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Canon Pixma MP140

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      01.02.2011 10:03



      Great printer for the money, worth getting

      I picked up one of these nearly a year ago. I wasn't overly impressed with the look of it - it's a bit bulkier than some other printers around, and I had a little trouble finding a place for it on my desk, but functionally it's superb.

      The printing is a little noisy, but not so much that you want to shut it off. It isn't particularly fast, but produces clear, crisp images and text - great for presentations or just for printing off the shopping list. The scanner is high quality and produces great images. I did have a little trouble getting the software to work, but was able to download updated scanner software from the manufacturers website which did the trick.

      My only real gripe with the printer is the cost of ink cartridges. The cartridges that it came with lasted for a good six months (although we didn't use it an awful lot) but the replacement cost was more than the cost of a new printer. I was halfway tempted to just buy a new one and use that for another six months. That said, the new cartridges are still going strong now, so seem to have been worth the outlay.

      I'd not hesitate to buy this again if I needed a printer, particularly given how cheap it is these days (under £25 at amazon!).


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      26.01.2011 00:09
      Very helpful



      A good, cheap printer that's great value for money and easy to use but isn't perfect!

      Specifications (as copied from Amazon)
      Product Description: Canon PIXMA MP140 - multifunction ( printer / copier / scanner ) ( colour )
      Device Type: Printer / copier / scanner
      Copier Type: Digital
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 44.5 cm x 38.1 cm x 18 cm
      Weight: 6.3 kg
      Printing Technology: Ink-jet ( colour )
      Max Copying Speed: Up to 19 ppm (mono) / up to 15 ppm (colour)
      Max Printing Speed: Up to 20 ppm (mono) / up to 15 ppm (colour)
      Max Printing Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi (mono) / up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (colour)
      Scanning: 600 x 1200 dpi
      Original Type: Sheets, books
      Media Size: 54 x 86 mm (min) - Legal (216 x 356 mm) (max)
      Media Type: Transparencies, envelopes, plain paper, cards, photo paper
      PC Connection Availability: Yes
      PC Connection: Hi-Speed USB
      Microsoft Certification: Certified for Windows Vista

      I've had some absolute nightmares with printers. Whilst at Uni I had 3 break on me within the same year! My poor parents were sick of shelling out for expensive printers that just kept breaking anyway so they brought me this one, which was on offer alongside a digital camera at Argos.
      I wasn't holding out much hope on this printer being better than the last, especially as it was so cheap. But as a bit of a photography buff, I was impressed by the fact that it also had photocopying as well as printing capabilities.

      This is an all in one printer, which means it boasts printing, scanning and photocopying capabilities all in one product. Personally I mainly just use the printer for standard printing but I have used the scanner once before and found it fairly easy to use and was impressed with the scan quality. Whilst admittedly, I don't use these copying and scanning facilities very often, it's still nice to have the option to be able to use them in the future if I need to.

      The printer comes with additional Software and applications to guide you through the copying and scanning processes. Photograph printing for example is done using an easy to use programme called 'Easy Photo Printing'. This means it's extremely easy to use, even for those who haven't really done much scanning or photocopying before.

      How it looks
      It's black/grey-white colour, attractive enough looking but nothing specail. Personally, I'm more bothered about how the printer works then what it looks like so this doesn't bother me.
      It's pretty compact considering it's a multifunctional printer. The bottom of the paper tray can be folded up and closed to create some extra space on your desk and to stop it getting damaged, which I thought was a pretty nice feature. However having said that, it's not exactly mobile and is quite heavy to carry around.

      Easy to use?
      I'll be honest, I had a few issues with changing the ink cartridges the first time I had to do it. However now I can change them in less than a minute and find it extremely easy to do so. The cartridge will make a loud clicking sound when successfully installed so you'll know if you've done it correctly. I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it. And if you're still stuck then read the instruction manual, which comes with easy step by step instructions on how to change the ink cartridges .
      It was also fairly easy to install (once I'd come across a spare USB wire that is!) as it comes with 3 installation disks for different operating systems (Windows, Mac and Vista) and you just follow the on screen instructions.

      I've had this printer for just over 2 years now and it still works fine.
      At university I wrote a dissertation based on dance photography, which included many full page colour photographs and 140 pages of written information which I printed using this printer. It coped very well with task, albeit with about a million ink cartridge changes needed in between!
      2 years might not seem much but I have such bad luck with printers that it's a miracle to me that this one has lasted as long as it has, with no major issues.

      This is one of the cheapest printers available and considering the fact that it's a 3 in 1, it works out as really good value for money. It seems to price round about the £35 mark in most places but can be brought even cheaper than this if you find the right offer. I've even seem it offered free alongside certain laptops and PC's.
      I also think it's fairly easy to use, including the changing of the ink cartridges once you've gotten used to doing it. For these reason, I'd recommend it everyone, even those who arent really confident with technology.

      The printer doesn't actually come with its own USB cable which I thought was a bit odd. Admittedly it isn't expensive to buy yourself a USB cable to use with this printer, you may even have a spare one already laying around the house like I did but I still think it should come with one anyway.

      I've noticed that the ink cartridges empty very quickly and I the printer often tells me that I need to change the cartridges after only just putting them in! Now the cartridges for this particular model of printer are not cheap so this quickly becomes annoying and expensive.
      I tend to ignore the low ink messages and continue to use the ink cartridges anyway because often I find that they can still print fine and in full colour even when my printers saying they are empty! I'm not sure if this is just a fault with my printer but several of the more negative reviews of the product on Amazon seem to focus on the low ink issue.
      My advice is to keep using the cartridges for as long as you possibly can and ignore the printer's low ink message because it's often wrong (well mine is anyway!)

      Finally, there's a lot of buttons and flashing lights on the computers interface. Since I tend only to use the on/off and 'print' buttons, all these extra buttons and lights are confusing. I have no idea what half of them do and really think that Canon could have simplified the interface somewhat.

      A cheap, easy to use printer that is not without it's fault but great value for money.


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        15.01.2011 11:47
        Very helpful



        A good printer that does everything you need

        I have owned this printer for around 6 months, and I am very happy with it. It is averagely sized, pale grey coloured with a black area at the front. The controls are located conveniently at the front, and are pretty self-explanatory to use, for scanning, photocopying, starting and stopping printing and switching the printer on and off.

        The area at the back for inserting paper has a ruler marked onto it, showing you where to insert different sizes of paper (maximum A4). I use the printer with several different sizes of paper and all work perfectly. There is a small piece of plastic that slides along the ruler, to hold paper in place and ensure printing is straight.

        The top of the printer opens for scanning, a feature that also works well, the only downside being the loud noise the printer makes when scanning. You can scan images onto a computer, or photocopy them and print them straight out, a feature I like because of how quick it is.

        The printer opens easily for changing cartridges and a fold out arm holds it in place. Changing the cartridges is very easy and the instructions included are clear.

        The printer is fairy compact and folds away nicely - the tray at the bottom and the paper stand at the back can both be folded in for storage.

        The quality of printing is very good, particularly with photo paper, and you can choose from different modes such as high quality, medium and quick print.

        Overall, a great printer that does everything you want it to for a good price. The only problems I can find with it are the cost of ink cartridges which do have to be replaced quite frequently, and the fact that the printer does not include a USB cable (you can buy these from Argos for around £3). I use unofficial printer cartridges which work, however the printer continues to claim it has low ink until an official Canon one is used. This is a little annoying, but a minor setback to what is, overall, a great printer.


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        21.11.2008 17:59
        Very helpful



        A great all round printer.

        Whilst buying a £55 digital camera recently from Tesco Direct my daughter was lucky enough to receive a free printer worth £89.97. She was obviously over the moon and so was I because she loves to use all my ink printing her photos!

        ==A Bit About The Printer==

        The Canon Pixma MP140 is quite a good looking printer, not too big. It is grey in colour with the paper support, pullout paper tray and operation panel all being dark grey. The printer came well packaged with a set-up sheet, a quick start manual and a CD-Rom with the complete user guide, which you can install onto your computer. Also included with the printer is the power cable and a black and a colour ink cartridge. Unfortunately you do not get a USB cable with the printer, which you will need if you want to connect your printer to your computer. We were able to pick up a value USB cable in Tesco for less than £2.

        The set up sheet is just a glossy A3 sheet, which explains through the use of pictures in a very simple and easy to follow manner, the initial set up of your printer; from removing the protective strips from inside the machine, setting up the paper trays, installing the ink cartridges and attaching the power cable to installing the CD-Rom onto your computer. It is explained for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

        Once you have done all the basic start up procedures you can then turn to your Quick Start Guide Booklet, which again is very easy to follow and self explanatory. If you do however have any problems following this booklet then the CD-Rom explains in great detail all the workings of your printer and gives help with any problems you may have.

        ==Using The Printer==

        When we first set up the printer, as I said earlier, we did not have a USB cable to attach it to Erin's laptop, but being a typical 11 year old she wanted to use it immediately! It is very simple to use without your computer. We were able to scan and copy photographs or documents we already had. Once we had done this we could then choose whether we wanted the copy to be in black and white or colour, we could also shrink or enlarge the item to fit the paper we had. You are also able to choose the number of copies you would like, with the numbers being displayed on a little LCD screen on the operation panel. The operation panel was very simple and easy to use with good sized buttons that were easy to press, with each button having its use written along side it so it doesn't matter if you forget what they all do.

        Once we had the USB cable attached to the computer, again it couldn't be more self explanatory and easy to use. Printing photos is done through Easy Photo Print, a very apt name. You are taken through 3 different stages:

        **Image Selection**

        This, as the name would suggest, is where you can scroll through all your photographs and pick the ones you want to print. I like this function because all photographs in each of your folders are displayed and you just tick all the photos you want to print and how many copies of each you require. It was great being able to choose all your photos for printing at once, with my software you have to pick one picture at a time, which can take a while.

        **Paper Selection**

        Again as the name would suggest this is where you can enter all your paper choices from size of paper to quality and type. You can also choose whether you would like to print single sided or double sided.


        Erin's favourite selection! You choose how you would like the photograph to appear on the page. Landscape, portrait, 2 on one page, 4 on one page, with a border, without a border, you can even choose to have up to 80 prints of the same photograph on one A4 sheet, great for handing out all those daft photos to all your friends!

        So as you can probably guess the photo printing side is very easy to do and great fun. We then went on to try printing out a word document and again this was very simple.

        Yet another function this printer has is that it supports Exif Print. This is where, using the correct USB cable, you can attach compatible cameras directly to the printer without having to upload the photos onto your computer first. Again this was very easily done and did save a lot of time, although I personally prefer to see the photos on the computer first, before printing, I think it's easier to see the quality of the picture and indeed whether I want to print it or not. Having said this it was still a great function and very useful.

        ==Print Performance==

        Yes you've guessed it, I can't fault this either! As far as ink jet printers go the quality of the photos is great. The ink cartridges give a great performance and seem to last quite a while. We have had the printer since the start of September and Erin has printed MANY photos over the months. The black ink cartridge is still almost full but the colour one is only now beginning to run low.

        ==Some Technical Information==

        Compatible Cartridges PG-37, CL-38 (optional - PG-40, CL-41)
        Features of Product 4800 x 1200 dpi print resolution. ChromaLife100 for long lasting photos. Borderless printing & copying 10x15cm+A4
        Copy Speed Mono = 19, colour = 15ppm
        Maximum Print Size A4
        Maximum Resolution Horizontal 1200
        Maximum Resolution Vertical 4800
        Pages Per Minute - Black 20
        Pages Per Minute - Colour 15
        Paper Tray Capacity 100
        Product Depth 38.1 cm
        Product Height 18.1 cm
        Product Weight 6.3kg
        Product Width 44.3 cm
        Scanning Resolution in DPI 600 x 1200

        Te replace the ink cartridges the black one costs around about £10.49 and the coloured one is about £18.49, although I have seen them cheaper online.

        I have thought long and hard about how I could fault this printer and what problems we had, if any, but I genuinely cannot find any fault and we certainly have not had any problems. If I had to fault something the only fault I can find is I feel you should have been given a USB cable with the printer but then that's not really a fault that's just me being picky!

        I hope I covered everything. Thanks for reading.

        Also posted elsewhere under the same name.

        © lel1969


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