don't go into past the next security check unless your flight is boarding. For this security check, it is exactly the UK. No liquids are allowed past, any liquids under 100ml must be placed in a small bag (which they provide). What I honestly suggest you do is stock up on food before you go, and sit on the terminal floor at check in and eat like you've never eaten before! Why? Let me tell you the food and drink prices in Dalaman:

        Yes, I mean GBP not the national currency!

        CAN of coke: £3.50 [ RRP 50p]
        McDonald's Happy meal: £6.50 [RRP £2]
        McDonald's child size chips: £4 [RRP £1 for medium]
        KFC adult meal: £10 [RRP £3.50]
        Water: £4 [RRP 40p]
        Chips + Beer: £10 [RRP £4.00]

        The prices are absolutely ridiculous, and thee are no seats until you go into the second security terminal so really you have to throw all your liquids away and either pay these ridiculous prices or pay on the plane.

        The inside of the terminal is beautiful and there are a range of Duty Free shops you can chose from. If your gate number hasn't been called yet, you can simply sit in the restaurant area and they won't bother you. There are many signs showing you how to get to your gate, but I wouldn't waste my time with it really it is a fairly small airport and you can find your way no bother.

        There is a very nice glass area to sit in whilst waiting for your plane sometimes there's a little café which has cheaper prices than the rest of the airport, and you can get a coffee and a Croissant for £4, which isn't too bad at all. You can walk into any gate and use any of the café's it used to be that you went through security because being allowed into the gates but they've moved this now to where check-in is. If you go to the top floor and go to the last gate on the left of the airport (number 32 or 34 I think) and get the café there. There are toilets in the gates, at check-in and at the restaurant area. There is a cash point machine and a phone box inside the airport at the restaurant area which is great.

        If it wasn't for poor seating and high prices, I would have gave this 5/5. The airport is beautifully regenerated, although they could do with more seats at check-in. If you can, try and get your flights during the day as the airport is much Quieter, many times I have flew from Dalaman to see only two flights were flying out during the day. Air Traffic controls aren't reduced as the Domestic airport is still running and Turkish airline flights are zooming off and into the runway during the day, but at night time there is an insane amount of flights going out so staffing and organisation may not be as efficient.

        If you are flying from Dalaman soon I hope this was useful, if you are not, then I apologise for the very long review J


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          28.05.2010 21:28



          We just flew back from Dalaman airport and although we had 2 hours to kill we refused pay their ridiculoulsy high prices for food and drink. There are several high street companies ie MDs, Burger King but they all cahrge these high prices - it must be price fixing or bordering on some illegal practice. Coffee is arround £4.50 and even a bottle of water will cost arround £4. Very few people were buying and it's leave visitors with a bad feeling of the place so it makes you wounder what their game is. The prices on the Easy Jet plane were a lot more reasonable.


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          11.09.2009 21:19



          The worst airport in the world...sour end to a lovely holiday

          Arrived back this morning after a very pleasent week. However, Dalaman airport left a dreadful taste in our mouths, it made the WH Smiths of Gatwick look a bargain.

          We arrived at the airport 3 hours before our flight was scheduled, and jee do we wish we had brought things with us. I have been researching why it is such a barbaric rip off (The cheapest thing in the airport is for 4.60YLT....a small bottle of water!) KFC, Mcdonald's, Pizza Hut...god knows how it gets any business.

          We brought a soft drink from the KFC, and after paying in excess of 8YTL for it, it was not even filled to the rim and was not cold, quite frankly an utter joke. No one spoke a word of English, and our suitcases got searched on the way though for no apparent reason, and when we tried to explain why they were searching, they thought we were trying to cause an argument and incidentally all the "security" guards got involved.

          Undoubtedly some serious government implications have inflated this airport. In the future, I will pack an extra suitcase with a banner packed saying "Caution! Only enter until your gate opens! Do NOT arrive early."


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          26.08.2009 20:42



          This is the first time we have visited turkey for a holiday, the passage through the airport to gocek was fairly pleasant and trouble free.On our return to Dalaman airport for our return home we were greeted by unfriendly/unhelpful /rude, and ignorant check in staff who charged us £30 for being 3 kilo overweight each on our suit cases.We have travelled all over Europe nearly every year for 29 years in many airports and never once been charged even though sometimes we knew we were over our baggage allowance.We then moved into the waiting area before moving to our departure gate to be greeted by other British passengers complaining about the overpricing of the food and drink.£20 for pizza£10 for burger£5 for drinks never use this airport if you can when visiting turkey.


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          21.08.2009 10:11



          It does the job - far easier than somewhere like Gatwick!

          I have just recently (very recently, still got a tan) arrived back from Dalaman airport, Turkey. In my opinion the airport was absolutely fine and had everything i required. When arriving from the UK getting a visa was quick and easy (although you do have to pay £10 for entry into the country) The toilets were kept very clean and our baggage was already going round the belt by the time we got down the escalators. On the return journey, you can browse round duty free...they have more brands of cigarettes and perfume than in the supermarkets of Turkey (and obviously are cheaper still), the whole place was very clean and it was air conditioned. There was quite a queue for check in but they had 3 desks open....so not sure what else they could have done. As with many airports if you want to buy food it is pricey so i would highly recommend taking some bits with you. There isn't really any need for a baggage trolley (they cost) and check in is only 50 metres from the entrance! Overall a perfectly adequate airport...you are in Turkey...what more can you expect?!


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          28.07.2009 17:41



          my least favourite airport

          will never fly to/from this airport again. it has to be one of the most unorganised hectic places i have ever flown to/from. there is absolutely no organisation when you are checking in the desks seem to change every 15 minutes and you are swapping queues constantly. after you pass that part of what can only be described as an assault course yo pass through in to the departure lounge. there is nothing here. it has to be the narrowest duty free in the world i have not experienced anything like it and i am a frequent flyer and have travelled many places. oh and a word of caution fill up on food before arriving at the airport because if you get hungry you are looking at 40ytl for a meal in mcdonalds! and 28ytl for a bottle of water!

          you get scanned twice for security, once as soon as you walk in through ther main entrance you have to haul ur luggage on to a scanner and ur hand luggage then you walk through a metal detector. then you go through the same process again at your gate just without the luggage. its a lot of time wasted.

          also the duty free is not cheap!!! you are better off buying on the plane or before you go.

          will not be booking to this airport again. but you have no other option if you would like to visit this part of turkey.

          i would also like to add that i only visited the international terminal but i can only imagine the domestic one to be the same - extortionately priced and unorganised.


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          27.05.2009 19:57



          Nice new airport which you seem to paying for

          Oh my god I hope to never have to fly from this airport again! We got there from a 3 hour drive early and starving we thought we would be through check in in no time as we were 2nd in the queue but they finally opened check in we realised they had decided to change our check in desk without telling us and we now were in the queue to go to Birmingham instead of Gatwick. We had to walk to the other end of the building to where there was now a long queue to which we had to get to the back of. Once at check in they tried to charge every one 18 euro's per kg over your luggage allowance me and my partner were about 5kg's over but we had exactly the same stuff that we took out with us and Gatwick did not charge us any extra!! Myself and most other people refused to pay this and decided to go through our cases and throw things away instead so this really held up the check in process.
          Once we were finally through we went to get some food and it was sooooo expensive - about £12 for a big mac meal, or £15 for to individual pizzas from pizza hut!! Also when we went to our boarding gate they were chaging about £3.50 for a can of coke or a bottle of water ............ Absolutely shocking!! We decided to wait until we got on the plane where a bottle of water was a much more reasonable price of 1 euro.
          It seems that these people try to rob you on the way out of their country lol.


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          05.08.2008 17:37
          Very helpful



          Good airport but let down by the staff that work there.

          I have been flying to Dalaman airport for about 12 years now and the place seems to be getting worse, in my experience.
          We had the worst experience this year.....The new larger airport opened I think it was last year and this seems to be when the changes have come into effect.
          The trip into Dalaman was fine. We were warned this year that if our suitcases where slightly over the allowed weight we would get charged. This however is something we have been warned year after year and not once have we been charged.
          We noticed on the way in that we were slightly over but we had a four year old with us with the same luggage allowance, and so felt that because she had a little case, they had allowed us some of her weight.

          Great holiday then the fun began. We qued for 1 hour at check in and noticed that every other person (literally) in front of us seemed to be getting called away to another desk by an official. We finally got to the front and feeling quite confident that all we were returning with where clothes, that we would be ok seen as we had only been slightly over coming in (by about 2 kilo's each) that we would be fine.
          The lady on the check in desk sent 2 of our cases through (there where 4 of us including a 4 year old with an empty case) then weighed 2 more and decided that in total we where 20 kilos over. And said we would have to pay £120
          We couldn't believe it and told them we would not pay. An official (with a gun may I add) came over and the lady on the check in explained to him and he just said "PAY, PAY NOW" and walked off.
          And by this point the child with us was extremely upset.

          We asked for the suitcases back although we could only retrieve 2 so we could take some items out, but we could not find anything that weighed so much.
          The official came over again and said "pay it is a saftey regulation you cannot be over your weight".
          We again refused and asked if they could weigh it on another scale. The official got really angry and said ok forget it. (meaning we didn't have to pay) we where releaved but shocked.
          Then the official noticed my friend had her purse in her hand. He took it off her, took the little amount of money she did have in it, put it in his pocket and said this will be ok and walked off.
          So if you are going to Dalaman don't be scared to argue your point, we believed that the scales may have been faulty or they fixed them if that is at all possible. There was absolutely no way our cases weighed over 20 kilos coming back when they only weighed over aprox 8 kilos.
          Overall the security is brilliant at the airport, and we understand in this day and age that there are major changes to the airports that have been made for our safety and we will abide by them time and time again. Just this instance we felt that what had happened was completely unjust.

          Just to also add to our experience. Dalaman is also extremely expensive and we have been charged £3 for a can of pop and £30 for 3 Burger king meals. So do buy anything you will require at the airport in the resort before you leave.


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          08.05.2008 22:59
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          They definetly needed that change!

          If your wondering about the strange review name, thats their slogan/motto. Weird!

          Turkey has four main airports that are mostly used for tourism purposes. Antalaya airport, Bodrum Airport, Izmir Airport and Dalaman Airport. The most popular of these Airports, is Dalaman. This is because Dalaman is the closest airport to Turkeys biggest and most popular resort, Marmaris. Dalaman was previously a Military Airport. It would not be surprised to see solders marching around! In 2006 Dalaman built a new airport. The new airport is now more modern, bigger, and more organised. When coming out of the new airport, you can still see the old airport, passing by.

          - Where

          Dalaman is situated in the Mugla Province, in the south western coast of Turkey. Dalaman itself, is a very quiet place. It is basicly a farming town, situated 5.5km away from the coast. This place inhabits the old-fashioned people of Turkey, the more religious and cultural people. The is no, or very little, tourism here. The only place youll find tourists is cramped in shuttle buses going to one of the near-by resorts. Well, not really near by, most resorts are on average 90 minutes away. This town is situated on the edge of the land, surrounded by the beautiful Medditarian sea.

          About the airport

          The new ATM Dalaman Airport is roughly only 2 years old. The airports new and modern design has created a more enjoyable and relaxing departure for Turkey's tourists. The aim of this Airport was not only to create an enjoyable experience for passengers, but also to welcome flights from a wider variety of departure airports. The airport now has more flights opererating to and from the airport, and has improved tourism for holiday resorts such as Marmaris, Dalyan, Fethiye, Göcek, Gökova, Kalkan, Kas and Köycegiz.


          In the old airport, facilities were limited. This was because the airport was pretty old and not very modern. Here are a few facilities ATM Dalaman Airport now offer

          Ticket Sales Counters
          Exchange Bureuos
          Post Offices
          Emergency Clinics
          Baby care rooms
          Children's play areas
          Car Hire
          Hotel Reservation
          Luggage deposit
          Small Mosk

          About 5 of these were available in the old airport.

          Airlines & Destinations

          The new ATM Dalaman Airport now flies to more places over the world and works with more airlines than ever. Here are some airlines you can go through to get flights to Dalaman in Alphabetical order:

          To/From: Moscow

          Aerosvit Airlines
          To/From: Kiev

          To/From: Manchester, Uk

          Atlas Jet (domestic)
          To/From: Istanbul

          To/From: Birmingham, Uk. Glasgow, Uk. Manchester, Uk.

          Condor Airlines
          To/From: Berlin. Dusseldorf. Frankfurt. Hamburg. Hanover. Munich. Stuttgart

          Kibris (Cyprus Turkish Airlines)
          To/From: Birmingham, Uk. Ercan. Gatwick, Uk. Stansted, Uk. Manchester, UK.

          To/From: Gatwick, Uk.

          First Choice
          To/From: Belfast, UK. Birmingham, UK. Bristol, UK. East Midlands,UK. Exeter,UK. Glasgow, UK. Gatwick, UK. Stansted, UK. Manchester, UK.

          To/From: Aberdeen,UK. Glasgow, UK. Gatwick, UK. Manchester, UK.

          Inter Airlines (Domestic)
          To/From: Istanbul.

          To/From: Riga.

          To/From: Dusseldorf

          To/From: Amsterdam

          To/From: Birmingham, UK. Glasgow, UK. Gatwick, UK. Manchester, UK.

          Onur Air
          To/From: Amsterdam. Belfast, UK. Birmingham, UK. Cardiff, UK. Durham Tees Valley, UK. Exeter, UK. Glasgow, UK. Istanbul. Leeds, UK. Gatwick, UK. Manchester, UK. Newcastle, UK.
          Pegasus Airlines
          To/From: Amsterdam. Berlin. Prestwick, UK.

          To/From: Pulkovo

          To/From: Antalya. Berlin. Cologne. Leipzig.

          Thomas Cook
          To/From: Belfast, UK. Birmingham, UK. Doncaster, UK. East Midlands, UK. Leeds,UK. Gatwick, UK. Stansted, UK. Manchester, UK. Newcastle, UK.

          To/From: Birmingham, UK. Bournemouth, UK. Cardiff, UK. Sheffield, UK. East Midlands, UK. Glasgow, UK. Gatwick, UK. Luton, UK. Manchester, UK. Newcastle, UK.

          To/From: Dusseldorf. Hamburg. Munich. Stuttgart.

          Turkish airlines (domestic)
          To/From: Ankara. Istanbul.

          XL Airways
          To/From: Bristol, UK. Gatwick, UK. Manchester, UK. Newcastle, UK.

          These are the airlines you should contact if you wish to fly to or from any of the cities/towns above.

          - Personal expeirence/opinons

          I always used to hate Dalaman as a young girl. Not only was it because I have bad memories of leaving the place, I just hated everything about it. I hated the way it was layed out, the people in Duty Free, the check in desks, the shabbiness. I even felt unsafe departing from the airport. Arriving, feeling tired and sweaty, Id come off a long four hours flight. The thing I always remembered about the airport, was the little garden. As you disembarked the aircraft and came out of the gate, you would find yourself walking past some sort of garden. Not a garden full of swings and roses and waterfalls. It was like a glass walkway looking down on a square area of cobbles and trees. It was really random, still it was nice to look at. Passport control was always very strange, I remember two controls, both with very unhappy men stamping passports. They would snatch your 10 pounds, stamp your passport and shout "next". That basicly meant, right, bugger off now. It wasn't a very pleasant start to the holiday. We would then scrabble and somehow find our way to baggage claim. Everything was so disorganised, you couldnt find anything. After baggage claim, you would walk about into a sea of people holding boards with peoples names, people shouting "Taxi, cheappp taxii" and you would have to squash your way past millions of trolleys and lost passengers to find a rep and find out which bus you were on. The bus area was awful crowded too, I always wondered how those buses got out of there! Id be glad once I was out of that terrible place and on a bus. Although, I didn't really know that you were actually driving up mountains and round cliff edges with no barriers! Very scary!

          Coming back, I hated the airport even more. First of all ,you were an hours' wait outside the airport just to get in. There were security checks before you entered. The check-ins were awfully unorganised. They used shabby boards above the check in desks instead of electric screens, sometimes making it hard to read from a distance. Also there was one check-in screen in the whole terminal. You had to search everywhere for it. This was allowed, though, as the airports didn't operate as many flights before. Duty free was a pain the back-end! People shouted at you to come in to your shop, that, in Marmaris, would be exceptable. But, could you imagine that happening in Heathrow? There were 3 places to eat in the terminal. All very expensive, and terrible! There was a stall in the departure lounge, you could eat from there if you wished. Although, it was more expensive than the food court. The chairs in departure lounge were metal, and horrible! If your flight was delayed, well, you were sleeping on metal! After departure lounge was the best part, flying! Mytravel airlines, well recommended. Although, they are no longer running, so I don't really recommend.

          I was really surprised one summer when we got an afternoon flight. All flights were usually night time. I got off the plane feeling very refreshed! A good way start the holiday. However, I got a very pleasant surprise! I came off the aeroplane to huge space, glass walls and a shiney new floor. This wasn't Dalaman, was it? They must have took me to a different place. I walked up to one of the four open security desks. They photocopied my passport page (probably a new system), politely took my £10 and and wished me a plesent holiday. This definetly couldn't have been Dalaman. I came out of passport control and down the excalators. The first escalators Id ever seen in Turkey! There were more baggage convoyers, and the bags were straight out! I was shocked as I saw "New Duty Free On Arrival" I took a quick look and got some duty-free. Definitely handy! I Walked outside to less people crowding up, and no shouting, and our rep in her own little area waiting for us. "Welcome to Dalaman" She said, I felt better knowing where I truly was.

          As I approached the airport returning, I noticed it was exactly the same. Just as shabby as ever. I was pretty confused though, as we passed straight by it, and came closer to a huge enlightened shiny building. So that's what they done, they created a new airport. It looked amazing and large from the outside. We came up though a long ramp, it was really high up. There was shorter ques outside the airport. Another thing not to worry about. Security was fast, easy, and we had no problems. There was a new electric terminal. Boards above check in were large and electric, and they had fitted in more Departure screens. There was three altogether, full of flights going to different places. Wow!

          Straight after check in was security control. That was a bit longer than usual, only because there were more passengers. There wasn't just one duty free hall. There was a whole terminal of duty free shops. There was also a separate food court. The food was disgusting, and very expensive. There wasn't one small departure lounge cramped with metal chairs. There was hundreds of glass compartments. Each compartment was a gate, each gate had its own departure lounge, and, own security control. So there was no need to wait in long ques! The chairs were spongy and soft, there was even a coffee stall inside the departure lounge. The whole airport was modern and more useful. Thumbs up for Dalaman.

          - Conclusion

          The old airport was a terrible mess. Everything was disorganised and shabby. Until, they built their new airport. To be pretty honest I think the airport is great! Thats only because of what I was used to beforehand. However, Id stil prefer Dalaman to our airport In Glasgow. Its much easier and more convenient. Just, slightly more expensive.


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            14.08.2002 20:18



            Dalaman airport is solely the point at which a Turkish holiday begins and ends. Prices in the shops/bars are extortionate, but taxis outside are cheap, signposting is good and it is efficiently run - planes actually leave on time, and the air-conditioning in the terminal works. For an airport, that's fine by me. In my humble view, anyone turning up at the airport for a good meal or to buy presents deserves all they get. The entry visa scramble [GBP 10 or equivalent] could be better organised, but hell, your holiday is about to start, so a short wait is OK.


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