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Canon Pixma MP495

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6 Reviews
  • Cheapish running costs
  • Great features
  • shop around!
  • Black ink cartridge can be pricey
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    6 Reviews
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      21.07.2015 01:02
      Very helpful


      • "Wireless connectivity!"
      • "Great features"
      • "Cheapish running costs"
      • "Great value"


      • " shop around!"
      • "Black ink cartridge can be pricey"
      • "No memory card slot/ Pictbridge"

      A great entry level all round printer that does it all

      The Canon Pixma MP495 is Canon’s entry level multifunction colour inkjet printer that can print, copy and scan, in essence an all in one printer.

      Being an entry level printer, means you get the bare basics such as – a 100 sheet capacity paper holder, two ink cartridges and a few buttons. A big bonus is that the printer comes with wireless connectivity, which means you can easily print anything over wifi! On the downside is the lack of USB/ Pictbridge support but that’s not an issue at this price point.

      On the design and looks front, the Pixma MP495 comes in piano black and is quite sturdy. There is a basic LCD screen which shows basic information such as number of pages to print as well as a cool wifi LED light that glows blue when Wifi is connected. Things are very simple and usable. The buttons themselves are big and easy to press. No issues here!

      As far as print quality goes, all my printing is confined to printing everything except photos. As such the print speeds are reasonable at 8 pages per minute for colour documents to about 14 pages per minute for black and white documents. On investigating the quality of prints, they are indeed of high quality. Using the default settings, all text appears as jet black and smooth with no pixilation. The same applies for colour prints, and the colours produced are vibrant.
      Scanning on the other hand is a little on the slower side. While the quality is great at 2400dpi, it takes about 12 seconds for a scan at 600 dpi, making a higher quality scan a bit longer.

      To complement the printer, is the Canon Solution Menu EX software on CD. It’s easy to install, simple to use and provides full control of the printer and scanner.
      In all, this printer is great for home/ college use. It has some great features such as wireless connectivity for easy printing; it looks great in piano black and comes at a great price. On the minus side, the black ink can be quite costly so it’s best to shop around or see if you can get your ink cartridge refilled.


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      22.08.2013 12:22
      Very helpful



      A good printer for the price, wouldn't pay more for it!

      I spent days searching for a printer, I wanted one that had decent reviews, wasn't going to cost the earth and the main thing was the ink cartridges shouldn't be expensive to replace / refill.

      I managed to find the MP495 for just £40 when I bought it from Amazon. I didn't think this was a bad price. Similar printers seemed to be costing around £70 or £80 so to find one that was half the price, with decent reviews was just what I wanted.

      +++Ink costs+++
      I pay around £15 for a set of ink for this printer which isn't a bad price. I do get them from a local store but the amount of times I have to do this is tiny as I don't tend to print much.

      The printer does come with a printing application, from my experience, these applications are fine if you are unfamiliar with printer settings or computers in general. I only ever load the printer driver as the applications slow down a computer for something that I rarely use.

      It is something else that needs to be loaded before I can browse my emails. The printer will work fine by using just the printer driver but you do need to have a little knowledge of how to change printer settings through "Printers and Faxes".

      The application is good for monitoring toner but that is about it! By installing it, you slow your computer down for very little reward in my opinion.

      This printer has more tape on it than I have ever seen. The printer was very well packaged but every lid or section that can open was taped down. I found this overkill as the printer couldn't move in the box but I suppose if it reduces "dead on arrival" issues then this is a worthwhile precaution.

      After removing all of the tape, inserting the print cartridges and installing the printer on my computer, I was ready to go. It took me around 20 minutes. This is an average - slow time for me to install a printer but I wouldn't say it was excessive.

      If I was on a customers site installing this printer, I would have had a different attitude as anything over 10 minutes is stopping me from getting to my next job.

      The printer has some good features, the main few are the ability to copy and scan, and also the fact that you can print to it wirelessly through a wi-fi connection. The scanner and the copier are ok but I haven't used them a great deal. This feature is quite slow and does take a while, but the picture quality can be altered and the image is clear.

      For £40, having the ability to scan and copy aswell as print wirelessly is fantastic. Many more expensive printers don't have this ability.

      The printer is very easy to setup wireless. The printer scans for a wireless network, you enter your wireless password and you are away. That is about all there is to it.

      To print to it, you must install the printer driver to each device, but the handy CD that comes with the printer walks you through this.

      It takes 5 minutes to set this feature up, something that I was astounding by. I was expecting this to be a nightmare from past experiences.

      For the price I am extremely happy with it because of what I paid. If I had paid more for it I would have been a little disappointed.

      The overall feel to the printer is quite cheap and I feel if it was dropped or something dropped onto it, the printer would shatter into a million pieces.

      I also don't like how long it takes to "warm up". You must wait a few minutes (literally!!) before you can print. This can be tedious as I always turn my printer off as I rarely use it. I recommend, turning it on and going to make a coffee.

      However I can look past the above due to the price, and the print quality. The printer does print quality documents whether they are photos or spreadsheets!


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      02.03.2012 13:40
      Very helpful



      A great multifunction printer for less

      My Grandmother purchased this for myself and my family for Christmas 2011 and has so far been used nearly everyday for general printing and for scanning/photocopying as well as printing a few photo's although not too many.

      It costs around £79.99 in most places (e.g. Argos Curry's etc) although my Grandmother managed to get ours half price in Argos.

      I wanted to review this a lot as although its quite cheap for what you get and has some issues, it is one of the best out there (in my opinion). The inks and paper for the printer are generally the same price as other models usually between £20 and £25 depending on where you go and what you want.
      As I've said before I am not computer minded do this is more about ease of use with a little computer jargon mixed in.

      Wi-Fi connectivity
      ISO ESAT Speed 8.8 / 5.0 ipm mono/col
      Full HD Movie Print
      10x15cm photo in approx. 41 sec.
      4800dpi, 2pl quality
      Easy-Web Print EX
      Compact & stylish glossy black design
      Also has cabled computer access and mains lead.
      Also comes with a black and coloured mini inks.

      Mine also came with a national warranty and I also purchased an extended warranty of £30 for 5 years cover.

      ***WHEN IT ARRIVED***
      The first thing I noticed was that for the size of the printer (17ins W x 13ins D x 6ins H) the box was enormous!!! For those of us who don't like lots of packaging and polystyrene BEWARE it just kept coming out!!!

      Design wise it is nice very compact and small and able to sit on top of one of my kitchen cupboards. The parts that fold out to hold the paper before and after printing are folded away neatly and there are no parts sticking out to less chances of breakages ( always good with 3 little ones)

      It is made from a black gloss like plastic while the control panel is a matt black slightly rougher plastic. It does of course have the word 'CANON' in silver across the front.
      The control panel is nicely laid out and easy to use along with the on/off button there is the buttons for you to choose your paper type ( A4plain, A4 photo or 10x15 photo papers), scan and photocopy options, ink and other settings and page count, and finally the ink levels. There is also a digital display showing page number and said ink levels.

      ***EASE OF USE + SET UP***
      Set up is quite easy and you are guided through it well, the printer comes with a disk and it's the basic follow the steps routine, although the set up is different for Mac to windows, (I have windows). I did find that you had to use the internet cable to set up although at the end you can set up Wi-Fi. This step took around 10-15 minutes and was easy to follow the only thing was that I forgot to get paper and had to find some for the tester!!!
      Saying that it was very quick to turn on and just using.
      A point here is that with mine I kept being asked to fill out surveys, forms, and questionnaires but I did eventually manage to disable that feature.
      A mini menu is also installed on the computer this includes 'auto-scan', 'layout print', and 'photo print', this is where you can also go to main menu to change settings etc.

      I have used both A4 normal and A4 photo paper in the machine.

      In all honesty in is very basic to work you slide up the paper holder and insert paper, at this stage you can adjust the sliders to the width of the paper, and then also fold out front part (if you forget the machine does it itself) and then select the print options on your computer, the speed it prints is probably slightly quicker than average and the wording comes out nice and clear although still slightly wet. Of course you need it to be set up either wirelessly or through the cable to print.
      Of course when I used the photo paper I do tend to leave it slightly longer to avoid runs etc.

      Again like the printing option is it so easy to use that it's silly!
      The top of the printer lifts up to reveal the scanner/printer and has adjustable hinges for think albums, papers etc.
      Again to fill the paper slot and choose desired width, put the required item for photocopying on the copier, close the lid and select the number of copies etc from the control panel. Like the photocopier part if you forget to open the front it opens it itself.
      The quality again was good and there was no colour loss or smudging.

      Too use this feature is pretty much like using the photocopy option meaning that you basically do the same procedure but choose a different option on the computer and panel, this is the one I have used mainly photo paper for. Again the quality was high and it was quick to use.

      Like I said it comes with 2 mini inks and these seemed to last a good length of time roughly a month with constant use, I have purchased a new set and these were in the region of £15-£25 for each depending on the shop etc although CANON are the cheapest.

      I did think at first that it was going to be hard to use/set up etc but to be honest it is very simple to use, my children have been able to use it for school work and printing things from cBeebies etc. It looks good in my kitchen and can be stored away easily due to its size; it even remembers to open the front for you!!
      I do like it and the price paid was very well spent, although I can't decide if I would have paid full price. The ink goes and long way and is relatively cheap for the length of time it lasts.


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      21.10.2011 21:59
      Very helpful



      A solid, funcional all-in-printer, surprisingly pretty too!

      I only had a limited budget for a printer so was pleased to see this on special offer at Argos for £35 reduced from £70, this printer is still reduced at quite a few shops as of the date this review was written.

      As an all-in-one, it prints, scans and copies. Its a bit of a Jack of all trades so it isn't wonderful at any but is functional enough at all three for most casual users.

      The setup is very straightforward, I used a Mac which often makes life difficult when installing new hardware but there are mac-specific instructions included and it wasn't an issue at all. The printer can connect to a wi-fi network and allows you to print from anywhere in the house wirelessly which is a big help when there are multiple computers, or if you need to store the printer somewhere out of the way.

      It comes with two cartridges (one black one colour) in the box, and these have lasted about a month of average use for me, not run out yet. I believe cartridges are available quite cheaply online and as there are only two its a bit easier than some other brands where you have to keep track of 4 or 5!

      The print quality is fine for documents and most images, but you wouldn't print your wedding pictures out on this! Its not a professional photo printer. Its quick, you aren't waiting around impatiently for pages to appear, especially black and white.

      The scan function is straightforward, the instructions are easy to follow and the software is user friendly, even if you haven't used a scanner before. I'm afraid I haven't used the copier function so can't comment on that, but I expect its much the same as print and scan, good enough for the basic user but not for professionals or those with high standards!

      The printer is quite big but not heavy at all, its a sleek black colour and the design is surprisingly attractive for a printer of this size, loading paper and changing cartridges is simple.

      Overall, I'd say this is a good printer for people who need one around but won't be using it heavily or expecting professional quality results. A great buy for a student or a family with children at secondary school, not a great buy for a keen photographer or digital designer!


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        21.10.2011 19:59
        Very helpful



        A great printer and scanner, little noisy but prints quick and with crisp photo quality

        I bought this printer last week and so far it's been pretty amazing, this product varies slightly from the MP490 which I owned before this, but its functions are basically the same.

        The whole printer is a very elegant black colour which makes it look very attractive, and it looks very well built with both aesthetic and robust concepts in mind.

        There is a rear paper feed only, but this works well, not like some of the cheaper ones this does not take in 5 pieces of paper at once and jam, so far it's done well to take in one at a time. (seems to allow A4, or very slightly larger).

        Being a Canon product was one of the main reasons I purchased this printer over other brands, as I found out from my other Canon printer they are a very reliable company with good warranty's / replacements and support available (I bought a 3 year warranty with mine for £8.99).

        This product was said to cost £79.99 but I picked up mine from Argos for half price £39.99, I was surprised that the product came with ink! The ink for this thing would have cost me another £22 or so. The ink for this product is at an average cost, nothing cheap but luckily not overly expensive, as ink costs is an important thing to consider when buying a printer.

        The ink for this printer comes as two cartridges, black and colour, this ends up cheaper but only if you use all the colours equally, as you can't have only one replaced.

        This printer is wi-fi enabled, this means that it can be connected to a network and other laptops/computers on the network can print from it without being connected (usb slot) I do not use the wi-fi and simply plug it into my laptop when i wish to print, so don't worry about not understanding the wi-fi feature, it works great as a connected device also.

        This printer is larger than I imagined, but that makes the scanner a good size so, pros and cons. Luckily I had enough room for it on my desk. One last thing to note about this printer was the noise it made, it's not a quiet printer, that's for sure, but it prints quickly and with great quality so if noise isn't a factor you need to worry about then this printer has my upmost apprieciation.


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        18.10.2011 12:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A decent printer if found for the right price

        When picking a printer I have to spend hours searching for deals, the best brand and how much ink might costs when the time comes to replace them.

        On the Argos website recently I discovered the Canon Pixma MP495 printer reduced to just £29.99 and I thought it was a good deal for a printer which seemed to have decent reviews.

        I picked my printer up in store and began to set it up at home. When I unpacked the printer the first thing I had to do was the task of removing tones of tape which held together all the side panels and kept the lid down so the scanner was not ruined.

        The cartridges are very small looking but extremely good at being held into place. You have a nice section inside the printer which allows you to place the cartridge into the correct slot which is clearly labelled as well and then you shut down this lid to hold them into place.

        Not only that but when you lift the printer lid up there is a little plastic section which holds the lid open for you to browse around. It is a similar situation to what you have when you open a car bonnet you have a latch which locks the lid open to let you do the things you need to do.

        When it came to installing the drivers onto my pc it took about 10 minutes overall you need around 300 MB space to make sure you have them securely loaded onto the computer. You also get the Canon printing programme which helps you as well when you do various tasks.

        When it comes to the wireless capability this printer set up this connection so quickly I never believed it would work. The printer scans around your home for a Wi-Fi connection and then asks to join this connection and then once connected you can print wirelessly around the home.

        Everything seemed too good to be true and I was right. The back of the printer where you have the paper tray is so weak that you might need to try and strengthen it up. You have a piece of plastic which extends but it never remains in the same position and seems to collapse on a regular occurrence. If you put in for example 10 pieces of paper by the time the third piece has been loaded for a print out the tray collapses behind the paper resulting in slanted print outs.

        Then you have problems with how quickly it wants to print. If you turn on the device and sit back at your computer and try to print a picture the printer takes nearly a full minute to get itself ready to do a print out. This is not the only issue either.

        When you want to print a document such as a picture you sometimes have many options presented to you such as the size of the paper you're using, what sort of paper it is and so on. However, with this printer that means nothing at all.

        You have to physically go to the printer and the buttons displayed on the top and select your printing a picture and then go back to the printing options on your computer so it sort of defies why you have a wireless connection if you have to keep visiting the printer for the correct print to happen.

        In terms of quality the printer does deliver excellent results with pictures as long as they not too dark in texture. If you are trying to print an image of a nice sunny day with plenty of light the image which is printed is superb. If you print an image with a slightly darker background then you end up with an image which is very poor overall.

        The printer when it comes to scanning is actually fantastic there is not a single problem I can think off with the scanner. It has the usual 1200 x 1400 dpi optical resolution you see on most scanners. You do have to wait a short while for the scanner to wake up but when it does it delivers some excellent results. I have some old family photos and I wanted to scan them first before just copying them and the results which I received were sensational.

        The copying element of this printer is good also but you cannot copy directly from the machine. So if you were to place a document inside the printer and want it copied immediately you have to go back to your computer and click on the Canon programme guide and then select copy from the menu for the printer to do a copy for you of an item.

        I have found the wireless aspect silly because you have to keep visiting the printer when it comes to printing a photo and you have to also do the same for copying an image as well.

        The scanner produces excellent results and the images which can be printed are also very good as well. The ink levels seem to be the same for me after many print outs and roughly cartridges are about £16 for this printer which is kind of cheap.

        I like the overall piano black finish which is stylish and makes the printer stand out and I also appreciate how easy it was to setup which is sometimes a worry for new devices.

        In my view this printer is good for a few things but it is failed by a silly amount of errors and cheap parts which are lacklustre and seem very pointless as to why there were attached in the first place.

        The printer is 6kg in weight and is a bulky product but for me this is one item if you see it cheap and you need it for the basics then it is fine but if you want a product which actually enables you to sit back and print wirelessly this might not be the product.

        Overall in my view this printer is rated 6 out of 10 and that is the best it would ever receive.


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