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Epson Stylus Photo RX425

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    4 Reviews
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      02.02.2012 00:05
      Very helpful



      It eventually stops printing correctly but this can be solved so don't bin it!!

      I have had my Epsom for about 5 years now and have found it generally to be quite good, aside from the paper feed issue which is surprisingly easily solved, once you know how. People are (foolishly) giving this model of Epsom printer away free of charge regularly on free cycle type sites because of this issue. I suggest you pick one up if you see it and use my handy tip. However, not to give it away too soon, I will start with the positives because I actually really like this printer for a lot of reasons.

      The printing quality is high, it doesn't guzzle ink and its very sturdy. It has ports on the front left for you to insert your memory cards which I really like, and it has the capability to take all shapes and sizes, from professional flash cards to standard SD memory cards. I have owned three very different computers over time and this printer has managed to stay compatible with them all, even Vista. All of the drivers are available free of charge on the Epsom home page, with a little digging mind. You just have to put in a little time, but it is time well spent.

      This printer also has a high quality scanning function which is very useful, albeit a little slow. You will have to be patient, it is undertaking these sorts of tasks that you realise how old this model is. This is very handy for designing posters and artwork as you can directly scan in hand drawn pictures to be edited on design software. You can also scan in and directly print in one action, it basically functions as a photo copier too.

      So, the paper feed issue. About a year after purchasing I noticed that it would only print half a page, long ways, it was very strange. Usually you expect lines or quality drop but this looked like the ink just wasn't getting onto the page. Well I fiddled around with it, took it apart, put it back together again, cleaned it, both physically and via the software and tried again, still the same outcome. I noticed the paper fed into the printer on the wonk and kind of wobbled into the printer. So I held the paper on either side with my two index fingers and essentially acted as a human guide or paper feed. Lo and behold it worked, the entire image printed.

      Obviously holding my fingers there permanently would get a little laborious so I came up with a better solution. I have blu-tacked a pen either side of the paper, both about the width of a finger, marker pens are best, just a bit chunky. They act as guides for the paper ensuring it reaches the internal workings of the printer correctly and it has always printed correctly since. As soon as I remove the pens it only prints half a page.

      I have seen literally dozens of the Epsom RX425's being given away on free cycle sites due to 'incorrect printing' or being 'faulty'. This is not an unsolvable problem so grab one if you see it and enjoy this sturdy, reliable printer. I personally think its marvellous, even with my two pens helping it print correctly. The ink is cheap, its lasted three house moves so it doesn't break easily and it looks good too! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.


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      01.02.2011 20:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great printer

      Epson Stylus Photo RX425
      This is an easy to use All-in-One digital photo center.
      Printing Technology: Ink-jet - Color - Photo printer

      Width 16.9 in
      Depth 13.5 in
      Height 6.7 in
      Weight 14.6 lbs


      Max Copying Speed up to 13.0 pages/min (mono) / up to 13.0 pages/min (color)
      Exposure Modes Text , Photo


      Max Printing Resolution up to 5760 x 1440 dpi (mono) / up to 5760 x 1440 dpi (color)
      Max Printing Speed up to 15.0 pages/min (mono) / up to 15.0 pages/min (color)

      Color 4-ink


      Optical Resolution 1200 x 4800 dpi

      Color Depth 24.0 bit

      Document & Media Handling

      Max Original Size 8.5 in x 11.7 in

      Max Copy Size Legal (8.5 in x 14 in)

      Supported Media Type Photo paper , Envelopes , Plain paper

      Speed Details
      Printing : up to 13.0 pages/min ( 4 in x 6 in ) - Color , Copying : up to 15.0 pages/min ( A4 ) - Photo , Printing : up to 15.0 pages/min ( A4 ) - B/W , Printing : up to 13.0 pages/min ( A4 ) - B/W , Copying : up to 0.46 pages/min ( A4 ) - Color

      PC Connection: USB

      Operating System Support Apple Mac OS X 10.2 , MS Windows 98 , MS Windows ME , MS Windows XP , MS Windows 2000

      Power Consumption Operational 10.0 Watt

      Memory you can use... xD-Picture Card , MultiMediaCard , Memory Stick , Memory Stick Duo , CompactFlash , SmartMedia , Memory Stick Pro , SD Memory Card.

      You can print using the Epson as a normal printer connected to your computer or with out having your computer on and by just inserting your camera memory card you are able to print good quality photos at home.
      The quality of photos you get depend on how good the paper quality you use and the ink you use but I will get to ink later. But over all, the photos you end up with are as good as the ones you get printed professionally and the convenience of your own home.

      You can also copy with the touch of a button you have the option to make a black and white copy or a colour one.


      The scanner is just a basic scanner does just what you expect it to the speed of scanning is not partially quick when you scan you have the option to do a quick scan then you can select the area of your document you want to do a fall scan of and the quality is good.

      Ink cartridges

      You can pick the cartridges up quite cheap from amazon or ebay but be warned epson printers don't like you using other cartridges they have a chip in them and when you put an non epson cartridge in sometimes it wont work they tell you they cant recognize the cartridge. You need to use four cartridges at a time black, yellow, magenta and cyan and you can pick them up for around £10.00 for a pack of 12 if you research well you can find better deals than this the more you get the less it costs.

      The black capacity are around 420 A4 pages at 360dpi

      And the colour capacity is 290 A4 pages at 360dpi

      I was quite surprised how long the cartridges last obviously if your are printing regular high quality photos they don't last that long I would say around under 100 prints.

      Over all I think this is a great printer not expensive to run I have had mine for around three years now and I think that is quite along life span for a printer.


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        15.11.2008 21:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Overall, a good budge printer

        I purchased this Epson a while ago, (about 4 years ago) and at that time, I payed a price of around £80 in Currys. It seemed like a perfect solution for a student life, with built in printer, card reader, photocopier and scanner. It was also on sale.

        Little did I know, it would create some problems for me.

        Don't be disheartened though, they were nothing major, and I'm sure every printer out there will have a problem or another. For me, this printer was fantastic - provided that you had enough money to fuel it.

        The printer resolution is great, though the speed is not very fast, especially comparing to the printers of current digital world. It's fast enough however, and the quality is great. The main bad thing, was the ink. They were very expensive to acquire, often 10 pounds per colour, and there were 4 colours required to run it - and the amazingly inconveniently, if one colour was very low, the printer wouldn't work. You had to change it. So it was a good idea to have spare ink catridges all the time.

        Everything else was fine, the USB cable is convenient (prior to the ancient printer-cable), and the installing is easy and quick. The software it comes with, (Epson Photo Enhancer etc) are useful, if you want to print photos - and the photos are great - but this printer is one hell of an ink-eater!


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          16.10.2006 14:28
          Very helpful



          Great results coupled with great value for money... What's not to like?!?

          Last year, I decided that given my hobbies of graphic design, photo manipulation and drawing cartoons that it was time to invest in a new printer that would be able to carry out the tasks and deliver the quality they would require.

          My previous printer was way back through the mists of time when I owned an Amiga and purchased a really naff dot matrix printer. I think this Jurassic Printer came with a free T-Rex and was REALLY crap and noisy!!!

          However – fast forward to last year and I was stood in Dixons (usually my first mistake given that I’ve had problems with them a few years ago – but that’s a whole other story for another time) on Princes Street, Edinburgh. I had the obligatory sales people latch onto me like Velociraptors the moment I walked into the store and they were quickly aware that I was on the look out for a new printer.

          I was then advised about the possibilities of the three in one printer. Now I know that some models offer printer, scanner, photocopier and fax capabilities but the machine that was suggested to me was the Epson Photo RX425.

          I suppose for some it might be regarded as a fairly bulky machine but as it is a three in one, this is to be expected. This machine offers printer, scanner and photocopier capabilities but not fax – so unless you need to have a fax facility, it should more than cover you for your needs.

          Below, I will list a more detailed account of the capabilities of the machine.


          The printer uses a four cartridge system. This comprises of black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges to produce the colour range.

          As per every manufacturer, Epson recommend that you only use their own brand of printer cartridge. Currently, an official Epson 4 pack of ink cartridges costs £29.99 but there are as with most machines, third party compatible cartridges available for this machine.

          There are lots of places where you can buy compatible ink cartridges for the RX425 both offline and online. One of the best I have found online is:


          At this moment in time, a compatible set of black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges costs a mere £10.49 from SVP. I have used these before and have had no problems with them whatsoever. I guess it comes down to a personal preference on whether you want the official accessories or are happy with third party ones. For me, the cost answers that question. If I tried third party cartridges and got bad results, I would see the sense in paying almost three times the amount but as the results have been very good indeed, I say buy the compatibles.

          Here are some of the specifications of the RX425:

          - Prints up to 5760 x 1440 dpi print resolution
          - Up to 15 pages per minute in black
          - Up to 15 pages per minute in colour
          - Standalone photocopy function (up to 99 copies from original document)
          - On board digital camera card readers
          - Up to 1200 x 2400 dpi scan resolution
          - Up to 48 bit depth
          - USB interface
          - Windows and Mac compatible

          Having used this machine for quite some time now, I have been more than happy with the results I get from it thus far. It reproduces images to a good standard on regular paper and card but gives extremely good results on glossy photo paper. Given that I have printed out both photographic images that include restored photos and cartoons that have been initially scanned from the machine and have been coloured using photoshop, most images turn out very sharp and full of brilliant colour that looks practically as good on paper as it did on the screen.

          When it comes to both the scan and print results, I just can’t fault the RX425. It is relatively easy to use and changing the cartridges is a piece of cake – and mess free.

          Obviously, the lifespan of the cartridges is dependant on the amount of images, quality and colours that are printed. That said, I often print a fair bit of graphics-heavy stuff and can get a good few months out of the cartridges.

          The scanner gives very good results with sharp and clear reproductions of anything scanned from smaller photos to full A4 size documents – whether they be images, text or a mixture of both.

          When I purchased the machine, it cost me something in the region of £100 and is still one of the best £100 I have ever spent as I am getting excellent value for money from the machine.

          Prior to typing this op, I saw that the PC World web site has the RX425 listed in a clearance sale for a mere £69.97 with free delivery. Personally, I would say that anyone who purchases this three in one for that sum of money and to get it delivered free of charge is already onto a win-win situation before it even arrives with them – and should continue to please them when they unpack it and start using it. I know I’m very happy with its performance.

          Happy printing/scanning/copying!



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