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Canon Pixma MP150

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5 Reviews

Canon PIXMA MP150 - Multifunction ( printer / copier / scanner ) - colour - ink-jet - copying (up to): 22 ppm (mono) / 17 ppm (colour) - printing (up to): 22 ppm (mono) / 17 ppm (colour) - 100 sheets - Hi-Speed USB

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    5 Reviews
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      30.08.2010 10:39
      Very helpful
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      A good 3in1 machine, which prints in excellent quality.

      I bought this printer about a year ago, for the bargain price of £29.99 from Argos. I went for it, simply because it was the cheapest 'decent brand' printer that they had - I needed one quickly for some work-related printing, so didn't really have time to research it.

      Now, I've read a few 'iffy' reviews about this printer, but I have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever! I've found it to be a very reliable machine. Yes, the paper feeder is a little flimsy, but it's not broken yet so I'm not going to question that until it does!

      Printing - Now it is said that this is a photo printer, I will admit to having not ever printed photos with it. The most that it has printed is Word documents, but the quality of printing has always been good. It is a quick-printing machine.

      Scanning - an excellent little scanner. I actually only used that element for the first time last week, and I was impressed with the quality of scanning. I imported my image from the scanner through into Paint Shop Pro 7, so I didn't actually use the software that came with the printer. I decided to stay with familiar software, otherwise no doubt I would have gotten confused! You can adjust the quality when scanning - obviously the higher the quality, the larger the file size. A warning does pop-up when using the highest quality setting about how it will take up lots of processor, so I wouldn't recommend with a slow computer!

      Photocopying - I've used this feature several times, and found the quality to be amazing. It is like using a big photocopier at work, I honestly could not tell the difference in quality! It is quick and easy to use, and you don't need to be connected to the computer for this feature.

      My only gripe with the printer is the cost of the ink - it is very expensive. When I had to replace both the black/colour inks, it cost more than what the actual printer did, which was disappointing. However, this is my own fault for not researching the product before I bought it.

      Overall - a good little printer for the price, but look to see if cheap ink is available before purchasing!


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        14.07.2010 21:48
        Very helpful



        A decent printer

        After buying my first house a few years back, and subsequently buying a laptop, it soon became apparent that I would be needing to also purchase a printer.

        After trawling a few electrical retailers, the best deal I had spotted was the Cannon Pixma MP150, mainly because this piece of kit was not just a printer, as it also had a built in scanner and a photocopier.

        The printer was also on offer at the time in Currys, reduced from £79.99 down to £59.99, and this seemed to good to miss, especially when most of the other possibilities that I had been looking at were costing a similar price just for a basic printer (without the scanner and photo copier facility).

        The cannon Pixma 150 was very easy to install, and only took about 10 minutes, before I was trying out the different options.

        *** My experiences ***

        My experience with the Pixma MP150 has been very good in general.
        The printer is a fairly large sturdy unit designed for moderately heavy use, and never seems fragile in any way.
        The paper feeder is fully adjustable, and I have never had any issues with the paper feed jamming up.
        The completed prints come out of the front of the machine face up, giving them extra time to dry, and therefore reducing the chance of smudging.
        The prints are very good quality, both in black and white and in colour.

        The scanner is an excellent addition to the Pixma MP150, which I have used many times. The weakest section of this multi functional piece of kit is the photocopier which seems to have the poorest printing quality, but still offers a useful service for a general photocopy of a document for personal records etc.

        My only real gripe with the MP150 is the ink. The printer seems to guzzle it down like some sort of 'ink-oholic'!
        I have managed to reduce the amount of ink I was initially getting through, after finding that my wife was writing (and therefore printing) a lot of her university work out in bold format!
        The ink cartridges are very easy to load / remove, and there are two separate cartridges - 1 colour and 1 black, which is a bonus, because if the black runs out, it is still possible to print in navy blue or grey or some similar colour.
        I have never been able to find a place that will re-fill these ink cartridges (please speak up if anyone knows if it is possible), and due to the ink guzzling printer, I fear I must have spent a pretty penny on new cartridges, which weigh in at around £15 for the black, and £20 for the colour. Bearing in mind that the printer came with one black, and one colour cartridge when I purchased it, it is almost as cheap to re-buy a whole new printer each time the ink runs out!!!

        Thank for reading

        © L500589 2010


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          18.01.2010 00:52
          Very helpful



          Good easy to use, not great for frequent use

          Ive had this all in one printer for a couple of years now and find it perfect for my needs.

          It has a scanner, a photo copier and printer function. I find the photo copier function produces the worse quality out of the 3 functions and would not use it for large quantity copying.

          The printer comes with all the software you need and is very simple to install and use.
          I have used it a couple of times for printing photos but it does get slightly more complicated when trying to select the correct paper etc, and the quality isnt great. I dont feel it is better value for money printing photos on this printer as it uses a lot of ink for a poor picture.

          The prining function is loud and quite slow but this isnt a problem for me.
          When the printer is running low on ink the indicator light tells you whether it is the black or colour cartridge that needs replacing, but I have found this comes on quite early on in the low ink stages.
          Replacing the ink is easy, but the finding the cartridges can be a pain, and when you see the price of them compared to others you may think twice about printing lots!

          Scanning is simple to use and the software allows you to edit the scanned item before you save it, I have found this useful as I tend to scan things upside down!

          I would recommend this all in one for general use, but if you feel you will be using it more than once or twice a week go for a better model.


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          03.12.2008 12:57
          Very helpful



          There are much better three-in-ones out there for the same price.

          I am afraid my experience of this printer has been a very negative experience, reinforced by the fact that the machine I'm about to write about is the third I've had in under a year!

          Prior to this purchase, I owned an HP all-in-one printer. It was so baffling to use - and occupied so much of my very limited memory space - that I quickly sold it on. I had no particular brand in mind for a replacement, and chose Canon simply because they were the sole manufacturer stocked by Cartridge World (as then was) who had a branch on my doorstep. The fact that I also live a stone's throw from the Canon head office, and used to date one of their security guards, had nothing to do with it. No, really.

          I have to say, at this juncture, that my previous experience of Canon had not been favourable - Steve Jenkins notwithstanding. The last printer I had from them lasted for less than a year, after which the flimsy plastic belt and roller refused to work. I put this down to the fact the usage it was getting was far beyond that for which it was designed, and that buying a more expensive design would get me a more robust product. I was wrong.

          I purchased my Pixma 150 for £55, on special offer from its usual price of £79.99 (or so I was told.) The salesman assured me it was a premium product at a budget price, and that he'd never had one returned to him. I am not surprised at this. Three weeks after I first used it, I began experiencing the familiar problem I'd had with my old, basic machine - the roller turning ineffectually without the paper feeding through. But this had only happened with my original Pixma after I'd printed off the equivalent of a 500 page novel with it, and got through countless reams of paper and refilled ink cartridges. With usage like that, it was to be expected that a basic, low usage machine would soon give up the ghost. But my Pixma 150 was a home office product, designed for moderately heavy use but still on the same cartridge and paper I was given when I bought the thing!

          I quickly returned it to the shop, expecting a full refund. Instead, I was told there was a two week maximum for returning the merchandise, after which I was expected to deal with Canon direct! Two weeks, on a home printing product; how the hell could it have got a full 'road test' in that time? Some people wouldn't even have removed it from the packaging by then! Consumer Direct said this was wrong - but the store manager wouldn't budge. (Big tip: NEVER deal with a small provider unless they are mentioned by name in the guarantee period. Cartridge World have since gone out of business - no surprises there.)

          Seething, but sans working printer, I had no option but to contact the repair centre recommended by Canon - Electrotec. They sent me a return address label and instructions on how to use it. Now came the next shock - postage was payable by the customer, at courier rates! Even though the product was sold plainly not fit for purpose, and had broken down less than 1 month into its 2 year guarantee, I was expected to fund its repair costs!!! (I don't normally write in multiple exclamation marks. Normally, I don't have to.)

          Eventually, I reached a deal with Cartridge World, and sent it off at their own courier rates. (£7.95 instead of £22+) Electrotec didn't waste time trying to fix the fault - instead, they sent me a new printer practically by return of post. Problem solved, I thought. Except it wasn't.

          Three weeks and one ream of paper later, the same thing happened again. This time, though, I dealt directly with Electrotec, who were extremely efficient. They didn't seem at all surprised when they told me that, under the manufacturer's advice, I was to return the printer to Cartridge World and pick out another brand new one. "Yeah," the engineer said. "Canon, innit? We get a lot of those." Remembering the recent Canon HQ refit, I suggested maybe it was the way I was using the printer; was there was anything I could do to stop it happening again? "Yeah," he replied. "Have you thought about switching to Lexmark?"

          This time, the machine lasted for almost 6 months before - yep, you've guessed it - breaking down again. I had got through exactly one colour and two mono cartridges, and one and a half reams of paper, since my very first purchase three exchanges back. It occurred to me that, even when it was working, the paper feed had never been anything less than erratic. (The first time I went for a replacement cartridge, I realised this was A Good Thing. Despite their printer stockist being a confirmed cartridge refilling agent it turned out my Canon cartridges, alone among all the brands, are non-refillable. What is more, you can't buy 'recons' either. I was forced to buy brand new MP150 cartridges direct from Canon, at a stonking £14.99 each! If I used anything else, they wouldn't work - that was their spiel, anyway.)

          Having decided an ebay Lexmark as my next choice of action, I removed my printer for disposal to the local recycling centre, via a scathing consumer report direct to the TSO. There was a worrying rattle coming from deep inside, so I took the opportunity to examine the roller more closely. It was exactly the same as my old one; if anything, even more insubstantial. Despite their claim of 'robust use' Canon have seen fit to build their printers with the cheapest, flimsiest plastics available. The rattling was part of the belt drive - also plastic - which had snapped off during normal use. (The paper holder, being equally flimsy, had snapped in two the first time I extended it) Had the machine been dropped in transit, even onto soft carpet, it would have disintegrated on impact.

          Yes, my Pixma was easy to navigate, had loads of special features to download, and had a fantastic scanner (which is what I now use it for) But all this goes for nothing when you consider the machine is totally inadequate for the job it is meant to do - print off sheets of paper.

          I give this just one star - and that's only because Steve Jenkins has a cute bottom.

          Suzanne C

          (NB "Steve Jenkins" is a pseudonym)


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          24.06.2008 19:12
          1 Comment



          Good for private use.

          This priner works very well. Setup was simple and it fits neatly under my desk. When printin the quality is very good. The printer hwoever does use up a lot of ink and does make a lot of noise but to me this is not a problem. Finding the correct ink can sometimes be a problem but can be found in most major ompuer retailers. The machine is very reliable and easy to use. The instrucions that came with it were very clear and precise. The scanner is very good and is compatible with free software so there are no hidden charges. The speed isn't supersonic but it gets the job done. I would not recommend i for excessive printing but I would recommend for private use in the field of homework or printing information and emails. For me the printer has been very good and I would buy a newer version.


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        • Product Details

          The compact PIXMA MP150 Photo All-In-One lets you get more done, right at home. Now, you can easily print high-quality photos and text, copy your important documents, and scan your photos and other images. One big reason for its superior printing: Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) uses an innovative print head with 1, 472 nozzles that eject consistent, precise ink droplets as small as 2 picoliters. It's simple: More Nozzles + high accuracy = better photo results. This patented technology produces an outstanding resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 color dpi for superb detail and photorealism. And you won't wait long for the results; printing a beautiful 4" x 6" photo lab quality borderless photo takes only about 55 seconds.

          Want to copy family recipes, or even bulky items such as personal notebooks? This is the perfect machine. Its unique Z-Lid expansion top lifts vertically, then lies down flat on the item you are scanning for clear, complete scans from edge-to-edge. When scanning your photos or graphics, you'll produce high-quality 1200-dpi reproductions with vibrant 48-bit color depth. Plus, the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface enables the fastest possible image transfers and scanning speeds.

          Technical Data

          Product Description: Canon PIXMA MP150 - multifunction ( printer / copier / scanner ) ( colour )
          Device Type: Printer / copier / scanner
          Copier Type: Digital
          Dimensions (WxDxH): 44.3 cm x 38.1 cm x 18.1 cm
          Weight: 5.4 kg
          Printing Technology: Ink-jet ( colour )
          Inkjet Technology: 4-ink
          Max Copying Speed: Up to 22 ppm (mono) / up to 17 ppm (colour)
          Max Copying Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi
          Max Printing Speed: Up to 22 ppm (mono) / up to 17 ppm (colour)
          Max Printing Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi (mono) / up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (colour)
          Scanning: 1200 x 2400 dpi
          Original Type: Sheets, books
          Media Size: Legal (216 x 356 mm) (max)
          Media Type: Transparencies, envelopes, plain paper, photo paper
          Standard Media Capacity: 100 sheets
          PC Connection Availability: Yes
          PC Connection: Hi-Speed USB
          Power: AC 110/230 V ( 50/60Hz )
          Microsoft Certification: Certified for Windows Vista