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Lanzarote Airport (ACE)

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Lanzarote Airport, Carretera Arrecife-Yaiza s/n, San Bartolomé, 35572, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Spain. Location: The airport is located 5km (3 miles) from Arrecife on the island of Lanzarote / Airport code: ACE.

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    5 Reviews
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      03.06.2009 22:23



      would go again, perhaps October, cant wait

      Had a great holiday to Lanzarote this year, and like the previous reviews, yes Thursday is the busiest day. They are well prepared for this. The baggage was quickly on the caraousel, much quicker than Manchester Intl.

      Once outside had to wait about 15 mins for a taxi to Costa Teguise, this cost 18 euro. An orderly queue had formed and everyone just waited their turn, no problems.

      In my opinion Lanzarote Airport is great. Why you may think? Well I am a smoker and unlike every other airport I have visited, you can smoke in designated areas. Once you have checked in on the ground floor there is a cafe etc, sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, have a drink and ciggy. Great.

      Then to my great surprise once upstairs there is a fabulous outside viewing area where you can sit or stand and watch the planes, yes and have another ciggy.

      You feel you can just cope with the 4.30 hour flight home, and a long wait at Manchester airport before having another ciggy!

      Anyway apart from all that, the airport was clean and airy. Cool inside, polite staff. The cafe was expensive but we have to accept that.
      So for all you smokers out there, Lanzarote is a good airport!!


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      10.05.2009 13:53
      Very helpful



      Never wanna be delayed there again!

      We had a weeks holiday to Lanzarote on 30th april 2009.

      Arrival to the airport was fine, it was quick, simple, luggage collection was fine and we were on our way very quickly!

      Returning wasn't so nice!
      First of all it was soo so hot and we were very thirsty and hungry. We were told when booking in luggage that our flight was delayed for 2 hours.
      We had pretty much used all of our holiday money and didn't have much left at all and everything in the airport was completely overpriced.
      They were charging about £2 for small bottles of water, £4 for sandwiches etc. Yes okay we know all airports overcharge but they werent even providing free water. We asked 3 cafes for tap water and were told we had to purchase the bottled water. We weren't delayed long enough to be entitled to food and drink vouchers.
      The toilets were always packed with huge queues and none of them had any toilet roll or hand soap.
      I know it wasn't the airports fault we were delayed but they should be prepared to help people out who are delayed. There were families who had 3 or 4 children and to provide drink for them all would of cost a fortune.
      It wouldn't be so bad if we were allowed to take our own drink through but you are not allowed liquids in hand luggage any more so you are forced to buy their overpriced water.
      Lets hope i am not delayed there again!


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        21.11.2008 20:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Flying to and from this airport is great!

        The airport is located on the South West coast of Lanzarote 3 miles from the capital of the island, Arrecife and about 3 miles from the popular tourist resort of Puerto Del Carmen.

        The busiest day for Arrecife Airport is Thursday with most chartered flights arriving and leaving on this day. If you book a holiday to Lanzarote the chances are your departure and arrival date will be Thursday. Whilst a Thursday is a common day they do operate flights on other days, it may mean travelling to another part of the UK or flying from another island via internal flights though.

        Despite it being so busy on a Thursday it is always clean, airy and comfortable. In such a hot country it is quite nice to be in a 'cool' airport. The island is very dusty due to the winds, sand is blown over long distances and it is often volcanic sand (black). In many places the floors are so dirty but in the airport they are kept very clean and tidy which is quite pleasant.

        Lanzarote Airport (ACE) has two terminals. Terminal one serves international flights such as those from the UK. Terminal one consists of two floors with departures being on the upper floor and arrivals on the lower floor. When you arrive you will be on the lower floor where there are wide selections of car hire booths and taxi offices. On the top floor you will find a large shopping village with Canarian craft and souvenirs as well as food outlets, duty free and clothing shops. Terminal two serves the National (Spanish) and inter-island flights (those within the Canary Islands). The airport is full of international ATM's if you have spent all your cash on holiday and do want to buy duty free items. You must use your passport and boarding passes to buy items in most of the shops.

        Arrecife Airport was featured on the famous ITV 'fly on the wall' series 'Holiday Airport: Lanzarote'. The TV crews went behind the scenes with ACE handling staff (Arrecife Airport staff). The airport maybe unheard of to many and only known by those who travel to Lanzarote in search of sun, however the documentary featured the ups and downs of a busy international airport.

        In fact during 2002 we found that we had entered a baggage handling strike and our bags were then taken over Europe on the plane due to no one offloading them. The bags had a short stay in Germany, then a night in Madrid they then travelled to Manchester and back to Lanzarote safe to say our bags are better travelled than we are.

        Erkin one of the famous characters of the show dealt with this problem and kept us up to date on the location of our bags later delivering them 3 days later. Despite this issue I have travelled into Lanzarote Airport over 7 times and to only suffer one negative experience I am pleased.

        Security measures are high in Lanzarote however this is mainly to comply with laws than any other reason. Lanzarote is a very safe place to be. There are no political issues or threat of terrorism, this probably why the airport's perimeters are so unprotected. The runway starts in the sea. Planes start decent in the sea and fly into the airport over a piece of corrugated iron.

        This is a great place however to watch planes landing. On a Thursday you have the ability to see and take photos of many planes that are very low. The runway starts in the sea and continues onto the beach into the airport. In 1994 my dad found this lovely little stretch of beach, a sun trap with a great view. She soon learned however that it was also a very windy spot. As you can imagine the kickback of the plane engines combined with the usual windy conditions on this island this stretch of beach is more for the plane spotter than the bathers...well unless you actually want sandy sarnies.

        I wish I could display photos on this review as you really need to the perfect quality of a close up, over head image of a plane against a pure blue background to actually believe me. The pictures I have are beautiful and the sort of pictures you would only see in a professional aviation magazine. I can't think of many places in the world that would be as amazing as this, only seconds after going overhead the plane has touched down.

        Taxis run a regular service to most tourist areas in Lanzarote for a cost of 10 - 20 euros, in fact you can get to almost any destination via taxi. If you are travelling a little further the 'Arrecife Bus' is regular and reliable and is very reasonably priced stopping at all popular hotels and apartments.

        Many will be fortunate enough to have transfers included in their holiday package and for these people the tour reps will be ready and waiting at the arrivals lounge. They are easy to identify and whilst I can't really comment on this service as I have only used hire cars and taxis to travel to a from the airport but I have heard many people saying that it is good.

        You can also purchase hire cars in the arrivals lounge and travel to your destination. The cars come with insurance and a quarter tank of petrol so are ready to drive out of the airport. All cars come with 'English' maps that are easy to follow. It is easy to navigate in and out of the airport which is a good thing when you are in a hurry. From the airport all directions and resorts are clearly labelled and are easy to follow. It is quite hard to get lost in Lanzarote and if you think you do the signs will get you back to a large roundabout leading off to your destination.

        The flight plan is what makes the journey to and from Lanzarote such a pleasurable experience.

        On arrival to the airport the plane will fly over the volcanoes (from North to South) and will start decent over the mountainous terrain. The plane will then take a curved route out over the sea completely passing the island. The plane will then descend further in the sea, this is a terrifying experience for new passengers. I had explained the route to my partner who had explained to me that "many airports are like this" on landing he was speechless with awe. He pointed over to the beach and said "I can't believe how close we are to the beach, there is only a fence separating it". I laughed. This is clearly one of those places you will never appreciate until you have experienced it. I would recommend sitting on the left hand side of the plane on arrival as you will see the beautiful coast of Lanzarote.

        On departure the plane will fly off towards the Northern part of the island, over the mountains. Travelling through the low areas of cloud and being so close to the peaks and troughs of the many volcanoes is a great experience. On the journey home a seat on the right hand side of the plane will give you the best views.

        From the North of England expect to travel over the Atlantic Ocean, North-West France and Mainland Spain you may even see a part of Africa on the route. From the South of England expect to travel over Atlantic Ocean, Mainland France and Southern Spain, the Balearics and possibly parts of Africa. On a sunny day pictures are beautiful from above so go prepared with plenty of batteries and disk space/film with your camera.

        Lanzarote maybe unheard of to many people but it is a beautiful airport. Many seen to forget how important the airport is when planning a holiday, especially when such issues as facilities, staff and baggage issues can severely ruin a holiday. This airport is pleasure to travel to and from and I would highly recommend the airport and Lanzarote as a holiday destination.


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          24.09.2008 17:03
          Very helpful



          Nice airport....shame its in lanzarote

          Lanzarote Airport is the 9th busiest Airport in Spain, is located between Arrecife and the main tourist resort of Puerto del Carmen on the island of Lanzarote.

          Because of its popularity with holiday makers, this airport serves frequent scheduled and chartered flights from destinations all over Europe, as well as internal flights connecting Lanzarote Airport to the other islands within the Archipelago.

          Lanzarote airport has two terminals. Terminal one services international flights and is on two floors with Departures being on the Upper floor and Arrivals on the lower floor.

          The facilities are as you would expect from a major international airport and are of a good standard as the present terminal building has only recently been constructed.

          There are a variety of cafes, restaurants and fast-food outlets with internal and outdoor seating areas.

          Once you have gone through departures the shops are plentiful with a wide variety of choice.

          The food outlets are outstanding with good quality food on offer at good prices. There are also plenty of cash machines if you run out of money!

          I found the check in to be very efficiant and organised and the security were friendly.

          The airport seemed to be very english orientated, which being english was very helpful.
          My traveling companions described the smoking rooms to be very comfortable, and there was a inside and outside one available. Those that want a stiff drink before departure will be pleased to discover that alcohol was cheaper than in bars in lanzorote!!


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            05.04.2008 16:48
            Very helpful



            One of the nicest airports I have ever been to.

            I have been to Lanzarote three times now it is a beautiful Island.

            The airport is located between the city of Arrecife and the main tourist resort of Puerto del Carmen.It is a busy airport due to the Island being a popular holiday destination. Thursday is the busiest day of the week apparently because it is the main change over date for tourists.

            Terminal 1 is for international flights,departures being on the ground floor and arrivals on the upper floor, and Terminal 2 is for national and inter-Island flights.

            Terminal 1 is a brand new building and very bright and airy.
            There are plenty of duty free shops once you have checked in including a newsagents, florist, as well as the normal duty free wines and spirit, there is a particular shop that sells local products that was very nice to have a browse around I cannot recall the name of it but it had some lovely handbags and pieces of jewellrey on display.

            There are numerous cash machines around the terminal and a foreign currency desk if you need to change any of your euros before you return home.

            Cafes and fast food counters are plentiful in the departure area with plenty of seats also a bonus to this airport is an outside seating area so you can enjoy that last bit of sunshine before you board the plane.

            If you need any assistance for instance a wheel chair or just some advice you can talk to a member of staff they all wear green jackets or you can go to the information desk in departures.

            On arrival at the airport you are quickly through passport control and I have found that by the time you reach the luggage collection point your bags are already there, obviously they have a fast turn around on the flights so they dont mess about.
            Custom control is just an easy walk through and then you see the arrivals hall and the huge glass doors to the lovely sunshine outside.

            If you have not pre arranged transfers to your holiday destination
            it is very easy to grab a taxi there is usually a queue but airport officials organise the pick up point it is quite interesting to watch them directing the taxi drivers so that there is a steady flow.
            Costs are reasonable from between eight and twelve Euros depending on your resort.

            Local buses also run quite regularly to all resorts but taxis are very cheap in Lanzarotte.

            I must give you this little snippet of information before I go....
            as you fly into lanzarotte you feel as if the plane is going to land into the sea then all of a sudden you land on the runway, it is quite spectacular and as you are taxying to the terminal if you look out of the plane to the left you will see people walking along the beach path, you always see them waving to you.
            If you want to find this beach path for an afternoon out go to Matagorda and just follow the path it is a lovely walk and you will come to the landing lights that go out into the sea there is a seating area to watch planes coming into land and taking off but beware if you go onto the beach it can be quite deafening when one of those huge silver birds flies over your head you really are so close, to be honest it took my breath away I have never experienced any thing quite like it.

            Thank you for readingxxxxxxx


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