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Canon Pixma MG5250

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    4 Reviews
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      15.02.2013 13:53
      Very helpful




      When I was looking for a printer, there were so many printers models and makes to choose from that it made the task of choosing the right one a little bit difficult. I personally wanted a All in One Printer, a printer that can print, scan and copy all in one machine that didn't take up too much room on my desk. I also wanted a wireless printer, mainly to reduce the clutter in my already small office room; and so a wireless printer with no unnecessary wires would be ideal.

      I was also quite surprised to find that the prices for many wireless printers were quite reasonable, making a wireless printer with an all in one function very affordable. That was one of the key reasons why I chose the Canon Pixma MG5250, priced at around £50, meant it matched my budget and had all the features I wanted in a Printer.


      Resolution: n9600 x 2400 dpi
      B&W / colour speed 11 ppm / 9.3 ppm

      Ink droplet size 1 pl
      Number of cartridges 5

      Number of base colours 4
      Scanner yes

      Copier yes
      Fax no

      Wi-Fi yes
      Duplex yes

      The Canon Pixma MG5250 has a nice modern design, with a nice glossy black colour finish. The edges have a nice smooth curvy feel, and makes the printer look in my opinion very sophisticated and classy. The printer is a nice compact size, making it fit easily on my desk leaving plenty of room left over.

      The Printer has a scanner device that is located just below the top cover, and a printer inkjet tray that is visible once the tray is opened. It has slots for five cartridges, and an easy accessible photo/paper tray at the front of the printer. The selection buttons are easily visible and placed on the right of the printer.
      What really grabbed my attention was the very modern and sleek 2.4 inch TFT colour LCD screen. I found the screen position can easily be adjusted by tilting up or down.

      It has slots for USB flash drives, and photo memory cards at the front just under a small cover.
      I was very pleasantly surprised with the design of the printer, it looks beautiful and places the slots and buttons in convenient places.

      The first thing that I noticed when using the printer was the LCD screen's easy to use interface. It has a very handy preview option where you can view previews of the photos/documents on the 2 inch screen before you print them. This was great, as the picture quality on screen was very crisp and clear. I loved how I was able to quickly access features that I had used last, by simply selecting quick access function in the menu screen.

      The menu design Is definitely a plus, I am not a technical person so was a great feature to have an easy user friendly design. The menu was so easy to use, that I didn't even find the need to look at the instruction manual, which is always a good thing as I never like reading through manuals!
      The Wireless feature on this printer is great, it easily automatically detected the WiFi on my laptop and connected almost instantly. One of the positive aspects of the WiFi feature on this printer is that it is WEP and WPA secure, and keeps my network safely free from intruders.

      It also comes with full HD printing software, making it very handy for someone who loves taking HD photos. I found it easy to install the software on my computer and fairly straight forward to use, all I had to do I click on the photo I wanted to print and it would start printing in HD quality.
      As I currently own an iPhone, I love taking pictures using the iPhone camera when ever I am at functions. Therefore the next feature I am about to mention is a huge advantage for owning this Canon Pixma printer. It has a feature that recognises the iPhone's easy photo print option. This was really easy to use, I basically open the application on my iPhone and then tap the picture I wish to print, and then simply select the print option on the phone, it really as easy as 1,2,3. The recent update means it is also supports android and iPad devices.

      The other feature I liked about this printer, was the printers ability to automatically print two sided documents using its auto duplex print option. This has saved me from having to manually turn the pages around and has kept me from wasting paper. The printer therefore reduces paper use by up to a huge 50%, meaning I have saved money and helped the environment in the same process.

      So to the main function, how well does it print? When I was printing Plain paper documents from word it took around 15 seconds. In sleep mode it took a little longer at 20 seconds. Photocopying took around 25 seconds, and The duplex function took the longest (which was expected) printing printouts at around 40 seconds. I overall thought the print out times were very fast.

      Quality wise, the printouts were of great quality. The photo prints were very detailed and were nice a colourful. This was evidently due to the vast range of colours in the five ink tanks. I thought the print outs were of a professional standard and could easily compare to the photo prints that I use to get from photo print stores.
      As the Printer uses iPi technology and a maximum of 9600 dpi, I found the resolution and colour contrasts in the photos were outstanding.
      Ink Cartridges are also reasonably priced (around £20-25) and are readily available at most supermarkets or online store.

      The scanner function also performed well, it has rates of 2400ppi optical scanning which is not the best; but for me it still scanned documents with noticeable detail and quality.


      Overall I found this printer to be a great valued added member to our home office. It has brilliant printing quality, and wireless connectivity, as well as the major benefit of printing photos without even turning your computer on (iPhone). It was very user friendly, and easy to use.

      I would recommend this printer to anyone who is looking for an all in one printer that is reasonably low in price and high in quality.


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        10.01.2013 11:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        see review

        As I work from home I need to use a printer regularly. On November 2011 I came across a good offer of Canon MG5250 on Amazon website. After reading a few reviews and comparing the price I decided to give it a go.

        About Canon:

        Canon is a commonly known Japanese multinational corporation, which is specialised in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment. It was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 1937. Today it is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. The one I'm writing about is one of Canon printer products, given the full name, Canon PIXMA MG5250.
        Packaging and Features:

        My Canon MG5250 comes in a well designed recycled box with the weight of 11 Kg. It contains a printer, a Mains Cable, a setup CD, printed instruction manual in four languages including English.
        The printer machine is approximately 45.5cm wide, 16cm high and 36.8cm deep. Its weight is 8kg with 5 original Canon starter cartridges. The machine is in a black colour. At the top centre of the set there is a logo of PIXMA and the operating area is on the top left. The brand name of Canon is in the front on middle; the model name is on the left side; the power on/off button is on the front left top side and on the bottom you can see a USB connection and a WIFI sign too. In the middle there is a Disc tray.


        The machine is really easy to getting started. First you should remove all orange tape and protective materials from the inside and outside the printer. Second you need to plug the machine into a power source and install the provided cartridges in the print head. Third you need to insert the CD into your computer and follow the instructions. You can choose insert the USB cable or Wireless network; you can also choose the Basic Guide or Advanced Guide to install.

        After setting up you can use your Canon MG5250 to do print, copy and scan as you want.

        Price and Availability:

        In the UK you can buy Canon MG5250 in many retailers store and websites. You will find the prices vary. As a guide, it's currently sold on Amazon UK website for £66.99 and the RRP was £149.00.

        My personal experience:

        My first impression was very good. It looked like a heavy black box, but stylish. When I put the printer in my living room I was happy with its appearance. It really matched with my Philips DVP3880 and my Humax Foxsat HDR box.

        After more than one year use I would like to say I'm satisfied with my choice. The performance of the machines is excellent. It's easy to use and the machine is always quickly responsive to my order. I mainly use the printer for high quantity black and colour printing. I think the speed is fast, the noise is low and the quality is high. I even use it for printing photos, and I think these come out very well; especially considering my Sony Camera is just a very basic digital camera.

        My only downside is the cost of replacing cartridges. I paid £89.99 for the machine, but during the one year use I have paid over £100 for the original Canon cartridges. I've found if I have not used the machine for some time, it needs to do print test when I send a document for printing. It's really annoying and a waste of ink and paper.

        In conclusion I'm very pleased with the performance of my Canon PIXMA MG5250. It's a reasonable priced All-In-One Colour Printer for home use. I would highly recommend this printer if you are thinking of buying one. It's a great value for money.


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          06.10.2011 15:23
          Very helpful



          Has been reliable over 6 months and provided quality images for 3 professional design jobs.

          Manufacturers that sell affordable high-quality printers and then try to sell you massively overpriced ink cartridges are so endemic that it appears to be the industry standard, so I'm not going to go into that in this review.

          The MG5250 came in a huge box with some extra goodies. Included was a set of ink cartridges, a pack of postcard size glossy printer paper, CD printing tray and another couple of tray types. The manual is over an inch thick, luckily I haven't had to read it cover to cover.

          Assembling the printer took about half an hour, there's a step-by-step guide included in the box showing you how to clip everything together. I'm worried about the apparent flimsiness of the lid but it's holding up so far.

          To get the printer connected to the wireless network I needed the WEP key from the bottom of my router. Once the printer is switched on and connected it was over to my PC to install the Canon software.

          The MG5250 can connect to a wireless network and this was easy to set up on the PC. I've successfully installed the software on Windows 7 and XP computers so far. By default the software starts up with your operating system, but it does seem quite resource-hungry so I switch it off when I don't need it.
          After the initial setup it is easy to use, you can control the print, scan and other options quite easily.

          The print quality is excellent. I have used this printer for some design and branding work and the clients who received the images were pleased with the quality, which I think is worth mentioning as clients are usually a total pain to keep happy. These images were 300dpi ranging from thumbnail size to full A4 with no depreciation in quality.

          Bear in mind that for this work I managed the print quality settings through Photoshop CS5 and not the printer's own settings.

          Scanning images is straightforward and you can get a high-quality scan quite quickly, I've tried this with b&w images as well as colour and there is no deterioration in image quality. I scanned from the printer-side interface, which is easy to use despite only having three buttons.

          To date the ink cartridges have done about 40 colour images and the magenta is now running low. I'd estimate I can get another ten or so out before it refuses to print anything else.

          I haven't tried getting refills from the cartridge-refill services yet, as some of the shoddier outfits end up knackering your printer. I will update this review once I'm out of legit cartridges and have to bite the bullet.


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          13.05.2011 21:19
          Very helpful



          Recommended: 4.5 out of 5, but rounded up to 5* because I'm feeling generous!


          My old HP 1205 All-in-One Printer finally gave up the ghost a short while ago, so I began researching the various new printers on offer. I wanted a Printer/Scanner/Copier with built in wireless. Hopefully robust enough to last several years, whilst managing an average family sized amount of printing. After doing my research, I decided that I'd go down the Canon route as they seemed to offer the best of both worlds.

          Generally, they seemed well built and offered separate ink tanks for each colour. My choice was the Canon MG5250 from Amazon. I had a budget of around £100, and this came in just under that at £98.97 delivered.

          **In the Box/Setup**

          The Printer is very well packaged. Encased in the usual polystyrene inserts, it also had a solid tube of re-enforced cardboard in each corner to protect the box and contents during transit.

          With the printer, you receive 5 original Canon starter cartridges that I believe contain less ink than the standard retail cartridges, but they do enable you to get up and printing straight away.

          You are also given a setup CD, printed instruction manual, various registration documents and the power lead. As usual these days, you are not provided with a USB to Printer cable. This wasn't an issue for me, as the printer would only be used wirelessly, and during setup you are given the option to install via cable or through a wireless network. A USB cable can be bought separately from a multitude of places for as little as £1.99, if it is required.

          During setup, firstly make sure you have removed all pieces of sticky tape and protective plastic sheeting from the printer. Canon did a really good job of protecting every part they can, so be sure to search inside the scanner lid and the cartridge compartment to get them all!

          Next, you need to plug your printer into a power source and install the provided cartridges. The print head comes already installed in this model so just unwrap the plastic from the cartridges, tear off the plastic strip from the top edge and install into the correctly marked cartridge holder in the print head. A solid red light will appear when correctly inserted and recognised.

          The next step is to insert the CD and follow the instructions. It is as simple as that really. It will prompt you when to insert the USB cable or alternatively, select your wireless network and network security key if you have one. It will also prompt you for an easy or advanced install; the advanced install enables you to select which additional print software is to be installed (or not), whereas easy installs it all.


          The printer would be used primarily for scanning/copying and high quantity black and colour printing (my wife is a teacher), as well as a few 6x4 glossy photo prints of our son. The normal, everyday printing is light years ahead of the old HP in terms of both speed and quality. Spitting out copies at a very acceptable rate. The official line is, it's capable of 11 pages per minute in Black, and 9 pages in colour but would depend on the actual content, so is hard to quantify really.

          The 6x4 photos are printed using the rear feed tray, and I think to the naked eye, these come out just as good as the professional print shops, especially considering the print only takes between 20 and 30 seconds!

          The MG5250 accepts a multitude of SD cards and Sony Memory Sticks via a series of slots hidden neatly behind a discreet flap just under the power button on the right hand side. A single USB port is also situated just below that for direct attachment of devices to the printer.

          There is a very bright, colourful and large 2.4" flip up screen situated at the top right of the printer that displays large, 3D looking icons. This is where the controls are for easy one touch scanning and photo copying, as well as changing network settings and controlling printing from external devices such as digital cameras, USB sticks and memory cards.

          I've found that the MG5250 can sometimes be a little slow to start up when you send a document for printing, especially it seems, when it has not been in use for some time. So although actual printing time is quick, factor in a bit of delay on occasions. This could be due to the various conditions of my wireless network, and direct connection via USB may prove quicker. I also only have a wireless 'g' router, but this printer also caters for those of you with the newer and faster wireless 'n' routers. This may also improve connection speed and performance.

          The 5250 is fairly quiet when compared with my old printer, but maybe this is due to the fact that my old one spent more time printing per page! Only really audible when preparing the scanner for scanning/photocopying jobs which it seems to complete quickly and with good detail to the copies.

          Overall, pretty pleased with performance and once it gets going is very quick indeed.

          **Running Costs/Consumables**

          You receive 5 Original cartridges with the printer; they are from the latest range (525/526) made by Canon. You get the PGI-525 Black (high capacity), then 4 normal capacity, CLI-526 Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

          When searching for the original Canon cartridges, the cheapest price I've found (just by doing a google shopping search) comes to £41.67 for the 5 inks. I've never liked paying full price for my cartridges, especially as HP were crazily expensive before I got the Canon. So I checked out a site recommended by a work colleague: www.inkredible.co.uk where I managed to get 2 full sets (10 cartridges) of compatibles, which came ready to use for £39.99 (they also arrived the next day which was even better!)

          Overall it seems that as long as you can find a reliable supplier, ink costs are already looking cheaper than the HP by some margin. Hopefully prices will be even lower by the time I need to order some more, as the Printer and new range of cartridges get more popular.

          **Final Words**

          Well, it seems that I appear to have fulfilled my original criteria! I found a printer that feels well built, has all the functions we need, is easy to setup and use even for non-computer people as well as possibly the most important factor in these economically unstable times, I have managed to cut down the amount I pay for my Ink. Especially happy that I won't be wasting ink or money due to the individual ink tanks compared with the HP having 1 Black and 1 colour tank.

          Incidentally, the Canon compatible cartridges I bought have a clear plastic tank (the HP carts were solid Black plastic, and you had to guess as to how much may be left!), so you can easily see if the cartridge is really empty, rather than just trusting the ink monitor lik...sometimes it lies!

          It's not quite perfect, but it's a 4.5 out of 5 as only a few minor quibbles go against it. As a middle of the range, all singing, all dancing printer, I think it is very good value for the price and gets the recommended seal of approval from me!


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