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Epson Expression Home XP-202

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6 Reviews

A printer, scanner and photocopier all in one, the Epson Expression is ultra-compact and great value for money. Built in wifi makes computer syncing quick and painless. Ink is also very affordable to replace.

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    6 Reviews
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      18.03.2014 16:39
      Very helpful



      Great for any start up business or a home PC

      I've used Epson printers for about five years now. Apart from one which broke within a month, I've found them to be very reliable. With their cheap compatible ink, it's great if you're on a budget but still want high quality printing.

      --- First thoughts and purchase of EPSON XP-202 ---
      I reserved this printer from my local Argos store as I had some vouchers which were close to their expiring date. The process of reserving an item on their website is straightforward. It's more or less a two clicks and it's yours. Luckily for me I have two Argos stores within 3 miles of each other, so I was spoilt for choice on where I could pick it up from.
      The cost was about £49.99 and it was the cheapest printer in store.
      When I arrived at Argos I gave the cashier / shop worker my reserve slip and it was ready in less than ten minutes. It wasn't has bulky as I first thought, neither was it heavy.

      -- When I opened the box --
      I opened the box as soon as I got home. Just to check to see if everything was included. Everything was there except a USB cable. But this is the usual thing Epson do with their printers. So it might be a good idea to find yourself a spare USB cable before purchasing it.
      Also included was some 'starter ink'. Again, this is the same with every Epson printer. Apart from that, a power cable and a installation CD was also included.

      -- Setting up --
      The set up process was quick and hassle free. I have a Windows 8 PC and it was setup ready to use within 10 minutes. I thought I had to install the installation CD but no, it worked without using it. Not sure if this works for everything computer or just the new ones, so you may want to check before you throw the installation CD out!

      -- Print quality and speed --
      The print quality was superb! As long as your image is of good quality it will print it out as it's shown on the screen. Print quality is the more important to me than speed. As I use printers to print invoices and receipts for customers for my business. The bonus in this case, is it has print quality and speed!
      It takes less than 20 seconds to print a A4 size black and white image. For a colour image it takes around 40 seconds. This also depends on the overall print quality you want to print out. It has text, text and image, photo and best photo quality. Text quality being the quickest and best photo quality being the slowest.

      -- Ink lifespan, price of replacement ink --
      The starter Ink lasted a lot longer than I thought. As long as you're not printing best photo quality all the time. You can easily get between 60- 100 good quality prints before the low ink indicator pops up.
      Replacement cartridges can vary in price. If you would like to still use the 'official' cartridges, then it could cost as much as the printer to replace the inks! In my own personal view. I much prefer to use the compatible inks. These can be found on lots of websites such as eBay, ebid and many other ink suppliers.
      The compatible inks cost about £10 for 8 cartridges. I think they are very good value as I can't tell the difference in quality between the real ones and the compatible ones.

      Overall, If you're after a cheap reliable printer I can't recommend this enough. I'm still using it now and I've had it over 3 months.



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      04.03.2014 18:38
      Not Helpful
      1 Comment



      Excellent printer, easy to use

      First of all this printer offers what most 'households' need. A quick and easy to use printer.

      I bought this printer a couple months ago and use it on the WiFi with all my laptops. Installing the printer was pretty easy on both Windows and Apple systems.

      The printing function delivers good quality for documents and pictures. I used it several times to fill up my picture frames in the house.

      The Scanner works pretty straight forward and delivers the quality you expect.

      I can't tell you much about the Copier as I barely used it but with a push of the button it will deliver you what you requested. :)

      Printing goes fast, quality is excellent and is easy to use.

      I used to have different printers before (HP, Canon) but I must admit that this Epson is far the most easiest / best to use. Also Ink is quite easy to get for a nice price.


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        14.02.2014 21:24
        1 Comment




        This printer was only £35, which I thought was extremely reasonable for an all in printer/scanner.

        I was amazed at how easy it was to set up. As if by magic, it found the wifi itself and also the computer. I use a laptop and just had to turn both machine son and seemed to do the rest itself automatically. I have to be honest, I normally leave this sort of thing to my other was very impressed at how easily I could do this

        The one downside to this printer is the cost of the cartridges. They are £7 and the printer takes four different ones. I have not yet been able to find them cheaper but I'm sure eventually a supermarket will do an own brand version. I the meantime, I am a little disappoints. I should have researched cartridge prices better before buying.

        I use my laptop in a completely separate room from my printer and yet it is extremely easy to send things to print. I have never had a problem with connections.

        The quality of the printing is excellent. I was very impressed. Also, the scanning function is easy to use and the quality is almost photographic.

        All in all, a really great little printer.
        Highly recommended!


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          08.02.2014 09:59



          Great printer for all jobs

          I purchased the Epson Expression Home Xp 202 printer as I was looking for something to assist me with my university studies. I looked at several different printers before deciding on this one as it was a reasonable price (£55.99) and done everything I was looking for. The printer is an all-in-one so it's a printer, scanner and copier which is great! I used to have to go to the library to scan things so it has saved me a small fortune. The printer itself is quite big in size but I like this as it feels sturdy. The ink cartridges are relatively cheap (Epson daisy ink around £6.99 each) and you only need to replace one at a time. The best point about this printer is that it can connect to wi-fi, so to print things off you don't need to plug in. You can simply sit and click print and it will print out automatically. The wi-fi is also very easy to set up. In my opinion, the Epson expression home xp 202 printer is a great buy, great value for money and cheap to run which is what you look for!


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          15.10.2013 09:07
          Very helpful



          A great wireless printer, pity I can no longer nip down to Tesco for an emergency replacement ink!

          The Epson XP-202 is an all-in-one wireless printer, copier and scanner, with the following main marketing features:
          - A4 print speed - black text: 30ppm (pages per minute).
          - A4 print speed - colour text: 15ppm (pages per minute).
          - 100 sheet paper capacity.
          - Reduce and enlarge function on copier
          - USB or wireless connectivity with easy wifi setup

          My own needs when buying this printer were minimal: wireless, easy to set up, and cheap price! This printer met all those criteria, the features listed on the box and selling at the local Co-op at £39.99. The printer is still widely available around this price online (October 2013).

          Out of the box, I was pleased with the look of the printer, its dimensions are 14.5(h) x 39(w) x 30cm(d) and it has a good mixture of gloss and matt finish to the black plastic from which it's made. It's corners and edges are nicely rounded and there is an unfussy approach to the operations, the few buttons located on the front of the printer. In transit the printer is protected by plenty of security tape, but both the loading and the output tray both stow fully into the unit of their own accord anyway, so the unit will literally take up the specified dimensions when not in use if you don't have an office/desk to house it, as I don't.

          Start up
          I found that the printer met its claims of being "easy setup" brilliantly. It was a matter of switching the unit and my laptop on, pressing the wifi button on the front, and waiting for it to do the rest. It took a minute or two (long enough for mild panic to set in) but it did automatically install onto my computer, found the home wifi network and it was all systems go.

          Wireless printing works easily and reliably. I always work on my laptop downstairs whilst the printer is in a spare room upstairs, and I've never had an instance where it's failed to connect or print. When printing starts, a status monitor is launched on the laptop screen, I can vaguely hear the printer clicking to life, and by the time I get upstairs, the printing will be sitting in the tray. My personal printing needs at home are never more than a few sheets at a time, so I have no need to put the printing speed in terms of pages-per-minute to the test. On the occasions that I've printed anything whilst in the same room, I perceived it as very fast indeed and although a little bit of 'clunk-clicking' at the start of a print, the actual printing very quiet.

          I have used the scanning function several times for sending documents with emails, and the process has been simple. Lift the lid, then it is a one-button operation and the document showed up in a couple of seconds in my document viewer. The printer does come with "ABBYY FineReader Sprint" software if you need to work with scanned documents.

          The copier works brilliantly, and will copy in colour or black or white at the touch of one button. I used it extensively to copy pages from guide books for our recent holiday. Using books it wasn't possible to place the lid firmly back down after placing the book onto the glass, but the quality was still superb, I was very happy indeed with the results. The speed of the scan/copy is fast, just a matter of seconds, and copying in colour was also speedy. The copy function has the added ability to increase/decrease print size, which is simple to operate and could come in handy.

          The printer uses 4 inks, meaning that only the colour used up needs to be replaced at any one time. My biggest disappointment since buying this printer was that there is no 'own brand' version of the inks are available in Tesco, where I used to buy my inks from at a much cheaper than the branded price. The Epson branded inks retail at around £20 for a multipack or around £7 individual colours, which is quite expensive, but so far I have only needed to replace just one of the 'shipping' inks, and ink levels remain high on the monitor. High capacity inks are available for the printer, for a little less than double the prices I've noted. I've by no means printed a huge amount of pages, but considering all the guide book pages I copied, together with regular usage over the 6 months or so that I've owned it I don't find the printer to be at all 'ink thirsty'.

          Other things...
          The printer comes with photo editing software as well as the scanning software, and is compatible with Windows XP or later or OS X v10.5 and higher. Overall I'm delighted with this printer, its wireless operation has been faultless, it's compact and tidy and has given me high quality prints every time.


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            23.02.2013 13:22
            Very helpful



            An excellent and affordable home printer from Epson

            My husband and I have wasted a small fortune over the years where we have purchased printers that have been too costly to run due to the ink cartridges lasting for only a short space of time. I had always left the research of printers to my husband, particularly as I would describe him as computer expert. However, on each occasion he failed to consider the overall costs of running the printer as he did not research the costs of replacement inks.

            Fortunately, printer inks have not been an issue for us for the last few years, as a previous neighbour handed us an Epson printer that he no longer required and it proved to be the best printer we had ever owned, particularly as the inks were long lasting and reasonably priced. However, a few months ago, the printer gave out a few clunks and died, so we were once again in a position to research a suitable replacement or should I say that I was in a position to look for a replacement, as I did not trust my husband to find a cost effective model.


            With a budget in mind of around £100, our first requirement was that the printer needed to be colour with a high resolution, particularly as both my husband and I are keen photographers and frequently print out photographs. In addition to finding a printer which offered reasonably priced inks, I wanted one that offered individual inks. As a result, I would only need to replace those that had run out as opposed to placing them all at a high price. Another requirement was that the printer needed to offer Wi-Fi capabilities, as whilst we own a desk top computer, it is never used with both my husband and I carrying out all of our computer tasks on our laptops.

            We wanted to be able to place the printer in our upstairs study whilst sending documents to print whilst we were sat downstairs in the living room. Whilst we didn't require an all singing and all dancing printer, we wanted it to be able to copy documents without the need to switch on our laptops or desk top computer. In addition, the printer needed to be fast, as I often print out lengthy documents for work purposes. Armed with all of our requirements I set about the task of researching the best product, which I must admit, was an absolute nightmare, particularly as there are so many options available.


            After a few days of researching, I discovered the Epson Home XP-202 with the specifications seeming well suited to our needs. We were keen to purchase another Epson, particularly as our previous model had served us well and other brand names had let us down miserably in the past. My husband agreed with my choice although I must admit that I would have bought it anyway, but he need never know that! We have now owned the printer for approximately three months and have had a considerable amount of use out of it and this review discusses our experience.

            THE EPSON HOME XP-202

            The printer is compatible with Mac OS 10.5.8 or later, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP x64. The Wi-Fi printer is also a copier and scanner and is considerably stylish in appearance due to its glossy black finish. It offers dimensions of 390 mm in width, 300 mm in depth and 145 mm in depth with a weight of 4.1 kg. Accompanying the printer in the sturdy cardboard box were four individual ink cartridges, which were the usual printing colours of black, cyan, yellow and magenta. In addition, we received a power cable, set up guide, CD software and the 12 month warranty document. I would point out that a USB cable is not provided. Unfortunately, there was no user guide, but in all honesty, I did not feel one was necessary as the printer is fairly straight forward, but you can easily download a copy free of charge.

            SETTING UP

            Setting up the printer was extremely easy although my husband insisted on doing it himself and I watched as he popped the CD software into our desk top pc and after a few minutes we were away to go. It is necessary for Windows XP users to attach the USB cable for the initial Wi-Fi set up although this can be unplugged once completed. However, as we use Windows 7, we did not need to use our USB cable.


            I like the fact that the paper tray has a capacity for 100 standard sheets, particularly as our last printer would only accept around 30, so there's no need to refill when printing large documents. The capacity is pretty good when using photo paper as the tray will accept 20 sheets. The ink technology is by way of Epson Claria Home Ink, which is competitively priced on Amazon where a pack of four inks (black, cyan, magenta and yellow) is currently priced at £21.15 inclusive of postage and packing.

            In addition, the tray will accept a multitude of different sizes of envelopes although I cannot admit to ever having tried printing on an envelope as I rarely send out letters. A problem we would previously experience is that several sheets of A4 paper would feed the printer at the same time and subsequently cause a jam. I cannot speak of any issues with the paper becoming jammed, but I am very careful when loading the paper and fan it before placing into the tray to ensure there are no sheets stuck together. Unfortunately, the printer does not offer a duplex feature, which isn't really a major problem for me although there have been a few occasions when it would have proved to be handy, particularly as it would have cut down on the number of sheets I was using.

            The printing method is Epson Micro Piezo print head with a configuration of 128 nozzles for black printing and 42 nozzles for colour printing with a minimum droplet size of 3 pl. As soon as I send a document to print the printer comes into operation within seconds and is fairly quiet when in use. The printing resolution is of a high quality with 5,760 x 1,440 dpi and as a result, printing of documents and colour photographs is crisp and clear.

            My husband and I print quite a few photographs with the quality offering an identical appearance as if we had taken them to a professional. The printing speed is by far the fastest when making a comparison with the other printers that we have owned at ISO Speed: 6.2 Pages/min Monochrome, 3.1 Pages/min Colour, Draft Speed: 30 Pages/min Monochrome, 15 Pages/min Colour, 54 Seconds per 10 x 15 cm photo, Normal speed: 30 Pages/min Monochrome, 15 Pages/min Color, 54 Seconds per 10 x 15 cm photo

            I favour the fact that I do not have to switch my laptop on in order to scan and copy documents, as it's simply a case of placing the sheet of paper onto the glass and pressing a button where it is printed in seconds. The scan and copy operates with a resolution of 1,200 dpi x 2,400 dpi (horizontal x vertical) with the scanner type being a contact image sensor. This feature is extremely useful and saves a considerable amount of time, particularly as to carry out the same task with our previous printer entailed signing onto the computer. The speed of the scanner in relation to a black A4 sheet is 300 dpi 2.4 msec/line, 600 dpi 7.2 msec/line, in respect of A4 colour it is 300 dpi 9.5 msec/line, 600 dpi 14.3 msec/line. During the time that we have owned the printer, we have only needed to change two of the inks, which is an easy task by way of simply lifting up the upper section of the printer and pulling the old ink cartridge out and pushing in the replacement.


            The printer connectivity interfaces are WiFi, USB with a high WLAN security of WEP 64 Bit, WEP 128 Bit, WPA PSK (TKIP), WPA PSK (AES). The printer is supplied by AC 100 V - 240 V,50 Hz - 60 Hz and uses 12 W (standalone copying, ISO/IEC 24712 pattern), 2.7 W (sleep mode), energy star qualified all-in-one. The Epson can offer mobile and cloud printing services although I am unable to comment on my experience with using these. Software included with the printer is Abbyy FineReader® Sprint 8.0 (MacOS), Abbyy FineReader® Sprint 9.0 (Windows), Epson Easy Photo Print and Epson Event Manager


            I can highly recommend the Epson Home XP-202, as it has by far exceeded our expectations in relation to its performance and affordability when replacing the inks. This is the best printer we have ever owned and for such a low price I am surprised that we received so much for our money. In addition, we have gained more space since making our purchase as we have been able to get rid of our old scanner. This printer deserves nothing less than five stars.


            We paid £49.99 for our printer from Tesco, but at the time of writing, both Currys and Amazon are selling this model for £39.99, which represents excellent value for money.

            I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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