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Brother DCP 115C

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    4 Reviews
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      18.03.2014 11:27



      getting old

      I have owned this printer for a few years. It is an inkjet printer with scanner and copying. I use it mainly for printing letters. I have to say that the quality of the print has degraded over the years. I always use best quality but the quality is not clear and crisp. There is a hazy quality to the printing and sometimes a bit smudgy. On some occasions I also see blobs of ink in the corners of the page as well. The ink cartridges can be bought for a few pounds each but they tend to run out after about 50 prints. The time to print a letter is around 30 seconds to a minute. Scanning a page takes about the same amount of time. This printer is forever cleaning itself which can be a bit annoying when you want to print something but have to wait for it to clean itself. This model is not wireless. In summary this printer is starting to show its age and I will probably need an upgrade soon.


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      08.09.2010 17:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      worth looking at if you're looking for a printer

      I bought this Brother DCP -115C about 5 years ago as I needed a reliable printer to use as a colour copier to help me with my cardmaking.
      It is a combination digital copier/ inkjet printer.

      I purchased it from QVC for around £49 (plus p&p) mainly because they offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee but what finally pushed me into buying it was the fact they were offering easy payments with no no interest.

      It arrived a couple of days later in a huge box with loads of the usual polystyrene, card & plastic but there it was - my first and only printer - carefully protected and just waiting to be used.

      Along with the machine itself was a very comprehensive and easy to understand user's guide and a quick setup guide which, to be honest, I haven't really needed as I use the Brother just as a pcopier so I have had no need to connect it to my PC. If you want to take advantage of all the features (especially digital photography ones) then it might be useful to know that it is compatible with Mac OS9-92. Windows 98/98E/ME/2000, Professional and XP.

      The offer I chose included 2 sets of ink cartridges which are very easy to load (thanks in part to the written instructions plus diagrams which are given in the manual). It's obviously recommended that you use only Brother inks but I use the cheapest I can find. I use it on a weekly basis and run off about 100 -150 copies of A4 card but it also takes plain, glossy and inkjet paper, transparencies, envelopes etc.

      I've found the inks last about 6 weeks (the black much longer) so from my point of view I think it's economical and I'm saving a lot as I don't have to go to our local copier shop. I've found that I use more ink if I'm not careful about making sure it's fully shut down when I've finished as everytime I switch it back on it starts to 'clean' so I'm wasting ink.

      Within 30 days my machine developed a fault so I phoned the helpline where a very patient man talked me through possible solutions which I tried but to no avail. When I phoned again they stated they would send me a replacement machine and collect my old one. Sure enough it arrived a couple of days later but the old copier's still in the garage!

      I've had to phone several times over the years due to problems with banding, colour mis-matches etc but these have all been dealt with efficiency, patience and politeness. It was decided that I should have a Brother engineer come round to overhaul the machine for me and he spent a couple of hours - on leaving he said it was as 'good as new only better'!

      Despite some problems I would buy another of these should I ever need to as it suits me fine. The copy quality is good, the machine is quite compact, easy to use and seems quite cheap to run in comparison to others I've read about. The manual is good for me because, as you can probably tell, I'm not a technical person and the trouble-shooting section has been invaluable.

      For those of you who like more specific info -
      memory - 8MB
      automatic feed - 10 pages
      power save mode - 2.5 watts
      weight - 5.5kg
      paper feed tray holds 100 sheets

      It states that 20 black & white sheets can be done per minute or 15 colour sheets but I'd say it was slower than that. This may be frustratingly slow for some but it doesn't bother me as I can always find something else to do and I'm never in a great rush.

      - although I've had a few problems over the years it has saved me a lot of money
      - straightforward to use
      - clear instructions included
      - only need to replace 1 ink colour at a time as they're separate
      - looks smart
      - may be too basic for some but I'd recommend it for the price.


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        30.04.2007 18:57
        1 Comment



        very good AIO good value for money, DEFENITLY WORTH BUYING, please READ my review for more detail

        i have had this printer for about 1 month now and have had no problems with it. i think the main advantages of this printer are:

        *It has 1 ink cartridge for every different color (yellow, blue, red, black) so when 1 color runs out you don't have to buy a whole new color ink cartridge with 3 colors.

        *Excellent Quality

        *the ink cartridges last a long time

        *it has a scanner/photocopier as well as a printer

        *it is very compact with the paper holder underneath instead of sticking out the back

        *you can upload pictures from a digital camera onto the computer from the picture card without needing to plug your whole camera in. it supports the card types: SD, xD, CF,M, and many more.

        *it has a mini screen on the printer to tell you the status of the printer and to set it up.

        *it includes professional language translation programs so you scan in a document in in French, German, or other main European languages and translate it to English.

        Those are most of the advantages. but there are a few minor disadvantages:

        *it doesn't include the USB cable.

        *the software takes a while to get the hang of.


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          19.09.2006 11:54
          Very helpful



          useful copier, printer, photo printer


          The Brother DCP-115C was on offer at Argos and, I must admit, that was the reason I bought it. It had previously been on sale for just under a hundred pounds and I bought it for forty-nine.

          So, what did I get for my money? This is combination digital copier/ inkjet printer. It is quite simple to use once you work it out and there are on screen instructions to guide you along. I got this home, unpacked it, and investigated the contents of the box. It is compatible with Mac OS 9.1-9.2, Mac OS X 10.2.4 or greater and Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000 Professional and XP.

          It also comes with a comprehensive, easy to understand guide book and ink cartridges.

          The USB cable was not included in the box but I did happen to have one from an old printer, so be aware of this before you go home with shiny new machine and find you can’t use it because you don’t have the correct leads. (I must admit that it annoys me when I buy monitors, printers, etc that don’t come with the correct leads. This can sometimes add ten or twelve pounds to the price, depending on what you need.)

          First things first. Remove the packing, plug it in, and connect to pc via USB cable and follow the instructions on the very simple installation disc. Next, the ink cartridges had to be installed. This machine has three ink cartridges which must be installed in the correct slots. It is very easy to do.

          Next, test the printer. Everything was set up correctly and working fine in under 15 minutes. (Including the time it took me to read the appropriate sections in the manual.)

          Operation is really easy. There is a screen on the front of the machine which allows you to access the menu and choose scan size, capture size (for capture from digital cameras), picture quality, and mono, or colour. You can also choose paper size here, enlarge, reduce, and even manage your ink and scanner set up. Sounds complicated? It isn’t.

          The Paperport Software supplied with this machine is also very easy to use and simple to install. You get a mini photo editing suite and you can also manipulate and improve the quality of photographs and documents from the interface.

          The important technical details for this machine are:

          Memory: 8MB
          Automatic feed 10pages
          Paper tray holds 100 sheets
          Power save mode 2.5watts
          Weight 5.5kgs

          The paper tray holds paper in different sizes: A4 to C5 envelopes and sizes in between and the printer takes plain paper, inkjet paper, glossy paper, transparencies and envelopes.

          Maximum print speed on this machine is 20 black and white pages per minute and, according to the manufacturer 15 pages of colour. However, I would say that it is far slower than that. My own estimation would be less than half those figures.

          I do find it particularly slow when I’m printing, for example, newsletters with more than 50% colour, straight from Word.

          Photo printing is quite slow too. The machine will indicate that it is receiving data and then pause while it thinks about it. A simple 6X5 photograph in colour, can take a few minutes to process.

          So, if you want value for money and you are not too worried about speed, I would recommend this machine. However, if you are intending to use it for bulk printing, I would recommend something a bit faster.


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