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Epson Stylus SX115

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    8 Reviews
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      26.07.2012 21:39
      Very helpful



      It's OK but not great - there are better value options out there

      We bought this Epson all in one printer last year. We had no choice after our old one broke, but we thought we'd upgrade to an all in one. We don't really use the copy and scan features all that often, but they are so handy to have when we do need them. Overall we are pleased enough with the printer because it does everything we need it isn't quite perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

      I think we paid about £40 for the printer from Staples, but it was on offer at the time. The cheapest I have seen it is around £50 online at the moment. I think it is pretty good value for money because it does do a lot and it does it pretty well. The thing that annoys me about it is the cost of the cartridges. It is a colour printer as well and, unlike others, it has separate cartridges for the coloured ink, which technically means that you only have to change the colour that has run out. That is all well and good, but you have to buy them as a set, so it doesn't really work out to be cost saving - we have three yellow cartridges on standby because the other colours run out quicker and we have to keep buying them by the set. I think you might be able to buy them separately if you look hard enough, but the convenient places don't do it.

      The cartridges are upwards of £20 for the official ones in black and almost £30 for the colour set. We have never tried compatible ones that are cheaper, but I have read other reviews where people have said they have had nothing but trouble with using cheaper non Epson versions.

      The print quality is pretty good. We often use draft printing to economise a bit which is fine for our everyday personal needs but is probably too pale for use if you are printing documents or letters to be given to other people.

      The printer was very easy to set up in the first place and there is a small manual that comes with it to help. The copy and scan functions are also very easy to use; once you have set up the printer initially, you just have to press the appropriate button on the top for which function you want.

      The printer itself is quite slow and noisy, which we were surprised at. Our previous, and much cheaper version, was slow but not noisy and we just assumed that this one (at double the price) would be quicker. Not so. It claims to do thirty pages per minute in black ink and 15 in colour. It probably does manage this but it just seems so much slower because it is so painful to watch with its almighty racket!

      Overall I am not sure whether or not I would recommend the Espon Stylus. It is certainly convenient in that it is an all in one printer and it is handy to have, but it is noisy and so expensive to replace the cartridges. I doubt very much that I would buy this model again if I had the choice so I guess that I wouldn't recommend it.


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      29.08.2010 19:21
      Very helpful



      Good enough for most people's printing needs

      I recently purchased one of these machines as a replacement for a 7 yeard old Epson Stylus C35, which had finally given up the ghost. In the 7 years since I last bought a printer, they seem to have come down a lot in price - I bought this on a limited offer from ebuyer for £39.99 including postage. A few years ago a similar spec product would have cost over £100, so to me this seemed a bargain!


      I was surprised to begin with by how small the box was - all that is in there is the printer and a limited amount of set-up information, including 2 CD's.

      Being an idiot, I found this quite difficult to set-up for the first time, mainly because the information manual is not actually a manual, it is just a series of pictures that my 2 year old could have drawn, with very limited information.

      The main thing that it does not tell you is that 1 of the installation CD's is for Windows, and 1 of them is for Apple computers. Unfortunately I tried the Apple CD first, which obviously did not install correctly. As it did not state there were 2 different CD's, it took me ages to work out how to overcome this, and I ended up having to download the correct driver from the internet.

      Small though it may seem, this is a relatively big issue Epson have with this printer, which would be very easy for them to fix.

      Cross in the box for Epson in this category!


      If it is possible to have a good looking printer, then this is it. For a nice change, the main outer case is black which makes it stand out a little bit less than the usual grey or white.

      On the left hand side of the top of the unit are the control buttons. There are 5 altogether; one to turn the unit on, one to stop whatever you are doing, one to scan, one to copy black and white and one to copy colour. The buttons are all clearly labelled making this a very easy unit to use (once you have managed to install it!)

      There are also 3 lights; one to indicate the unit is on and one each to indicate that either the ink or paper has run out.

      The paper feed try is on the rear of the unit, and feeds out to a second tray on the front. Overall the unit is well designed and fuss free.


      I'm not a computer geek, so the performance specs for this machine mean little to me. To put it in layman's terms, it does everything I need it to. The paper tray holds plenty of paper and would be enough for most people, and it prints fast enough for me!

      One thing to note here is that the machine is about as quiet when printing as a Jumbo Jet charging up its engines next to your PC -I've never known a printer to make so much noise!


      As mine is still relatively new I have not yet had to replace any cartridges. Something which is a bonus about this machine is that each of the colour and black cartridges can be replaced individually. With my old printer if one of the colours went, they all had to be replaced - not so with the Epson!

      Overall, thus far this is a fine machine for me - I've still got a bee in my bonnet about how long it took to set up, but at least if you've read this properly and buy one you won't have the same problem!


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      27.08.2010 14:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An excellent printer, copier and scanner at good value

      I bought this printer for university and it's been very useful. It's a lot cheaper than having to use the computers and printers around the university all the time and a lot more efficient too. It's great as this printer is an all-in-one with a scanner and photocopier built in, which I have used quite a lot. When it comes to buying a printer, I'd certainly go for one like this or another Epson as you can buy unofficial ink cartridges at a much cheaper price than HP replacements for example.

      The printer is black and although of great quality, it's towards the lower end of the latest range. It has no screen but functions very well and is easy to use. You can buy one for just £39.99 on Amazon.co.uk at the moment, which I recommend as the RRP is £30 more!

      The printer comes in a large Epson white and blue box. Mine came with a colour and black ink cartridge which was good. It was very easy to set up but I had to install it onto my Mac, which it is perfectly compatible with. Once installed, I was able to access settings and perform things such as print tests and also was able to check ink levels and more.

      The printer has a few simple buttons on the left top side. There is an on button, which turns a light beside it green when the printer is switched on. There is also a stop button, which is useful if you accidentally print or copy something or do something wrong and want to cancel it to save ink. There is also a scan button and two buttons for copying: one for black copies and one for colour ones. It's ever so simple to use and I didn't need to read any instructions for the setup or using it.

      Like traditional printers, the paper is loaded in the back standing upright (A4 size or less) and it will be taken down and through out the front. There is a tray at the front, which can extend so the printout sits here when it's done. This was useful for me, as in my cramped university room, I had to shove the printer on a shelf and the tray stopped my countless notes just flying out onto the desk or floor.

      A top part of the printer lifts up to reveal the scanner and copier. This works very well compared to the HP one I have at home as it doesn't cut off the edges like the HP one does. If you lift up a greater proportion of the printer, you can access the ink cartridges. A great innovation by Epson was to give different cartridges different colours. This way you will save money. If your blue ink in particular runs out, you will be told and need to replace it. However with other printers, you sometimes need to replace the whole colour cartridge just for one individual colour because it has run out.

      You may think that this will cost more as there are more individual colour cartridges to buy but it doesn't. In fact it costs even less. The official replacements are expensive and not worth buying. You can get unofficial ones off Amazon or eBay. For example on Amazon, you can buy 15 cartridges:

      - 6 black
      - 3 cyan
      - 3 magneta
      - 3 yellow

      ... all for just £12.99! Compare this to £11.85 just for one official Epson black ink cartridge. Or £22.81 for the cyan, magneta and yellow ones officially from Epson! It's not needed and these copies work very well. On the odd occasion I have had problems getting the cartridges to work but they always do in the end. For an HP 300 black/colour combo pack, you can buy these two cartridges discounted from £21.57 to £14.87. This is almost £15 for two cartridges and you'll have to replace the colour cartridge when any of the colours within it run out, wasting the money you paid for all the ink remaining in the other colours. There are no cheaper alternatives to the official HP cartridges from what I've seen either, so get an Epson - they are much better value.

      The printer is pretty quick but not the quickest - admittedly my HP one is faster. It's very simple to use though and has a good range of functions. The printer itself is not expensive either online. I'd certainly recommend it as I think Epson have thought it through with the individual colour cartridge idea and it's very easy to use and functional at a generous price!

      Thanks for reading!



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        08.08.2010 02:46
        Very helpful



        Fantastic all in one scanner / copier / printer

        It was starting to get harder to get ink cartridges for my elderly Canon printer so I decided to look for an alternative. I didn't want to spend much but looking around I saw that you could get a cheap all in one printer with scanner for very little difference in price to a printer alone. I decided that is what I would look for.

        After looking around I narrowed it down to two or three alternatives. I finally chose the Epson Stylus SX115 from those. The main thing that made me decide on this one was the cheap price of ink cartridges. The printer uses 4 ink cartridges - red, blue, yellow and black. That means you can replace them individually as they run out rather than have to throw away a cartridge with lots of ink still in it. I find this really useful as I usually want to print in black and white, but occasionally wish to use colour. A single compatible cartridge from a supermarket costs around £8, but they can be bought online from places like ebay for as little as £1 each!

        The printer seems slow to warm up when you switch it on, but once it is going the printer is reasonably quick especially in black and white mode. There is a draft mode in which printing is very fast, but the print quality is so poor it is not really worth using.

        In normal mode the print quality is outstanding. Printing in black and white the finished result looks ever bit as good as the laser printer I use in my workplace. I also tried out colour printing of photographs using shiny photo paper and the result was again outstanding, although printing photographs is quite slow and takes several minutes. The printed photos looked every bit as good a photos I used to get years ago when I used to take a film to the chemist to develop.

        I haven't used the built in scanner extensively but having it is a real bonus. It is easy to use and really is as simple as pressing a button. The scanner and printing functions can be combined to use this unit as a photocopier. There are two photocopy buttons on the machine, one for colour copying and one for black and white copying. To photocopy you don't need to scan then print the document, you simply press one of the two photocopy buttons making it really easy and quick to use.

        All in all this is a great machine and it was amazing value having cost me under £35 including delivery from a major high street and online retailer.


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        18.07.2010 22:32



        a very useful compact printer, scanner and a copier at a very reasonable price

        I got my Epson Stylus SX115 a week ago and I can say that is a great deal. It's a compact printer, scanner and a copier.It will help you for all your paper works you may need may you be student or a professional. User friendly buttons on the side which makes it easier to copy. It comes with an individual ink tester, installation disks, and a power supply chord when i bought it. It prints at 30 ppm for mono and 15 ppm for color at a 5760 dpi resolution so clear. You can also use the Epson Photo enhance software to adjust the color and contrast when printing documents, illustrations or photos. You can buy ink on any computer shops outlet but for better photos you should use the Epson Dura Brite Ultra Ink. I am using Windows 7 but it says in the manual that it is compatible with Mac, Universal, XP and Vista as well.


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          01.07.2010 10:18
          Very helpful



          Great for kids and females!

          Although bottled water is the biggest rip off on the planet, printer ink cometh a close second. Bottled water is tap water, simple as, and if silly girls think it will make them stay young then it's their money to waste, but being charged more for printer cartridges than the actual printer is outrageous! How many times have you tried to buy refill cartridges for your specific model and then find out a colour cartridge costs as much as £35 quid! Lexmark, my previous printer people, are the worse for that and you have no choice but to buy Lexmark refills and do up to £39 a replacement. At least with Epson you can buy generic refills from retail brands to help drive the costs down. It's calculated that the liquid weight of printer ink is worth ten times as much as gold, although it isn't.

          Once you have bought your shiny new printer the cartridge issue doesn't go away. You will be given some starter cartridges that make you 'feel' like you have a got a great deal; the low cost of the printer and those cartridges together £44.99, suggesting the bargain, especially as the refill colour cartridges from the shop for this cost £38.99, making the printer cost just £6 to the wallet. But those cartridges are two thirds empty and designed to cover your guarantee period only. And what will also happen is the chip on the cartridge is designed to give you false signals that you need to buy a refill when, in fact, you don't. Only when the thing stops printing do you open up the back and take out the cartridge, because once you do, the chip won't speak to the replacement cartridge unless it's Epson, the heart of rip off. A tip is to put another Epson cartridge from the other slot in the other slot to trip the chip to zero and then put your half-price generic in the slot. It should then work, unless they have got wise to that on newer models. To syringe ink in through tiny holes you can make in cartridges is a great way to save big bucks but often a messy business, especially on paper, if you see what I mean. We all remember our pencil cases at school when we left those ridiculous fountain ink refill pens in there without tops on. They were called fountain pens for a reason.

          To buy now.

          Amazon £35.99
          Epson website £ 65.00
          Comet £ 49.00

          So back to the purchased printer and the SX115, a slick black box shaped contemporary machine with an extremely compact and useful scanner on top, a nice touch, and for that £45 a great deal for that type of combo. But again, Epson will recover the cash through those cartridge costs. It's a good looking piece of kit with simple buttons that even sexy secretaries can understand...Off/On...Black and White copy...and Colour Copy...and scanner.

          Setting up was straight forward with a standard plug into the main and then a USB cable from your printer to your PC or laptop. Stick your disc into your DVD player and follow the instructions. If you have a netbook with no DVD driver then you can download the set up drivers and stuff on the disc from your work or mates computer onto a memory stick, and then load the printer from the stick onto your netbook if you're savvy enough, a good tip for disc less netbook users.

          One start up issue is the paper load area when you do your first print after you have loaded the four starter (and lightly filled) cartridges. You press print and the paper won't grab. When you buy computer hardware these days for some reason the fold out instructions are huge and pretty useless, written in 14 languages and coupled with some bizarre illustrations. I'm sure mine was mixed up with the ones meant for shoulder launched missiles! The factory setting means there's a slide in the paper slot used for spacing that paper but its set in the middle of the hole. Because you are not told you can move it you don't try to, and when you finally mess around down there and you try to movie it its so feeble you feel it might snap off and your in further trouble. Don't worry, press the two plastic bits together and drag it across. It will sound like a crow being choked but it's the move required to start using your printer. The printer doesn't like too many clean sheets of paper in its letter box when you are printing though so just put in what you mean to avoid a jam. It will growl and rumble away and the print takes about 30 seconds per sheet.

          The scanner uses software from the start up disc and you can mess around with photo's and stuff that you want to print off through the free Epson software. The scanner spec is 600-1200 dots per inch, which I am assured is pretty sharp imaging. The printers combined resolution of up to a maximum 5760 x 1440 dpi means you will get a pretty strong photograph print. I haven't printed off anything too elaborate in fear of those starter cartridges running out. It's all pretty straightforward and easy to use.

          I think this one is an ideal starter printer for kids and home PC users as all the buttons and printing routines are clear and explained. Those three big square buttons on the printer are all you need. Keep it simple with technology around women and kids, I say. No offence ladies but the number of times I have had to program DVD and video recorders for women is growing larger by the minute. Women are not really that hopeless with technology but have learnt not to take responsibility for tricky tasks that involve thought and responsibility, easier to blame men for messing up than taking time to figure it out. In defence of women and the use of office equipment I don't think anyone on this planet fully understands how to use a modern photocopier. Its like landing Apollo 13!


          Epson Stylus SX115 Colour (A4) All-in-One (Print/Photo Print/Copy/Scan)

          Inkjet, 4 colour inkjet printer
          A4 Flatbed Colour Image Scanner
          Prints, scans and copies in one compact, multifunctional device
          Save money with individual inks, only replace the colour used
          4 colour ink for lab-quality (no photographic paper enclosed), vibrant borderless photos from 10 x15 up to A4 size

          -Technical Details-

          Dimensions (WxDxH): 43.4 cm x 32.7 cm x 18.5 cm
          Weight: 4.6 kg
          Printing Technology: Ink-jet (colour)
          Max Printing Speed: Up to 30 ppm (mono) / up to 15 ppm (colour)
          Max Printing Resolution: Up to 5760 x 1440 dpi (dots per inch) / up to 5760 x 1440 dpi (colour)

          Scanning: 600 x 1200 dpi
          Media Type: Plain paper, photo paper
          Standard Media Capacity: 100 sheets
          PC Connection Availability: Yes
          PC Connection: USB
          Power: AC 230 V
          Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7
          Environmental Standards: ENERGY STAR
          Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

          Width: 43.4 cm
          Depth: 32.7 cm
          Height: 18.5 cm
          Weight: 4.6 kg

          Manufacturer Warranty
          Service & Support: 1 year warranty
          Service & Support Details: Limited warranty - 1 year

          - Extras in the box-

          1 x Cartridge ( black ) ¦ 1 x Cartridge ( cyan ) ¦ 1 x Cartridge ( magenta ) ¦ 1 x Cartridge ( yellow )


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            26.12.2009 19:28
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Thanks for reading :-)

            I received this as an unexpected Christmas present yesterday so I may need to add more to the review at a later date.

            Firstly I didn't feel the picture on the box does it enough justice, the picture on the box does look really smart but it fails to show the sleekness of the design. The finish on it is a glossy black which is great for me as its a printer for home an it wont look unsightly (like some printers do).

            The printer is well packaged and you can expect to spend 5 or 10 minutes removing all the plastic covering and bits of tape (which isn't easy to remove for those with false nails as I found out first hand).

            Installing the disc felt like it took for ever (probably around 20 or even 30 minutes) not sure why it took so long or if that is to be expected for installing a printer disc, but that said the installation was straight forward.

            When you switch it on it is quite noisey with lots of whirring sounds and it takes around 15 seconds from pressing the on button for it to be ready to use.

            The first time you turn it on the green on line will be on as well as the out of paper light and the no ink light. The box contains 4 individual Ink cartridges and it did take me some time to work out how to get to the cartridge case to insert the cartridges the instructions said to press the stop button but I was ended up just sliding the case out with my finger. Each cartridge is colour coded and it tells you where each colour needs to be placed. You need to remember to remove the yellow strips off the cartridges and then you need to press firmly down on them when they are inserted so that the seal gets pierced.

            To close the hood down again you need to slide the grey arm on the left back slightly then you will be able to close it up.

            The printer will spend about a minute making loud whirring noises again whilst it accepts that you have inserted the cartridges.

            Before you can insert the paper you need to slide the grey paper guide to the left, I couldn't move it easily at first before with a gentle pinch it then moved smoothly along.


            Printing is standard, just select the print option on your computer and then it instantly starts printing.

            Printing isn't particularly speedy 30 ppm which is fine for me at home as I won't need to print lots at a time.

            Photo copying

            Simply place you item to be photo copied face down on the sheet and press either the black and white copy button or the colour copy button, it photo copied at approx 30ppm again and the quality of the photo copying is great


            Scanning an item takes about 3 minutes but is so simple and straight forward. I have had printer scanners in the past that have been quite faffy to use. The Epson SX115 lets you scan by simply pressing the scan button on the top left hand side, it then displays the progress on your computer and when it has finished scanning it will open up a window on your computer giving you immediate access to the photo's file and there in your photo's is your scanned item.

            I love the simplicity of this process I am not trying to think of all the things I could scan.

            Easy Photo application is also very easy to use and it gives you options such as red eye fix, portrait enhance allows you to alter the face definition and skin radiance and also makes it easy to slim down the picture image.

            This software is so user friendly and you don't need to be a computer genius to understand and use it.

            I am definitely going to be using the slimming down application.
            Technical Information

            resolution 5760 dpi
            scan 600 dpi

            17 inch width
            7inch height (12 inch with paper tray up)
            Depth 14 inches

            The software also includes photo enhancer and photo fix which allows you to
            adjust the colour and contrast of you photos
            Restore faded colour photos

            My over all opinion.


            I love the look and design and it will not look unsightly on display in my house.
            Really easy to use functions so straight forward and uncomplicated my grandparents would have no problem using it.
            Great finished results (though I haven't tried printing photo's yet)
            I love the scanner it is incredibly simple.


            It isn't straight forward or clear how to load the cartridges.
            It's quite a noisy machine and makes a loud song and dance with each function used.
            Software installation isn't particularly fast.

            You will need to buy a USB printer cable as it doesn't supply one.

            4/5 dooyoo's from me would have got a 5 if it wasn't so noisy.


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              24.12.2009 17:42
              Very helpful



              first impression says decent printer for the price

              I only got this printer yesterday so I'll probably have more to add later on, this review is based on my first impressions.
              Before purchasing a printer (my last one broke in the week - refused to feed paper through anymore) I did alot of research - checked the prices of different options available on the lower end multi function printers, checked the prices of the ink cartridges each of them required and read reviews from a variety of sources online.
              Ultimately I decided to go for this - the epson stylus sx115. It was one of the cheaper multi purpose printers, was from a brand I haven't been failed by in the past and which had a good reputation, the cartridges were on the cheaper side and the ratings reviews gave it on the internet were similar to those of slightly more expensive printers.
              The printer itself is relatively stylish - matte black sides with a gloss black top. A paper try lifts up at the top and a flap folds down at the front for the prints to come out. When not in use everything can be folded up to keep it neat.
              The buttons on the printer itself are simple and easy to identify.
              Installation of the printer software is also simple but on my laptop I found it took a long time for the installation to complete (over half an hour) - even so this is only a minor complaint.
              So far I have not attempted to use the scan or photocopying functions but I have run some trial prints - draft text in greyscale is quick to print and acceptable quality however draft colour of images (not necessarily photos) I would not reccommend - the resulting print is so light that you can hardly see it. If you wish to print in colour you should use the normal printing mode with produces acceptable quality, but of course takes longer than draft.
              As far as the ink cartridges go - it takes one black (TO891) and 3 colours - cyan, yellow and magenta (multipack TO896) which is useful as it means you can replace each colour individually when they run out and save money in the long run. The first full set of cartridges are provided with the printer which is useful and helps to save on the initial expenditure required.
              The printer does not come with a USB cable but most printers don't and they're cheap to buy - if you've had a printer before, you probably already have one.
              Anyway first impressions are positive - I'll add to my review when I've used it more.
              Look around before you decide where to buy from - I got mine from PC World as it compared favourably to the price on amazon and was somewhat cheaper than it was being sold in other highstreet stores.

              As a side note - I haven't attempted to print photos with this printer, but as it is classified in the 'basic' range of printers, I'm assuming the quality wouldn't be fantastic so if you want to buy a printer which is good for quality photo prints I'd probably look for something else.


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